Where To Start?

This blog is based on the Sims 3 Random Legacy Challenge. More information about this challenge can be found at the forum on Mod the Sims.

This is a Sims 3 blog just for fun and I hope you can have a laugh at my Sims and their situations.

I was previously using Blogspot, but a bunch of my pictures got deleted, so I decided to move here. Click on each generation for the best chapter to start reading their story.

Phil and Keely banner

Cookie and Moze banner

CB Banner

Salem banner edit

Kim and Jane banner edit





11 thoughts on “Where To Start?

  1. I totally found your Blogger version of this, lol, and I was like “wait… this looks different… and NEAT… but different… (thumps head) doohhhh, leave it to me to find the old blog. Long story short I meant to say I love your graphics – especially your banners. I started reading this a while ago when I was in school and lacked time but now I have time, so I’m going to be quietly rereading until I catch up with where-ever I was.
    ❤ Just thought you should know why you got a sudden ghost blogger comment. XD

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    1. 😂 That is too funny. Thanks for complimenting my banners. I have very limited photo editing skills so I make them in paint and then use online photo editing sites to add filters/effects.

      I hope you’ll enjoy the blog! Feel free to skip to the current gen if you want 🙂

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