This is the stuff I’m currently reading. 😀

Random legacies:

A Clover and a Bee

Chaos Theory

Frogsnack’s RLC: The Sparrows

Goldbeard RLC

Koyangi Random Legacy

Marquel Random Legacy

Matthews’ Random Legacy

My Random Legacy: The Kahekilis

Secrets of the Sixkillers

Sleitinn Legacy Challenge

Winterly RLC

Other stuff:

A Fish Out of Water – A Midnight Sun challenge.

A Little Pizzaz – A Pinstar style legacy.

A Small ISBI – A combination rainbow alphabet ISBI challenge.

My “Legacy” in Sims 3 – The hilarious Jacobsens legacy.

My Way – Gloria Dutiel’s wishacy challenge.

Never Do It Again – A dramatic story that has bad endings for the heirs.

Pleasant Oaks Asylum – An asylum challenge from the view of one of the residents.

Rourke Epic Legacy – A boolprop EPIC legacy challenge.

Snordwich Chronicles – Round robin style story blog set in medieval times.

Twinsimskeletons – The SOL Legacy and The Quest futuristic story.

My other blog:

WAYFARE – A world adventures story with Nyota Diffy.