It’s been almost exactly a month since I updated. I do miss the Diffys, and the reason for the delay in chapters is because of a Diffy, Nyota Diffy. For some reason I got it into my head that I wanted to get another Wayfare chapter out before updating the legacy again. I just feel so rusty writing anything story-driven that it takes me a lot longer to make those updates.

Also I think it’s more difficult to write chapters on my phone than a laptop or pc, and I at the least need to proofread on my pc before publishing chapters, and I don’t have as much time on it because me and my boyfriend are sharing our desktop since my laptop died.

Speaking of that, removing my laptop’s hard drive wasn’t too difficult, and after that it was really easy to move the files I needed onto my desktop. Installing Sims 2 went really well and I didn’t lose anything in the process. I’ve actually been playing a challenge in Sims 2 for a few months, and I finally started a blog for it, which you can check out here: Lee Baby Boom. I already have around 7 chapters written for that and I am having so much fun playing Sims 2 again.

Ideally I want to update the Diffys twice a month, Wayfare once a month, and the Lees whenever. I’m hoping that the Wayfare story and the Diffy legacy will end at around the same time.

Real life stuff: my VW beetle broke down recently and the engine was toast. I have put so much money into it over only 3 years, and this was the final straw because even though I absolutely love it, it’s been a financial sinkhole for me. All that to say, my life over the past week and a half has been consumed by car shopping, and I am finally the owner of a Honda civic, so a lot of stress has just been removed from my mind.

Bear with me, guys. Sneak peek from the next chapter to make it up to you:





Genderbend Challenge

When I saw Jowita of Neverdoitagain post a genderbend challenge (which was started by AmyQueen), I just had to do it myself, too. Makeovers and seeing different genetics are some of my favorite things in this game, and I had so much fun doing this. All 10 generations included, since Princess Carolyn has just aged into a young adult in-game, so be prepared for a ton of pictures!

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Sunshine Blogger Award


I was nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by the lovely Jowita of Never Do It Again. Thank you so much!

Here is a description of the award: The Sunshine Blogger Award is given to those who are creative, positive and inspiring while spreading sunshine to the blogging community.

And the rules:

1. In a blog post, thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.
2. Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you.
3. Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.
4. List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or your blog.

(Can you tell I’m copy/pasting? xD)

Here are the questions that Jowita sent me:

1) What do you most enjoy about being a member of the WordPress community? Definitely my favorite part is interacting and making friends with other bloggers. I’d include the blogspot community as part of this, too, since I read blogs on that platform as well. It was really hard to make friends on the Sims forums, I think.

2) How often do you check to see if there’s anything new out here on WordPress? At least every day, usually several times a day. I also spend time on Simblr and Boolprop, which is fun.

Image result for gif social media addiction

Just replace that with *Wordpress, *Youtube, *Simblr, and *Boolprop.


Tom: “Did I hear my name?”

No, I just used a gif with Tom Haverford in it.

Tom: “That’s good enough for me to insert myself.”

3) What makes you call a person a skillful writer? I think a skillful writer is able to create interestingly flawed characters. If your characters are perfect, it just doesn’t feel realistic, and will probably bring the story down even if the plot is great because it is more difficult to relate to those characters who can never do wrong.

4) What do you do when you get bored in your game and don’t know what to write about for your new chapter? [for the game-driven blogs] / What do you do when you feel like you’re stuck on a particular storyline and don’t know where to take it? [for the story-driven blogs]. I’ll answer the game-driven question here. If I’m bored in-game, I just follow what wishes that my Sims come up with, or make them have more babies, lol. I honestly don’t usually get bored, though, because something really wacky always seems to happen.

5) The prettiest Sim you’ve ever had in your game? Gotta say Weston.


This picture doesn’t even do him justice, but I love the evil smirk.

6) Your favorite couple in your gameplay/stories? This one is really hard to choose, but right now it is Christine and Eddy. ❤


7) Your favorite non-romantic relationship in your gameplay/stories? Tom from gen 7 and his grandmother Kim from gen 5. They became really close in-game, and he even dragged her to Storybrook with him.


8) Have you had a Sim that you fell in love with right away? I’d say Gwen. I remember seeing her in town when she was a kid and really wanted her to join the family. Her red hair really caught my eye, and it turns out that she had a lot of things in common with Tom, so it was love at first sight for him, too.


9) If you ever did any storylines, what is the one you’re most proud of? If you didn’t, post the oldest picture from your save. I wouldn’t really say I have storylines here, since mostly my Sims decide what to do and I  just make sure it’s within the rules of the challenge and go for it, so here’s my oldest pic:


This picture was never even used in the blog, and I’m not sure why I took it since I don’t have a cas photo of Phil like this. This pic was also taken in the spring of 2012. O_O

10) Have you had any Sims that remind you of someone? I don’t think I’ve ever had a moment of, “That Sim looks just like…!” or “Blank would totally do that!” except in cases where I purposefully created a Sim based on a celebrity or someone in my life.

11) Is there any random fact about your blog story you want to share? This is the hardest question because I’m seriously not sure what to say. Uhhh… Well, I started this blog in May of 2012 (on blogspot) while I was in college and really needed a stress reliever and wanted to write something fun, so that is the Diffy origin. Now, six years later, I’ve been graduated for four years and I’m about to have my 26th birthday in a few days on the 24th of February.

