Aidan: 6.16 “First Time In China”

Last time with the Diffys, Leslie made her relationship official, Tom met Gwendolyn Marks, and Wanda and Aidan gave their youngest two kids some money to get them started in life. This time…


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Aidan: 6.15 “Trivia Rejection”

Last time with the Diffys, Wanda and Aidan renewed their vows and Leslie had her first kiss with Harrison Nair. This time…Screenshot-37

Tammy is aging into an elder cat.


Leslie: “So I kissed Harry. He really liked it. I think we’re going to start going out.”


Tom: “Yes! I’m happy for you. I know you really like him. You and him seem right together.”

Please ignore the stinky Stuck!Wanda. She can’t take a shower…


Leslie meets Harrison the next day, and Ben happens to be at the same spot.


What is up with you and Andy both dating Juanita Bingley, your uncle Randy’s ex-wife?

Ben: “Well, I dated her first. I did it because I cared about her and thought she’s a great person. Andy just did it because he wanted to make the right political moves and date a cop.”

Oh yeah, Andy’s in politics now.


Leslie: “I really like you, and I want you to know that I’m not thinking about dating anybody else, and, like–”


Harrison: “So do you want to go out? Exclusive?”

Leslie: “Yes!”


We have invited Ben and Andy over for a little family time. Ben and Wanda get along really well because they both have a rebel thing going.


I figured out that Andy’s Lifetime Wish is Alchemy Artisan.

Tom: “Hey, Andy. Want to play a trivia challenge with me?”


Andy: “No, I don’t! Do not waste my time with silly challenges about useless information!”


Tom: “You probably don’t want to play just because you know you wouldn’t win!”

Andy: “Yeah, because I don’t fill my brain with useless nerd trivia. You know what, I’ve been here long enough.”


Andy: “I’m so glad my dad is a celebrity police officer!”


Andy: “It gives me a great reputation!”


Tom and Leslie went to a community lot to study together.


Tom: “Who is that? I haven’t seen her in school.”

Thus Tom discovered he has a thing for redheads.


Tom: “Hi, I’m Tom Diffy.”

Gwendolyn: “Gwendolyn Marks.”


Leslie: “Tom is out there flirting with some girl while we were supposed to be helping each other study.”

Vampire girl: “So can you explain how a platypus works?”

Leslie: “Ugh!”


Tom: “I really need to work out!”

Gwendolyn: “I know exactly how you feel! Sometimes I just have the need to work out.”

Tom: “So be both love athletics! Sweet!”


Gwendolyn: “Yeah, I like all kinds of stuff. Anything that gets you moving.”

Leslie: “Tom, it’s curfew. Time to go home!”

Tom: “Fine.”


Time for a little family meeting.


Wanda: “Since you two are about to become adults, we have decided that we are going to give each of you some money to start your life out. You can use it to go to college, take a trip, buy your own place, or whatever you think is right for you to do.”


Tom: “Awesome! I think taking a trip would be nice.”


Aidan: “Yes, you guys can do whatever you want, but please be responsible. I would advise to not spend it all in one place, even though it is tempting.”


Aidan: “Also, happy birthday to you, Leslie. I hope it’s a great day for you.”

Leslie: “Yes, we have some friends coming over later, and Mom’s getting a cake. I really appreciate it.”


With that, it’s time for Leslie’s birthday party. Hello burnt Sim!


Gwen showed up to see Tom.


Oooh, thanks for the shawarma!


Leslie: “Thanks for coming!”

Harrison: “I wouldn’t miss it.”


When Kim got here, she went straight over to mourn Emily’s death.

Kim: “Grandma! It still feels so fresh.”


Time for Leslie’s age up.


*sniff* She’s all grown up.


That cake went fast.


Then I realized that Harrison still has four days until age up, and I thought, eh, why not?


It’s been so long since I played with vampire kids that I forgot they age up with different sparklies.


Next time: Leslie moves out and Tom puts his plans for a trip into motion.

Aidan: 6.13 “Content”

Last time with the Diffys, Andy and Leslie aged up, Andy moved out, Aidan aged into an elder, and we tried renovating a park for the living green challenge. This time…


Leslie and Tom are hanging out at the park.


Of course it starts raining.

Tom: “Non-exercise exercise is great!”


Wanda aged up just after finishing her wall mural.


Back at the park, it got too cold for Leslie. Just as they were leaving, too.


She was going home because of curfew, and now since she’s prevented from doing so, this police officer notices.


Wanda had to stop by on the way home to unfreeze her.


Officer: “Do you understand how dangerous it is to stay out after curfew?”

I understand that you were no help when she needed unfreezing.

Leslie: “Wow! The wonders of rain.”

The girl is delirious.


I think the blue skintone suits her. (And now she changes into outerwear)


After all this time, Stuck!Wanda has manifested above the floor to show herself. She’s still stuck in place, though.


Wanda: “It feels like the ghost of who I used to be is right here in the room. This is who I would have been if I followed my mother’s footsteps.”


Wanda: “But I’ve left that person behind. I’m happy with the decisions that I’ve made.”


