Christine: 8.8 “Toddler Skilling”

Last time with the Diffys, Christine made her decision to become a mother and chose Jian Li as her sperm donor. Twins Jon Snow and Sansa were born! This time…


It’s time for the Snowflake Day party!


Jian: “Is everything okay with the kids? You could have called me last night.”

Christine: “I honestly just forgot because I was so exhausted. That’s why I texted you right away when I woke up.”

Jian: “Okay, I get it. I just hope you weren’t alone.”


Christine: “Of course not! My mom was right there with me.”

Yeah, until she went to bed.


This is Oliver Meyers-Lindberg. He brought eggrolls, yum.


Nyota started dancing with Jian to make him feel welcome.

Nyota: “Jian is part of the family now.”

Well, kinda.


Leslie dropped off a present.


Then immediately left.

Leslie: “I have a hot date with my couch and a glass of wine.”


Christine discovered that Oliver has commitment issues, like her.

Christine: “We both have personal baggage that prevent us from forming successful romantic relationships. Sweet!”


Most people sat around the dining table for the gift opening.


I just thought Kim was cute getting her present.


Julie!!! She’s always late, but at least she shows up with food.


My Simself got a present.


Like Nyota really needs another guitar.


Christine: “Thanks so much for coming, Jian.”

Jian: “Of course! I’m really glad I got to see Jon and Sansa.”


To continue with the property mogul goal, Tom bought the dog park.


And it’s already time for another party, as it is Jon Snow and Sansa’s birthday.


Nyota’s daughter Chastity is all grown up. Nice avant garde trait you got there.

Chastity: “Hmm…”


Chastity: “HmmMMmm.”


Chastity: “Yes, I do like this fireplace!”

Glad you approve.


Leslie and Harrison showed up together.




Here’s Jon Snow.


Leo, I trust you, but where are you taking him??!


Jon’s gone, guys. You can stop complaining.


Here’s Sansa.




Oh, Leo just put Jon Snow in his bed. Well, thanks.

Leonard: “I just thought I could help.”


Before the night is over, Christine is able to teach Sansa to walk. And what are you yelling about, Ny?

Nyota: “Kids should be kids! Helicopter parenting!”

That’s enough from you.


Christine finds out that Oliver is also on the donor list, and meets him to talk about it.

Christine: “I think I would like to have another baby. Thoughts?”


Oliver: “I would LOVE to have kids. I just haven’t had any great relationships that I would want to bring a kid into, and I’m not sure if I even want a relationship.”

We find out that Oliver is also family-oriented.


They’ve become friends, and agree to have a baby together.


Time for their visit to the Disease Center, and Christine is very happy about this.


Jon and Sansa are brought to the library for their Toddler Skilling Assembly Line. But wait, that’s not Jon! One of Lyle’s kids crashed the party.


Okay, Jon’s here, so let the skilling commence.


To my annoyance, Gwen got an opportunity to make crepes for the restaurant. I could have ignored it, but … I guess I like to make my Sims’ lives harder. She finally got her cooking skill up to level eight so that she could learn the recipe.


Gwendolyn: “I guess you guys can thank me later.”

Heather and Christine: *ignores*


With another pregnancy coming, Christine is back on the sketch table to keep working on her career.


Jon Snow learned to walk.


And talk.


And Sansa learned to talk. All skills are done!


I decided I wanted Gwen to do the board breaker skill challenge.


In the basement now is a little mausoleum for the previous generations.


Cinnamon Bun has the nicest urn down here.


And Wanda has the worst out of those who died in the household. I actually feel really bad about this. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I’m determined that from here on out all Sims under my roof will have a more fulfilled life than she did.


I’m also starting to get festival photos again. (Jian happened to be at the festival while they were there to get the spring photo.)


I also got a popup that Leslie and Harrison’s son, Vivek, is all grown up. He looks a lot like Harrison to me, but definitely has Leslie’s face shape.


He’s still living at home. This is Leslie and Harrison’s house.


And wow!!! Ben got another chance at life when his wife got pregnant again! I am so happy for Ben.


Now for Simport fun. This is Element the Suspicious, aka Dustin from theย Sparrow Random Legacy. I had to use Simport in a different save because it just wasn’t working in my Diffy save, and I’m not really sure why. But it worked in a new save, and I got Moze Diffy from generation two to go watch the show.

Sorry, Dustin, I just went with the default props.


I haven’t sent my Sims to a show in so long. This will be fun!


I just love the faces he’s making. ๐Ÿ˜€


Wait, I think he’s actually a legit magician. :O


Anybody want a pegbox?


What are you doing now?


NOOOO! Sims die in my game, Dustin!!! Don’t do it!


Oh, he poofed out. Jeez, was that water or petroleum?


