Diffy Update: Emmie


Hi, this is Emmie here. Well, this is my house. Hi Charles! How about a little update on my family?


Tarik is my middle child. He’s always been my shy little boy, but as an adult he did eventually marry one of the Morgans, Janice. I have two granddaughters from them, Ichelle and Rena, who are simply gorgeous.


All three of my kids have always been very into the arts, in all different forms, and are very creative. We’ve spent a lot of time at the museums and library in town while they were growing up.


Brandi is the oldest, and she has flourished in the athletic career during her adult life. She is married to Benito Jones, and they have one son, Rick, who is a handsome little boy.


Kerri is the youngest, and, I must admit, the child we’ve had the most trouble with. But she’s come a long way, and she’s still young yet.

Kerri: “Nice  outfit, big brother.”


Tarik: “I’m above starting an argument, Kerri.”

Kerri: *sigh* “That’s no fun.”


Charles and I are both retired, and he spends most of his days resting now.


Kerri has honed a creative instinct for baking and cooking, and is starting to make a career from this, as I did. For now she is at the diner, and works on more interesting dishes at home.


Kerri: “Mom, the spaghetti’s ready.”

Even though Brandi and Tarik moved out long ago, Kerri still lives at home with us, and it really is a great help now that we are getting up there in age.

Emmie: “Thank you, sweetie.”


I’ve found joy in seeing my children grow and create families of their own. I oftentimes felt as though I had no one to guide me as I was growing up, but I have made sure that was not the case for my own children.


Late in the night, Kerri returns to the museum on foot.


But an hour later, she calls a cab from the junkyard, and returns home with a thrill running through her at a certain thought she has.


Kerri: More treasure buried in trash just waiting at the junkyard. Will anyone ever find it?