Wanda is happy to see her family grow, and content with her choice to stay with Aidan. They have been friends from the beginning, and she can feel her own love for him blossiming through that.


Now it’s time for Tom’s birthday.


Leslie: “Someone take a picture! Quick!”


Wow. Honestly, I was completely sure that Leslie was going to be my heir. I hadn’t even considered Tom, mostly because I have had a lot of male heirs and kind of wanted a change. Plus, I really like throwback genetics like Leslie’s hair color.

But seeing Tom as a teenager, I’m going to have to go with him. Sorry Leslie. Tom is the underdog that I really didn’t expect, but just look at his face! Oh yeah, Tom got the handy trait.


Tom: “Leslie, you’re the best friend anyone could have. Would you be best friends forever with me?”

Leslie: “You’re funny. Yeah, let’s be BFFs.”


Tom: “So you like that guy Harrison, don’t you? I’ve seen the looks.”

Leslie: “Yeah, he’s just so cute, and kind of quiet in a sweet way, and he just seems different from other guys, like, he wants to do something more?”

Tom: “Yeah, yeah. He’s special. Anyway, I invited him to the boardwalk. Let’s go!”

Leslie: “You’re serious?! Okay!”

Next time: Tom and Leslie meet her crush at the boardwalk.

Aidan: 6.12 “Decisions”

Last time with the Diffys, Ben moved out, Tammy 2 was born, and Leslie and Tom became best friends. Wanda also had a chat with her brother about the spells her mother had placed on them. This time…


The Diffys are enjoying the short winter of Roaring Heights.


Evil snowman because of Tom.


Your wish to make 5+ snow angels was granted.



Wanda’s half-brother Darrin has come for a visit.

Darrin: “I heard that you need my help.”


Wanda: “I don’t know what Randy told you, but I decided to let it go for now. Having another spell placed will complicate things more, I think.”

Darrin: “But I wanted to show off my skill!”


Wanda; “It’s better this way. If I change my mind I’ll let you know.”

Darrin: “Ok. It’s your decision. But do let me know.”


It’s time for a birthday party! Technically it is spring now, and, even though it is still quite cold, I jumped the gun and decided to throw a pool party.


Kim is enjoying this regardless. She can’t feel the chill.


First up is Leslie.


She adds the eco-friendly trait.


And the other birthday is Andy.


He now has the traits loves the outdoors, grumpy, heavy sleeper, adventurous, and something else that I didn’t note down. I also did not note his Lifetime Wish.


I also found out that Kim and Ray got married!


The next morning Wanda and Andy do chores together.


Andy: “So I got asked by Uncle Darrin to come live with him. He wants to give me a job. I don’t know the details yet, but it could be good. Something different.”


Wanda: “It’s your decision.”

Ben: “Yeah. I also saw a job posting at town hall. It’s part-time, so I’ll probably apply for that, too.


Aidan decides to age up in the bathroom.


Tom: “Dad, please let me in. I need to use the toilet!”


Everybody stop crowding the door or no one can use the bathroom.


This is Harrison Nair, a friend that Tom brought home from school.


He needed a makeover.


Finally, I made an attempt to fulfill the park renovation part of the Living Green role. The Diffys bought a fishing hole in the middle of Roaring Heights, and this is what it looked like.


What I did was add restrooms, moved trees around, added more plants, and these random walls with nooks for benches.


I spent most of the money that has been saved up on these renovations, and I plan to go back when I have some more saved up to make more improvements.


This is mainly why I wanted to add the random walls. I wanted Wanda to have a place to improve her graffiti in a public area. All the graffiti on the house just looks kind of weird.

Next time: More birthdays! What else is new?

Aidan: 6.11 “Selfish”

Last time with the Diffys, the last child of this generation, Tom, was born. He and all the other kids had birthdays. Wanda also had a strange experience in the middle of the night. This time…


This is my favorite picture of the maid. She’s just so determined in her performance at work that it’s inspiring.


Forgot to mention traits last time. Ben’s final traits after his age up were clumsy, grumpy, unlucky, perfectionist, and workaholic. He also has the immune to fire hidden trait. His chosen LTW is Master Mixologist.

Wanda: “Have any plans yet? Anything you want to do?”

Ben: “One of my school friends thought this would be a great way for him to move out of his parents’ house. He and his girlfriend want to move into an apartment, but he wants me to move in so we can all share rent.”


Wanda: “Will that be awkward for you?”

Ben: “I don’t think so. He’s a really good guy, and I want to help them move out.”

Ben ended up moving out later that day.


Did you just pee there?

Sally: “Yes.”


Oh. I didn’t really know that you could still get pregnant…

Sally: “I’m really not that old. I’ll probably live longer than Aidan at this point.”

Stupid cats. She’s right, too.


This surprise kitten has been named Tammy 2. I don’t have her traits written down, so let’s just assume she’s an a**hole.


Hi Leslie! Again, I forgot to mention her and Ben’s traits last time. The trait Leslie gained is perfectionist. Anyway, it’s Spooky Day, so I sent Andy and Leslie to go out trick-or-treating. I honestly thought they would automatically change into costumes, though.


