Christine: 8.9 “Crepes 2”

Last time with the Diffys, Jon Snow and Sansa had their birthday into toddlers and Christine got pregnant again with the donor being Oliver Meyers-Lindberg. This time…

When I loaded up my game, I found that I was basically just waiting for Christine to give birth and there wasn’t much else to do, so I got bored and then decided to just invite a bunch of family members over.


Here Christine has made salad for everyone. I wonder if she’s thinking about a certain someone right now.

Christine: “You can’t go wrong with salad.” *sigh*


I invited quite a few family members over: Nyota and Kelly, Leonard, Kim, and Weston, Nyota’s son.


Here’s Weston. O_O I’m sorry, I just can’t stop staring at him. He has the absolute perfect blend of Nyota and her husband. I didn’t realize Kelly’s eyes were so pretty.


Weston: “Are you seriously moving your body along with the car in the game?”


Weston: “Grandma Kim is here?! I’ve got to snap a pic and sell it to the tabloids!”

Oh, yeah, he’s evil. Pretty but evil; reminds me of Tom.


Everyone is having a grand ole time.


Except Gwen and Leo, who are, once again, autonomously arguing.


I made them make up.

Kelly: “This show is cheesy.”


Christine: “Thanks for the advice you gave me, Grandma Kim. You helped me make my decision and I couldn’t be happier.”


Kim: “I’m happy to help! Now why don’t you show me all the renovations you made recently. I haven’t properly seen everything yet.”


Ny was jamming outside, so I sent Gwen out to join her.


Christine: “… and this will be Jon and Sansa’s room after their next birthday. I’ll just wait and see if they want anything changed in here.”

Kim: “I’m not judging, but tell me why there aren’t more bookcases.”


Christine: “Uhh … Hee hee hoo … I think I’m going into labor!”

Kim: “I’ll go fetch a car for you!”


Having avoided Kim’s question, Christine makes her way downstairs, but now she’s actually going into labor!

Leonard: “Do you need anything?”


Christine: “No, I’m quite all right. Have a good night, Leo.”

Leonard: “Okay. Bye, Christy.”


Kim: “I’ve got the police cruiser out front. We can put the siren on to get to the hospital faster.”

Christine: “Just forget it, Grandma. I was fine the first time, and I think I can handle this. Please just go have fun with everybody else.”

Kim: “Well, I’ll just be outside if you need anything.”


Gwen and Nyota are still out here jamming.


Christine: Orgasmic birth FTW.


So Theon Diffy was born. He is named after Theon Greyjoy (spoilers for Game of Thrones season two) and has the good and neurotic traits. He loves the color black, vegetarian grilled salmon, and latin music.


Christine puts him in his crib upstairs and continues with her labor.


Another baby, another totally intentional set of twins. This is Brienne Diffy, named after Brienne of Tarth (spoilers for season two). Brienne has the athletic and brave traits. She loves hot pink, pumpkin pie, and geek rock.


Theon and Brienne’s cribs had to be placed in Christine’s room since the nursery cribs are still occupied by Jon and Sansa.


Everyone go home! She’s calling it quits now.


The very next day it’s already time for yet another birthday party.


With the urns now being out on display in the basement, this is where Kim goes at the beginning of the party. She always seems to be mourning Emily, her grandmother.


Kim: “The first cut is the deepest.”


Sansa ended up being first this time. Unfortunately I can’t do cake at the same time because Christine insists on being the one to carry both of them to their cake.



Sansa gains the proper trait.


Now Jon Snow.



Jon gains the brooding trait.


Jian was at the party, so Sansa gets to talk to him.


It’s pretty hard for me to tell as kids, but Sansa definitely has Christine’s eyes and I think Jian’s mouth.


This paparazzi made it all the way to the kitchen entrance and is still complaining because the doors are locked.

Papz: “What do you expect me to do after you fenced in the yard???”


Jon and Sansa get home from their first day of school.


Christine: “Did you guys like school?”

Jon Snow: “Yeah!”

