Princess Carolyn: 10.9 “So High”

Last time with the Diffys, Princess Carolyn had a very magical night during the full moon where she met Lester McGinnis. Then Spooky Day came and everyone wanted to have a feast party. This time is the continuation of that feast party…

Did I give these guys the same hairstyle on accident because I really like it? Yes. It’s weird to have two characters in a story with the same hair, but don’t worry because one of them will be gone soon.

After eating, Brienne is just standing around awkwardly like she doesn’t know what to do.

Sansa: “Brienne, do you have a minute?”

Brienne: “Uh, sure.”

Sansa: “I must sincerely apologize to you, my dear sister, for my wrongdoings.”

Brienne: “Please don’t do that like this.”

Sansa: “But I’m trying to apologize.”

Brienne: “Yeah. It just doesn’t feel real.”

Here’s Lester who apparently has ants in his pants to break up that scene.

Lester: “I’m having plasma withdrawals and I’m literally about to die!”

Whatever, I’m trying to watch a very heartwarming scene with my Sims, so don’t interrupt again!

Sansa: “I truly mean it, Brienne. I’ve been stubborn and let this go on for far too long. Will you accept my apology? Please?”

Brienne: “I… Ok. I’d like for things to be better between us.”

Sansa: “Me too.”

Vincent: “So many delicious looking humans around that I’m not allowed to eat. Humph.”

Dude, don’t ruin the party.

Kim: “Oh, plumbob, I’ve got to do this now or never.”

Vincent: “What did you say?”

Kim: “It’s OVER, Vincent!”

Vincent: “Holy Watcher, why are you doing this here?! In front of everybody!”

Kim: “Well, I have to catch you before you run away again.”

Can we just take a moment to appreciate how awkward this must be for Sammi. She’s witnessing a couple’s breakup and probably has no idea who these two people are.

Meanwhile the friend who invited her here with promises to catch up has been thirstily flirting with some guy for the whole party.

Sammi: “Of course I know who Kim Diffy is! She’s that reporter who suspiciously doesn’t age. The tabloids are having a field day about her buying a farm. You can bet the paparazzi won’t be leaving her alone.”

Kim: “Now smile before leaving so we can pretend to be on good terms for Katara.”

Vincent: “Whatever gets me out of here.”

My plans for the family structure have changed so many times this generation. I’ll explain more once that’s revealed. Anyway, Vincent has the dislikes children trait and is also in the criminal career, so good riddance.

Princess Carolyn: “Wow… your teeth are so shiny.”

Lester: “Thank you.”


Princess Carolyn: “Have you ever gotten a good luck charm before?”

Princess Carolyn: “Hold still!”

Lester: “How can anyone hold still when you’re pointing that thing at their eyes?!”

Princess Carolyn: “Wingardium levioSA!”

Still not your catchphrase.

Lester: “There’s a lot to unpack with what you just said.”

Princess Carolyn: “Don’t tell me you’re a Grumpydore.”

Lester: “Have you EVER seen Harry Potter?!”

Lester: “I feel so high right now.”

Princess Carolyn: “It worked!”

Lester: “You know, there were no vampire meal alternatives during the feast.”

Princess Carolyn:ย He doesn’t know that I’m his meal tonight, heheheh. *fantasies run wild*

Lester: “Princess Carolyn? Hello?”

Princess Carolyn: “I’m glad you came to the party.”

Lester: “Me, too.”

Princess Carolyn: “Oh, hell yeah!”


We’ve got to lock that sh*t down before story progression messes with my plans AGAIN.

Princess Carolyn: “I just noticed how cold it is. Would you like to come inside me?”

Lester: “I can see how it’s affecting you, and for that reason I will gladly come inside.”

Hell yeah.


I think she’s moved on enough for me to delete this wish so that we can lock in the one about going on a date with Lester.

Princess Carolyn: “Go for it.”

Princess Carolyn: “You don’t have to make the bed, Lester! It’s just going to get messed up again!” *lowkey admires his neatness but wants him to hurry up*

Lester: “Ooooh this is a high thread count, isn’t it? Is it over 1,000?”

Princess Carolyn: “I don’t f*cking know, but you are so cute.”

They both needed to use the bathroom after they’re done, lmao. Maybe they know it prevents UTIs.



Princess Carolyn: “Don’t worry about falling asleep, you can stay as long as you like.”

Lester: “I’m just taking a nap… got practice in mornin’…”

Sure enough, Lester gets up in the early morning hours to contemplate life before he leaves.

Lester:ย If only it were the off season.

Time to address the elephant in the room: Lester is Karie’s uncle. Is it creepy that Princess Carolyn’s new love interest has the exact same genetics as her, even down to hair and skin color? Maybe. But Lyn and Lester are just going to ignore that and hope it never comes up (Lyn and Lester? What have I done?!!!).

Princess Carolyn’s alchemy station is now in the barn. Instead of being for horses, it will be a magical hideaway.

Princess Carolyn: “Let’s get cracking!”

That might be a good catchphrase, but only when you’re about to study alchemy and for nothing else.

I was informed about a social event at the cat park and I thought it was just the kind of thing Sansa would want to go to. So she dragged Cuddlywhiskers along, like an antisocial teenage son.

Sansa: “Now let’s go meet some pretty girl kitties, Cuddlywhiskers!”

Cuddlywhiskers: “Eff this.”

Cuddlywhiskers: “I’ll just pretend I’m way more into this stupid ball than her swishy tail.”

Ah, like teenage boys and video games. Just don’t get mad when she ignores you for the Tom on the other side of the yard.

Princess Carolyn: “Great Scott! These elixirs could change the world! But I’m going to ignore that and only use them to improve my own life!”

Spoken like a true main character.

Cuddlywhiskers: “I’m Mary Poppins, y’all!”


I’m just trying to get you and Sansa home, and you’re doing this nonsense. This is why I never let you pets off the home lot!

Cuddlywhiskers: “Meow? Is that better?”

Yeah, you better hold onto him before he floats away again!

Sansa: “This is why you can’t sit in the front seat.”

Next time: Princess Carolyn has a very important conversation with Kim. I think things are finally shaping up for this gen! Only took nine chapters!

8 thoughts on “Princess Carolyn: 10.9 “So High”

  1. I’m glad Carolyn is now with Lester. Tbh, he looks a bit like a male version of Karie, so it kind of makes sense. It’s weird that he is her uncle, but whatever, it’s Sims.

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