More great faces. ๐Ÿ˜€


Now he conjures a genie lamp?! That’s actually incredibly valuable!


Yay, Moze got called on as a volunteer!


He’s making her levitate. O_O



She actually hates this, lol.


But when she made it back to the ground she was very impressed.


Thanks very much to Frogsnack for letting me borrow him. ๐Ÿ˜€ That was a really cool show. I’m sure Dustin will be receiving his letter from Hogwarts any day now.

Image result for still waiting for my letter from hogwarts meme

Next time: I get really bored while Christine is pregnant and invite the whole family over to watch her give birth. It’ll be fun!



8 thoughts on “Christine: 8.8 “Toddler Skilling”

  1. โ€œWe both have personal baggage that prevent us from forming successful romantic relationships. Sweet!โ€–> that was hilarious, lol.
    Oh, lovely, Christine will have another child, can’t wait to see what they’re gonna be like! I love observing magician tricks, too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad you liked that line. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Yep, I am having so much fun with her being charismatic and family-oriented. She’s a great mom so far. Oh, Simfest shows are actually super fun! But I’m not sure if any have popped up in my town lately? I may have just ignored them.

      Thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Another chapter with some GREAT lines, but I think my personal favourite was the “NOO! Sims die in my game! Don’t do it!” That one really cracked me up. XD
    The twins are really cute! I like how it’s a single roll, but where there’s no expectations or bad history between the parents. It’s cool that Jian is still around, just not in the traditional sense. The new Oliver-baby will also have some nice genetics, by the look of it. I would’ve chosen him simply for that haircolour. XD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad you liked it. ๐Ÿ˜€

      Yeah, I really wanted to go with something different this time, especially with the combination of rolls that I got. Christine is so charismatic that it’s easy for her to have a good relationship with her baby daddys even after asking to just be friends. I have had so much fun playing with charisma.

      Believe me, that’s the main reason I chose Oliver. xD That and they have stuff in common, but really it’s all about the hair. Thanks for reading!


  3. Oh don’t worry they die in my game too! >.>;

    I read half this update when I was half asleep last week, and then forgot to read the rest? I think!? I've been working a LOT, so sorry to leave you hanging on commenting. Sheesh. You're awesome and I was so glad we got to play this way. (Plus yay Moze! Does she have default eye replacements here that she didn't have in the blog? I forgot how much I like her hair.) Anyways he's fiiine, he got his start in front of that pretzel bench after all (and yeah the smartass faces he makes get me every time- such a bullsh*t artist lol).

    Uhm Wanda lived several sim lives, considering she was a double agent under the floorboards for half a generation. Maybe you moved in the wrong grave? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ (not a good thought)

    I lol'd at Christine's comment too. That's hilarious.

    I meant to tell you too, I really like the way you handle the odd mixed children roles, and it's often without a lot of heartbreak or stress. When gen 1 decided to adopt for no reason I was pleasantly surprised. No big dramatic breakup or whatever. It's cool how Christine's handling this all (but kind of funny she wants the pain of childbirth without the fun sex part lol).
    Hope you don't mind the comments being in reverse of the story. XD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey, no problem, I just felt bad that you didn’ get to see him! Thanks for lending him to me. ^^ Yeah, Moze looks a bit different because of my eye and skin defaults that I use now. Plus the lights from the stage were making her eyes look all shiny.

      Ha, I’m glad Dustin isn’t a prop snob. xD He still put on a great performance for me.

      I definitely could have moved the wrong Wanda grave, but unfortunately they were both boxes, so it doesn’t matter much. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      Ha, glad you liked it. ๐Ÿ˜€

      Thanks. ^^ This is all fun for me, not much heartbreak to be found. In gen 1 they were supposed to adopt for their roll, but this time I just kind of wanted to, and I thought it would work well for Christine. Ha, she’s weird that way. I usually let my Sims decide whether or not to go to the hospital; they often do it autonomously in my game, but Christine never did. She did really good during her pregnancies, and doesn’t mind skipping the sex part.

      I don’t mind! Thanks for reading. ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Whaa??? How is the fireplace purple?? I didn’t know that was possible!

    I love how casual Christine is asking for sperm. But I’m happy she’s having so many kids! I love generations with a lot of children.

    Dustin looks really cute! I’ve never been tempted to try Simport but it’s neat you can share sims temporarily like that.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. After you light the fire, you can change the color by clicking on it. You can choose from almost any color; it’s awesome!

      Lol! She’s done beating around the bush! One sperm, please! I love having a lot of kids, too. It’s fun to see how the genetics mix in different ways.

      This is the first time I’ve used it in a long time. It’s kind of fidgety, but fun when it works! I love seeing a talented performer for once instead of the face one festival performers. xD

      Thanks for reading!


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