Sansa: “Yes.”


Jon Snow: “I learned about the color wheel in art class. And teacher showed us how to mix different colors to make new colors.”


Christine: “That’s what I do on the painting easel. You can try it out sometime.”


Sansa is fulfilling a workout wish.


Theon and Brienne have been moved into the nursery and Jon and Sansa are now in Christine’s former room.


Jon loves checking for monsters.


Jon Snow: “Red, glowing eyes and a foggy mist? I won’t be able to sleep in this bed for at least three hours!”

I’d say never, but, hey, you are brave.



Gwen finally – FINALLY – made the crepes for her opportunity. Luckily they were perfect quality, too. And made another serving for the family to eat.


Sansa wanted to learn to fish. This spot is not far from the house.


Gwen takes Jon along to drop off the crepes. They ended up at the city side restaurant, and it was fancy enough for Jon’s formal.


I spotted Claudia Supine (from Camo Key) out with her daughter and husband, Cemre, seen here.


This is their daughter, Lourdes. She looks a lot like her dad, poor thing. I also just realized that I’m 99.9% sure this eye and mouth shape is passed down from Nervous Subject of Strangetown. Those also look to be the same eyes that Ana and Julie have, so they are descendents of Nervous, too.


Leonard was moonlighting over here. He always seems to be doing some odd jobs for money.


Back at the fishing hole, Sansa is being swamped by paparazzi.


Sansa: “Creepy old men.”


I promise this will be the last party of this chapter! A couple things have been added to the backyard. Sansa wished for a ping pong table, and I can’t remember if anyone wished for a hot tub. I just wanted one out here.


Oliver is at the party, and Anna back there is meeting Brienne.


Lots of jamming going on here.


But let’s get into the birthdays. Once again, Christine has the highest relationship with her kids and insists on taking them to the cake one at a time.


Here’s Theon.


Anna is forced to give up Brienne, so she now grabs Theon to cuddle.



And here’s Brienne.


The last cake is for Christine.


*sniff* You’re all grown up and I’m so proud of you!


Unfortunately, I did get this popup during the party. RIP Ben. He had a pretty long life, considering he was supposed to die at least twice by now.


At the end of the party, Jon and Sansa played peek-a-boo with their younger siblings to make friends.

Next time: Theon and Brienne’s toddler skilling, lots of ghosts coming out to haunt us, and Leisure Day.

Oh, yeah, I also just updated the chapter page and homepage with Christine’s banner. ^^


18 thoughts on “Christine: 8.9 “Crepes 2”

  1. Aww, all Christine’s kids are so pretty! But, talking about Weston- pretty and evil. Oh my, I can relate to ending up with such Sims O.o
    It’s nice how Christine can be perfectly content with her life as a single. It seems to suit her really well and she has such a good supportive family. I really like the new banner, too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was thinking of Sam there, too! Pretty and evil fits all of them.

      Christine is no longer pressuring herself when it comes to relationships and she’s feeling happy about it. ^^ Tom and Gwen are also super happy to be so close with her kids.

      Thanks! And thanks for reading. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love all the kids this time around, seems like it’s been a while since the house has been this full. Christine seems so casual about the motherhood thing, but it’s great how the dads can be there sometimes with the family.

    And yeah, Leonard has great eyes. I would have had a hard time not letting him worm his way into the house permanently lol

    Tom & Gwen all old still gets to me :/

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, they have a really full house this time. Tom had three siblings, but they didn’t have the grandparents around, either. Christine is casual about it, but she also has help from her parents. Everyone is like a team raising them together. Christine and the dads are still really good friends, and Jian especially comes around a lot.

      Leonard does, he looks exactly like Gwen though. She has great genetics.

