Princess Carolyn: 10.4 “Princess Carolyn’s Day Off”

Last time with the Diffys, we had a Leisure Day celebration at the park and completed the last goal for Sansa’s generation. And playing this game was hard, guys. This time…

Alex is very close to maxing the logic skill.


Alexander: “How… logical.”

Princess Carolyn wanted to invite Karie out since it’s her day off, but she gave us the call back in x hours line.

Princess Carolyn: “I feel nothing.”

I think you would’ve really liked your great-grandfather.

(Just me using an excuse to post a pic of Tom. ;_;)

Princess Carolyn: “I’m getting hungry. What’s the point of this?”

Just keep watching…

Princess Carolyn: “If I had control of myself right now, I’d probably just strangle you first thing.”

Not-Patchy: “WooOOOOooo!”

Princess Carolyn: “This is supposed to be impressive?”

Not-Patchy: “What a bi–”

She’s just grumpy today!

Princess Carolyn: “I’m a witch, remember? I see this type of thing all the time…”

Fine, let’s just go somewhere you can eat.


One of Christine’s best friends died. So that’s a good sign.

Don’t mind me, just sitting here being really impressed with how pretty this game is.

You with the mushrooms again.

Princess Carolyn: “I should text Karie one more time!”

Back at home, Sansa is having her last birthday.

Sansa: “Oh, that stings!”

She spends the rest of the night with her loving husband.

Princess Carolyn finally got Karie to agree to meeting up at the town side park. First, she has to get rid of that darn leaf pile.

Ew, get out of that uniform.

Princess Carolyn: “How come you’ve been avoiding me?!”

Uh, Princess Carolyn, this is not what I was planning!!!

Karie: “I wasn’t, I was just at work, and then my husband expected me home for dinner–”

Princess Carolyn: “I can’t believe you’re still with him! Did the woohoo mean nothing to you?!”

Karie: “Ok, first, that wasn’t really woohoo, Lyn.”

Princess Carolyn: “What the hell are you talking about?! Plumbob, you’re in denial.”

Karie: “I don’t have to listen to this! It’s just ridiculous!”

So she’s gone pretty quickly.

Princess Carolyn: “That was not how I expected it to go.”

See what happens when you take control? I was going to have you convince her to break up with him, but you had to go and accuse her of cheating.

Princess Carolyn: “I’m glad I did because with the way she reacted… It obviously wasn’t going to work out.”

Right. Unless of course there was someone who could force you into loving each other.

Princess Carolyn: “Yes, but that would be wrong.”

Suddenly Princess Carolyn just felt the need to vent to someone, and Doris Pride was the closest person that I had any familiarity with.

Doris: “The bathroom doors seem to be welded closed. Why is that?”

Princess Carolyn: “You know I have no idea but CAN WE TALK ABOUT MY LOVE LIFE RIGHT NOW?”

Doris: “Yes, dear, no problem. Just give me a second to–”

Doris: “Ah.”


After that terrible disappointment, of course this pops up.

Dawn of a new day.

Greeting the birds that still hate you because of celebrity scandals. But, hey, that’s Sansa.


Veronica and Clifton are a couple.


And Princess Carolyn popped this in the morning. Also, that be friends with Doris wish is never happening.

Sansa learns Christine’s favorite recipe at the library for the quick reading boost.

Then, by using my god-like powers, I found out that Christine and co. are at the other library in Storybrook town.

So we rushed right over. Eddy (not pictured) is also here.

Princess Carolyn: “Have you ever just basked in the heat from flames and felt totally content?”

Christine: “I know exactly what you mean!”

While everyone is chatting it up, Sansa sneaks into Christine’s house to make the dish. Yeah. Because I never build community lots, I thought I’d just be able to quickly add a stove to the library. Not the case, lmao. Anyway, this was the only thing I could think to do without having to quit the game, install stuff, and open it again.

She keeps stopping what she’s doing and trying to leave, so I have to monitor her and tell her to keep cooking. Christine will not appreciate the gesture if her house burns down.

We don’t have time for these tricks!!!

Sansa: “If you’re not level ten cooking skill, don’t tell me how to do it.” 😎

Finally!!! Now remove your head from the cabinet and stick the vegetarian fish and chips in your pocket!

Next time: giving Christine her favorite meal. Sorry to cut it off here, but the next events would make the chapter too long. ;_;

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