Princess Carolyn: 10.7 “The Farm”

Last time with the Diffys, Princess Carolyn confronted Karie AGAIN, which resulted in her deciding it wasn’t meant to be. Then Kim invited the family to come live on her new farm. This time…


Hold on a second… I’ve got to remember how these two are related. He’s Christine’s son and she’s Christine’s sister’s granddaughter. So they’re first cousins once removed I believe. Which is pretty close. 😬


These two seal the deal.

Princess Carolyn is off at another house fire.

Wait, Brie?! You should be able to handle this yourself!

Brie: “I didn’t have my fire extinguisher with me and I panicked please help!”

Princess Carolyn: “I’m not judging you, but…”

Princess Carolyn: “You know what? Yes. I am totally judging you.”

Princess Carolyn is even walking into the house as slowly as she can.

Princess Carolyn: “YAY! I love being around fires and putting out fires and using my magic and being awesome! This is so fun!”

Princess Carolyn: “What’s wrong with this thing?”

Hurry up and try it again!

Princess Carolyn: “Bam!”

No, no, no.


That catchphrase is already taken. You need something else.

Princess Carolyn: “Now she can feed her dog.”

I hope she does. That bowl looks dusty.

Back to our main storyline! Sansa is here at Kim’s farm, also known as the McCreary Farm. I have done some editing to this lot. I don’t have any plans to get horses, so everything related to them has been removed. The garden was also chock full of perfect quality plants, so those have been removed. And all the more expensive items are gone, since we were pretty close to not being able to afford the place.

Sansa: “I’m feeling refreshed already!”

Before moving on to the farm, Alexander goes to pick up a meteor that he saw through the telescope.

Alexander: “What a wonder that no one else nearby saw this already!”

Dude, just don’t question it. >.>

Alexander: “Hey, Chloe.”

Alexander: “You like the farm?”

Chloe: *nods*

Kim: “I’m glad you guys decided to move in.”

Alexander: “I appreciate you inviting us here.”

Kim: “Don’t mention it.”

Sansa: “Kim! I love this place!”

Kim: “I’m so glad you’re here! I’m going to set up a garden of course, and there’s plenty of space for the animals to run around.”

Sansa: “I’ve spotted the perfect place for my easel, too.”

Kim: “I want you and Alexander to take the ground floor bedroom. I’ve already set up me and Katara’s things upstairs.”

Sansa: “Ok!”

Anyway, here’s the main house. This is the ground floor.

This is the second floor.

And we’ve also got a basement apartment for Princess Carolyn. There’s also a barn out back that is empty now since we don’t have horses.

And in case you forgot, Kim has a toddler daughter.


The game gave her a dumb, misspelled name. So that’s not her name anymore and we’ll never speak of it again! If you really want to know, this unedited screenshot is in a previous chapter, but I’ll pretend it wasn’t. This is Katara, named after Katara from Avatar: The Last Airbender. Avatar is absolutely one of my favorite shows of all time, which is why I saved it for the last generation.

It’s been so long since we added a new child to the household that I had to consult my previous chapters to see how I introduce them. 😅 Princess Carolyn was born in March of last year.

Kim and Katara are part of the generation ten roll, so they’re here to stay. Katara’s traits are party animal and computer whiz. She’s also a vampire.

Chloe and Cuddlywhiskers watch the cook for some accidental snacks. Just like real life!

Sansa: “Not today!”

Well, this is a nightmare.

She looks so happy about it.

And her vampirism is not making this any less creepy.


I have no idea why she did that since she has the neat trait and these toys are in the house.

Katara has five days until age up so we’re going for those toddler skills.

I love the scenery around here.

Sansa’s painting spot is at the back of the house.

Alex has popped up a few fishing wants so I guess he’d like a new hobby.

Alexander: “Am I doing this country thing right yet?”

The fire station is becoming overrun with face ones.

Harrison has been staring at Princess Carolyn for a while. Maybe it’s time to put on some more clothes?

Yep, definitely time.

Oh no, poor baby, who hurt you?

Princess Carolyn: “Dude, you can’t take pictures of me like that!”

Harrison: “My life is falling apart!”

Princess Carolyn: “That doesn’t mean you have to be an a**hole!”

Saved by the bell? This time it’s at Vivek’s house.

Oh my god he just left all his dogs in his garage to burn! 😭 Princess Carolyn hurry!!!

That’s so sad. 😭

They immediately run out as soon as the door is opened. Poor things.

But one stuck around to see if she’d put the fire out.

Princess Carolyn: “Get out of here, dog! I can’t see you die today!”

One Smol Doggie: “Wait, I don’t want to die!”

Aww he was so cute. This was Princess Carolyn’s first fire that involved multiple flames. I think it’s getting to the point where using a fire extinguisher would be way more practical than using spells, but I’m going to see how far we can go with it.

Kim invited Katara’s father, Vincent Nair, over.

Vincent: “Hey, what’s up? You like the farm?”

Kim: “Of course! I’m really happy with it! Why don’t you come in and see Katara?”

Vincent: “Slow down, Kim. You know that’s not a good idea.”

Kim: “Why not? You have to acknowledge your daughter.”

Vincent: “No, I don’t. I never planned for this. I’ve got to go.”

I really thought he would come around. We didn’t plan for it, sure, but I didn’t think he’d react this way.

Somehow I feel content with this. I know what I have to do now. 

Princess Carolyn takes her first step onto the farm three days after everyone else has moved in.

Princess Carolyn: “Time to go downstairs and cry into my pillow.”

Ok, have fun in your new room!

Next time: One magical night, and a feast party.


6 thoughts on “Princess Carolyn: 10.7 “The Farm”

    1. Yes, that’s why I love this challenge! Makes your legacy a little more fun, and each generation can be a surprise.

      I probably could update that page with her career, but that would be the only thing. The family structure is not complete yet. 😉 Thanks for reading!

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