Princess Carolyn: 10.5 “You’re Up”

Last time with the Diffys, Princess Carolyn demanded answers from Karie, but she didn’t like the response. Is it really over? Well, we won’t find out this time, because…

Christine finally gets her favorite vegetarian fish and chips for once in her life.

Eddy: “There you are.”

Christine: “So Sansa… Tell me you and Brienne have made up in all this time.”

Sansa: “Why are you asking about that?”

Christine: “Because I’m not getting any younger and I want to see my family happy at last.”

Sansa: “Well, I just think me and Brienne are too different. Even in childhood–”

Christine: “Now that just isn’t true. You two didn’t have any problems as kids.”

Sansa: “But we did at my wedding. Who does that?”

Sansa: “And she’s still with Beckett Bell. We dated before she even knew him. It’s weird. Why did she pick him?”

Christine: “What does that matter? You didn’t want to be with Beckett.”

Sansa: “Like I said, it’s still weird.”

Christine: “I don’t think she’d be with him for this long just to get at you.”

The men are politely staying out of this conversation.

Well, as much as they can.

Christine: “What do you think about it, Alex?”

Alexander: “Huh? Oh, I’ve tried to tell her it’s silly to hold a grudge this long.”

Sansa: “Well, I don’t think that Brienne cares!”

Christine: “Sansa, shame on you! Of course she cares; you’re her older sister. She’s always sought your approval and I’m sure she’s devastated that she doesn’t see you anymore.”

Inside, Phillip (Sansa’s half-brother) is making flirty idles in the direction of his sister.

Alexander: “Keep it in your pants.”

Phillip: “No, that’s not–!”

Phillip: “It wasn’t for her, it was just for the world in general.”

Flirty Sims are just so thirsty.

Eddy: “But I don’t need good luck!”

Christine: “Right? Our marriage has been so eternally, faithfully happy that I’m feeling lucky enough on my own!

Eddy: “Fine. I guess I’ll just have to be lucky today.”

Then Christine decided to leave the library.

Where are you off to?

Oh, she’s going home. Let’s follow her.


While they were making their way down the street, Kim was having her baby.

Don’t worry, they’re not naked. The game just thinks the strapless swimsuit is the only one for elders. And it’s right.

This is why I wanted to give Christine her favorite meal today. ;_;

Christine: “Alexander, you’ve been the best son-in-law I could have. Don’t tell Beckett. Sansa, remember what we talked about. Princess Carolyn, you are the future of our family. Don’t let it end here.”

Christine: “I wish I could say more. I love you all.”

I just have to appreciate this puppy dog face.

And on top of that:


Eddy’s going to pass away tomorrow.

Princess Carolyn spent the night at the fire station, and it’s back to work in the morning.

Princess Carolyn: “Bri, I’m sorry, I just–”

Brienne: “I know. It’s really tough.”

Princess Carolyn: “Yeah.”

Brienne: “I’m glad you’re still here. Better than sitting at home, being consumed by it. And what we do really makes a difference in this city.”

Brienne: “You’re up, Princess.”

Princess Carolyn: “Really?”

Brienne: “Don’t get sentimental. It’s an easy one.”

Brienne: “Everything stocked on that truck? Get Princess whatever she needs! Go, go, go!”

Princess Carolyn: “My first REAL job.”

Princess Carolyn: *sniff*

It’s an apartment lobby fire. Looks like arson.

Princess Carolyn: “This is everything I’ve been working for.”

OH MY GOD I CANNOT EXPRESS HOW PROUD OF HER I AM. This whole time, I’ve been intending her to use her magic powers for fighting fire and SHE DOES IT AUTONOMOUSLY I CAN’T–

Princess Carolyn: “Yep, it’s pretty awesome.”




Townie cat: “Oh sh*t, there wasn’t supposed to be anyone here.”


Townie cat: “Please don’t make me get a desk job now.”

Is the reason cats have been sensing witches because THEY’RE MAGICAL TOO? It’s so obvious now.

Townie cat: “I mean, meow?”


Princess Carolyn’s efforts don’t go unnoticed.

And there’s even someone maintaining the fire alarm when she gets back.

Next time: Princess Carolyn invites Kim to hang out, and she’s still got a bone to pick with Karie.

8 thoughts on “Princess Carolyn: 10.5 “You’re Up”

  1. Wth happened to the cat? The fire was just replaced with it O.o This game never fails to amaze me. What did freaking EA do with the coding to make cats magical? They probably don’t even know!
    RIP, Christine…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “The game just thinks the strapless swimsuit is the only one for elders. And it’s right.” okay I laughed so hard. Thank you for that.
    THE MAGICAL CAT! wtf game?!
    RIP Christine :c At least Sansa and Brienne have made up.

    Liked by 1 person

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