      Me, too. :,(

      Thanks for reading! Oh, and I don’t want to be pushy, but did you see my pictures of Dustin? It was so fun seeing him perform. 😀


      1. YEAH!! I finally commented, lol. I just discovered today as I was rereading blogs that I thought your toddler skilling episode ended with that party guest approving of the fireplace. XD I think I read on my phone before bed and just fell asleep, then thought I’d read the whole thing. I read all your updates, I promise! But yeah it was great seeing Moze again, and you got to see all his expressions. 😛 And more importantly he behaved himself, and didn’t die (or kill anyone). I think there’s a vanished sim ghost but I’ve never had him lose a sim this way (although he’s totally messed up tricks before and stabbed people with the swords in the box of mystery). Thanks for asking! =^_^=

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Ahh, I’m glad you saw it! I felt bad because I thought the one chapter you missed was the one I included him, lol!

          Can people die in magicians’ acts??? 😮 I’ve seen the stabbing in the box of mystery before, it’s pretty funny, actually. xD


  3. Pretty and evil makes good sims usually. And that comment about poor Lourdes made me laugh way to much. Poor sim.

    Christine has done really well picking the kids donors, they are so cute. But I can’t believe she’s is an adult already. They’re all getting older so quickly.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They really do! Like your Skuld, too. She was gorgeous and evil. Poor Lourdes, though. I feel bad for her because her mom is super pretty, too, and she only got her hair color from her.

      Thanks. ^^ Yeah, everyone is growing up. Things move really fast with so many kids. Seems like every day is another birthday.

      Thanks for reading!


    1. Yeah, it’s funny when sims in labor stop to do something like that!

      Thanks! I wasn’t even thinking of Game of Thrones until she happened to have the first kids during winter, so I thought of Jon Snow. Thanks for reading!


  4. Am I really caught up? Darn, now what will I read? lol

    I might be a bit partial, but Jon Snow (he is my favorite character in GoT) is a cutie pie. I expect great things from him, lol =P But really, that sperm donor thing seems to be working out great for Christine–all of her kids are pretty darn adorable. Love Jon’s brooding trait, and Sansa’s proper trait, pretty apropos I think! =)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yep. ❤ I post a new chapter every week, though.

      Jon Snow is cute, and I actually love all the kids this time around. I'll probably have to do a poll because I can't decide. Jian and Oliver both gave some good genetics, but I'm disappointed none of them got pink skin or green hair.

      Whenever I leave Jon on freewill he's either broodingly looking out the window or bravely checking for monsters under the bed. He's taking advantage of his traits! Also, I love trying out the "proper" things Sansa can do. Thanks for reading!


  5. LOL. And once again, Christine’s giving birth and nobody gives a damn. Well, at least Kim did try to help, but in the end, the guitars won.

    D: The awesome hair didn’t make an appearance. Which is a little sad, but that’s genetics, I guess.

    OMG, Weston really got the best roll of the dice for his genetics. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Let’s try to spin this positively: they all think she’s so strong that she can handle it without them. But, yeah, the lure of the guitars is just too strong.

      😡 And I’m mad that three out of four have blonde hair. Not enough hair diversity for me. I would have been super happy to see throwback red hair, too.

      Right? I loooove Weston, even though he’s evil. I’ll put him up for download when I get a chance. Thanks for reading!


  6. Weston is adorable! Beautiful, evil sims are the best. >:D

    Theon! Idk how I feel about Theon the character. He’s useless in the show, but possibly more useless in the books. XD But Brienne!! She’s also useless, but I like her a lot more than Theon.

    Hahaha Sansa and Jon are proper and brooding. XD Those are perfect traits!

    Brienne is possibly the cutest toddler ever. *___*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They really are. >:)

      Really? I haven’t read the books. I was so mad at him, but I think he’ll make a comeback next season. Lol, I love Brienne! I hope she gets the opportunity to do more badass things instead of waiting and travelling. xD

      Ha, and Jon may as well be living his trait with all the brooding he does around the house.

      Thanks! She is adorable. More pictures next time. 🙂 Thanks for reading!


    1. Yes, and it goes surprisingly quickly with the library buff. :O

      Yeah, lol, I may have regretted the blonde hair XD Should have given Christine her mom’s hair instead, she had mutated hair color anyway.
      Thanks for reading! 🙂


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