My questions (some inspired/stolen from Jowita, lol):

1) Which social media site is your favorite?

2) How long have you been writing your blog and what made you get started?

3) What made you get into the Sims and what do you think has kept you hooked?

4) Who has been your favorite Sim to play?

5) Had any accidental Sim deaths? (Because I have)

6) If you could learn any skill from the Sims games, what would you choose?

7) Have you made a Simself?

8) What is the oldest pic from your save file/legacy/story? I’m curious!

9) What is a storyline that you scrapped for some reason? It was cringy, it didn’t fit the characters, you got writer’s block, etc. I wanna hear alternate timelines!

10) Have your Sims ever done something autonomously but it actually fit into the storyline/made the story better, so you kept it?

11) What’s a random fact about yourself?

I’m nominating:




Future Carrie



Owl Face

Somebody’s Angel


I’m also going to nominate Jowita and Twinsimskeletons even though they’ve totally already done this (feel free to skip if you’re tired of answering questions :P).

Thanks for reading!

Generation 9 Heir Poll!

Welcome to the first ever Diffy legacy heir poll! I don’t really know what else to say, so let’s just jump in and take a look at our candidates:

Jon Snow Diffy

Jon Snow is a brave, brooding night owl who loves the cold. His favorites are hip hop music, mac and cheese, and Irish green. As a child he loved looking for monsters and staring broodingly out the window. He still loves brooding and spending time with his twin, Sansa.

Genetics: Jon has his mother’s coloring, eye shape, and nose with his father’s lips. He looks pretty similar to Christine but isn’t a clone, either.

Sansa Diffy

Sansa is a proper, athletic supernatural fan who loves the cold. Her favorites are country music, grilled cheese sandwiches, and lime. Sansa can be found perfecting her curtsy and babysitting her younger siblings because their mom thinks she is the “responsible” one. Sansa has also been known to quip a witticism or two.

Genetics: Sansa gets her skin color, eye color, eye shape, and nose from her mother, and her hair color and mouth shape from her father, so she and Jon are basically gender bent versions of each other except for their hair.

Theon Diffy

Theon is a good, nereurotic, inappropriate Sim who has an eye for the avant garde. His favorites are the Latin music, vegetarian grilled salmon, and the color black. Theon is a pretty passive guy who tends to go along with whatever his siblings are up to. Judging from his traits, there’s lots of checking sinks and eating random dirt in his future.

Genetics: Theon has his mom’s coloring, nose, and mouth shape, and his father’s eyes.

Brienne Diffy

Brienne is an athletic and brave Sim who is also unflirty and socially awkward. Her favorites are geek rock music, pumpkin pie, and pink. Brienne was hit especially hard by her grandparents’ death, but as a teenager she will bravely look to the future. I’m a little worried about her with the combination of unflirty and socially awkward, so we’ll just have to see how that goes.

Genetics: Brienne gets her hair color, skin color, and mouth from her mom, and her eye color, eye shape, nose, and face shape from her father. I think she looks the most different from Christine because everyone else has her nose and face shape.

Heir Poll

The poll will be up through 11:59 pm on Christmas day (that is, if I set this thing up correctly >.>). The next regular chapter will probably go up during that week after the poll closes, so that means there won’t be a chapter next week, just a heads up.

Okay, here’s the poll:


And just so Danny doesn’t feel too left out, here’s a picture of her being cute in the fall leaves:


Diffy Update: Emmie


Hi, this is Emmie here. Well, this is my house. Hi Charles! How about a little update on my family?


Tarik is my middle child. He’s always been my shy little boy, but as an adult he did eventually marry one of the Morgans, Janice. I have two granddaughters from them, Ichelle and Rena, who are simply gorgeous.


All three of my kids have always been very into the arts, in all different forms, and are very creative. We’ve spent a lot of time at the museums and library in town while they were growing up.


Brandi is the oldest, and she has flourished in the athletic career during her adult life. She is married to Benito Jones, and they have one son, Rick, who is a handsome little boy.


Kerri is the youngest, and, I must admit, the child we’ve had the most trouble with. But she’s come a long way, and she’s still young yet.

Kerri: “Nice  outfit, big brother.”


Tarik: “I’m above starting an argument, Kerri.”

Kerri: *sigh* “That’s no fun.”


Charles and I are both retired, and he spends most of his days resting now.


Kerri has honed a creative instinct for baking and cooking, and is starting to make a career from this, as I did. For now she is at the diner, and works on more interesting dishes at home.


Kerri: “Mom, the spaghetti’s ready.”

Even though Brandi and Tarik moved out long ago, Kerri still lives at home with us, and it really is a great help now that we are getting up there in age.

Emmie: “Thank you, sweetie.”


I’ve found joy in seeing my children grow and create families of their own. I oftentimes felt as though I had no one to guide me as I was growing up, but I have made sure that was not the case for my own children.


Late in the night, Kerri returns to the museum on foot.


But an hour later, she calls a cab from the junkyard, and returns home with a thrill running through her at a certain thought she has.


Kerri: More treasure buried in trash just waiting at the junkyard. Will anyone ever find it?