Princess Carolyn: 10.8 “Gary”

Last time with the Diffys, we moved into the country with Kim and her daughter Katara. This time…

I did it once again! The moon cycle was turned on again at some point because of Origin updating, and I didn’t realize it until we had a full blown full moon. You can’t even tell because it’s so foggy tonight.

But it’s totally happening.

Katara’s green skin and vampiness looks awesome though. I don’t know if this is a controversial opinion, but I really like the full moon lighting, if only there were no glowiness. I think it’s pretty neat to have some different lighting on a night that’s supposed to be spooky.

Alexander: “Listen, now that you’re a fully grown witch, there are certain full moon traditions that must be upheld.”

Princess Carolyn: “Really? Like what?”

Alexander: “You’ve got to follow me into the woods where we’ll give our magical energy to a supernatural stone.”

Princess Carolyn: “Ok, Dad.”

That’s not their car, it’s one of the endless paparazzi showing up at midnight. I mean, of course.

They ended up taking a taxi because I’m pretty sure we lost Alex’s broom in the move.

Princess Carolyn: “Dad, where’d you go?”

Alexander: “It’s here! It’s actually here!”

Princess Carolyn: “What is that thing?”

Alexander: “It’s the Weather Stone, Gary!”

Princess Carolyn: “Gary?”

Alexander: “It has a face, so it needs a real name.”

Alexander: “Now give it all the power you’ve got!”

Princess Carolyn: “Dad, am I doing this right?!”

Alexander: “As long as you can feel your energy being given to Gary, you’re doing it right!”

Alexander: “He won’t take much more!”

Alexander: “It didn’t work.”

Princess Carolyn: “How do you know?”

Alexander: “Um… we’re not dancing.”

Princess Carolyn: “Hmm. I don’t know. I’m still feeling some magical energy.”

Alexander decided to go home but Princess Carolyn felt the urge to walk to the front of the building where the Weather Stone was located.

Princess Carolyn: “Hey, you!”

Princess Carolyn: “What’s your star sign?!”

Lester McGinnis: “Uh, well, I’m a Libra.”

Princess Carolyn: “So cool! I’m a Gemini, so our signs are compatible!”

Lester: “Compatible for what?”

Princess Carolyn: “Anything. Wanna run to the beach with me? It’s not far.”

Princess Carolyn: “Want a drink?”

Lester: “Oh no, I usually wait until I know someone to drink from them.”

Princess Carolyn: *salivating on the inside*

It’s 2am and this kid is here alone. Go home!

Kid: “Just try and make me!”

You know, I could if I wanted to.

Kid: “Fine. I don’t like talking to disembodied voices anyway.”

Lester: “I love the full moon. The night lasts so much longer.”

Dat vampire eyebrow raise.

Dude, that guy in the background looks like he’s going to murder you with his hammer. He’s even got his face disguised under pie filling.

Princess Carolyn: “So I’d really like to keep hanging out with you, but there’s this creepy possibly serial killer staring us down.”

Serial Killer Dude: “I’m just looking for the bathroom, guys. I was about to ask you where it’s at.”

Suuuuuure. That’s what you want us to think.

Lester: “Um, I think we could take him.”

Princess Carolyn: “Yeah, but he killed the vibe, too.”

Princess Carolyn: “Mmm.”

Princess Carolyn: *is suddenly into sports* “Go team.”

Cuddlywhiskers: “Oh, the things I could do to you.” *Is too busy fantasizing to act on any of them*

Sansa decided that this was the right time to set the birds free.

Sansa: “Goodbye, Mr. Peanutbutter!”

Sansa: “Goodbye, Todd!”

Sansa: “They’re so beautiful.”

We can pretend those two dots in the sky are Todd and Mr. Peanutbutter.

Princess Carolyn: “Get off our lawn, you filthy papz!”

It’s so annoying when paparazzi won’t stop stalking your farm and then you can’t walk around in your underwear anymore. >:I Also you’re a witch. So relatable.

It’s Spooky Day and everyone was wishing for a feast party, so here we go!

Princess Carolyn: “He came!”

Princess Carolyn: “I’m so glad you’re here!”

Brienne: “Oh, hey, Princess.”

These are cashew caramel dessert bars, but the cashews look like macaroni noodles to me. Also, she knows how to eat. You don’t have to put them directly in her stomach.

Brienne: “Just making sure she gets enough calories! I know you work out a lot, Princess.”

Theon, boy, just because you have the thigh and knee strength to sit on air doesn’t mean you should!

I know you’re a vampire and all, but waffles are a breakfast food.

Vincent: “But I thought it was dessert?!”

Sammi, I’ve missed you!

Sammi: “I am SO glad Lyn invited me! I’ve been wanting to catch up with her.”

Sammi: *gasp* “Is that THE Daenerys Adams over there? I knew she had some famous relatives, but Plumbob!”

Kathy: “Kathy want food NOW!”

Lester decided he needs to go. Probably because it’s the middle of the day and the sun is BLAZING.

Lester: “This parasol is doing literally nothing for me.”

This is going to be a disaster, isn’t it?

At least you look happy.

And Katara! Awwww.

Brienne: “Are you sure it’s cool that you invited me? Sansa hasn’t even looked at me.”

Princess Carolyn: “No, it’s cool. She’s just been cooking all morning and is starving now; give her time.”

Lester’s back!

Lester: “Well, you did invite all guests to eat, right?”

That’s right!

Lester: “I was at the edge of the lot when I felt that invitation to eat. My mouth is watering right now.”

Brienne: “Theon, I’m telling you, drop the falafel and run. And don’t stop running.”

Hey, this is actually working out pretty well!

Eat the scraps, not the chipmunk.

Chloe: “But it looks so juicy! Just look at that fluffy tail.”


Cliff, she was in the highchair for a reason: cute pictures.

Oh no, stop sniffing her hair!

Clifton: “Mmm, baby smell.”

Vampire baby smell. She’s cute now, but wait till she’s older.

Next time: The second half of the feast party. Oh yes, there’s much more.

I’m almost at my goal! Phew! A little update: I broke my phone screen on Saturday and it’s finally getting fixed now! That’s $85 gone lol. But I got to see Weird Al this past Sunday so that was amazing! And ex is still annoying. 🙄

4 thoughts on “Princess Carolyn: 10.8 “Gary”

  1. That serial killer cracked me up!
    “Oh no, I usually wait until I know someone to drink from them.” – > Loved that! And when he decided to come back eat. What happened to him when he got under that umbrella, though?! Like he turned into a dwarf.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Alexander: “You’ve got to follow me into the woods where we’ll give our magical energy to a supernatural stone.” – lmao Caryln’s face says it all there.
    Kid: “Fine. I don’t like talking to disembodied voices anyway.” – yup, that one was a laugh out loud moment!
    Kathy: “Kathy want food NOW!” MOOD
    Theon sitting on air is such a power move, haha. I can barely hold the chair pose in yoga for half a minute.

    Liked by 1 person

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