Leslie: “Trick or treat!”

Jack Torrance-McGinnis: “What are you kids dressed up as?”


Andy: “Model students, of course! Now you’d better give her some candy or you’re going down!”


Leslie: “Please?”

Jack Torrance-McGinnis: “Fine. I just have candy on hand anyway.”

Maybe you guys shouldn’t eat any candy that he gives you.


While visiting her brother, Wanda has found out that the night she had that strange feeling was the same night that their mother died.

Wanda: “It woke me up… I had this empty feeling. Now when I look at Aidan I just don’t… I don’t have the same feelings. He feels like a friend.”


Randolph: “All of Mom’s spells broke when she died, and it sounds like she had hit you with a pretty serious one.”

Wanda: “A love spell?!”

Randolph: “It sounds like one. Mom was pretty skilled, so she would have been able to make it seem totally natural. My taste buds have completely changed since she died. Apparently I was too much of a picky eater when I was younger.”


Wanda: “Why would she do this to me?! We didn’t always get along, but this is a serious thing to do to her daughter!”

Randolph: “Mom was so selfish, though. I wouldn’t put it past her to do this just to get you to move out. She turned your room into a nursery after you left because there wasn’t enough space before.”

Wanda: “The first time that I knew I liked Aidan was the night he asked me to move in. She was watching us the whole time, and that was after she knew she was pregnant.”

Randolph: “I’m really sorry, Wanda. I know this has got to suck, and I’m here for you.”

Wanda: “Thanks, Randy.”


Wanda doesn’t feel right sleeping in bed with Aidan for now.


So she chooses the rocking chair (which is honestly just as good at filling her sleep bar).


Wanda wants to talk to Randy again the next day.

Wanda: “I’ve made a decision.”

Randolph: “Please let the next words out of your mouth be something intelligent and reasonable.”


Wanda: “I want you to put a love spell back on me. I can’t do it because, as you know, I was never gifted with those powers.”


Randolph: “I’m not sure if that would be the right thing, but it doesn’t matter. Look, I’m not highly skilled enough to do that. I haven’t seriously practised witchcraft in years, and I only use minor spells now. I could easily mess the whole thing up and make it a lot worse. If something like that backfires, he could become the person you hate most in life, or you could be so dependent on him that you literally coudn’t live without him, or a number of different things. I won’t try it.”


Wanda: “I guess it’s for the best this way.”

Randolph: “It’s your decision, Wanda, so I will remind you of your options. I know our brother has always kept his skills up. You could ask him to do this for you. He’ll probably want something in return.”

Wanda: “I’ll keep that in mind. Aidan and I have always been friends. Maybe if I give him a chance I’ll-”

Randolph: “Yes! Do that! Perfect, I’m leaving.”


Just a tiny update that relates to Randy. His ex-wife, which he eventually split up with for good, is now dating Ben. This means that Ben is dating is uncle’s ex-wife who I believe Randy had two or three kids with. Very awkward.

Later that night:


Wanda: “Aidan, what do you like about me?”


Aidan: “What do I like about you? Okay, um… You’re so beautiful; I’ve always been attracted to you. It’s not just appearance, though! The way you act is easygoing. I feel like I’m myself when I’m with you, and I don’t have to try to impress you because you’ve always been yourself with me. I love your creative side, and how you’re willing to stand up for the things that you believe in…”


Wanda: “Okay, enough. I like you.”


Aidan: “I like you, too.”


Kids interacting with toddlers are so cute!

Leslie and Tom played together so much that they became best friends.


Then, one day after Leslie got home from school, it was time for Tom’s birthday.


Tom was given the evil trait upon aging up.


Leslie is good, so they are opposites in this way. But, at least for now, it does not stop them from being the best of friends.

Next time: Even more birthdays! This generation will just keep moving along.

Aidan: 6.10 “Too Many Birthdays”

Last time with the Diffys, Wanda got pregnant again, Leslie had a birthday, and Wanda got apprehended for art crimes. This time…


Yes, this is the last kid.


He is named after Tom Haverford. Probably my favorite character because I love Aziz Ansari.


Tammy is also having a birthday.


So fluffy!


Andy: “Is that for me?”

Yep! Too many birthdays? What?


I can’t help but take pictures of the weirdness. xD


Andy: “I’m skipping the sparkles.”


Andy: “Now where’s my presents?”


Wonder why Aidan would wear this to work? Perhaps he’s infiltrating the pancake gang.


Another one! Happy birthday Tom! Don’t worry, I’ll change the hair.


Wanda: “Ugh…why am I waking up?”


Wanda: “What’s all this?”


Wanda: This strange mist…this strange feeling.


Wanda: Why do I feel like something’s gone? Just empty.

Ben continued to be a fantastic big brother until the end of his teenhood.


Then his birthday came around.


And he was nice enough to share his birthday with Leslie.


He’s looking good.


More sparkles!


Leslie: “Mazel tov!”

Do you even know what that means?

Leslie: “No, I just say things that sound good.”

Next time: Less birthdays. And what’s up with Wanda?