Christine: 8.5 “Graduation”

Last time with the Diffys, Christine continued her studies and also decided to break up with Eddy. This time…


Christine was very pleased with her final grades.


So she decided to throw her own little going away party. And looks like that dartboard is just not going to work out.




Hi, Cid Serverus. Nice avant garde trait you got there.

Cid: “Hmmm.”


Cid: “Who would buy that?! Hideous!”


He’s judging the singing fish.


Sam tried to hold Christine in a keg stand, but it just didn’t work.


Samantha: “Chris! I’m so sorry!”


Samantha: “Um, are you okay?”


Christine: “No! I hit my head!”

I kind of love that they get so mad about this.


Everyone trickled out until it was just Christine and Cid left.


Christine: “So, do you have a girlfriend? Or partner?”

Cid: “No, I’m single, actually.”


Christine: “This might sound weird, but would you like to have a one night stand with me? No strings attached?”

Cid: “No strings attached?”

Christine: “Mmhmm.”



Since Christine promised no strings attached, Cid feels no guilt about leaving soon after.


Finally graduation day. I did invited Tom and Gwen, and some other family members, but no one showed up. 😦


Aww, she looks so happy. And, oh, yeah, I never actually listed out all her traits when she aged up. I was apparently just so excited about beginning the eigth generation that I totally skipped that over.

Anyway, Christine’s final traits are: excitable, artistic, charismatic, family-oriented, and never nude (her trait on aging to young adult). Her graduation trait is commitment issues (clearly she’s taken some experiences to heart). Christine also has the hidden traits pyromaniac (carried down from Salem, her great-great grandfather, whose father was a firefighter) and can apprehend burglar (which Tom and I believe all his siblings got because their father, Aidan, was a police officer).

I will also not be revealing her lifetime wish just yet because I feel it would spoil Christine’s rolls too much.


Wow, I’ve never seen a Sim put so much rage into destroying a snow angel.


Shannon Arkers: “Die, die, die!”


Tiffany Rich: “Congrats! We’re graduates!”

Christine: “A handshake is not how a Roo celebrates.”


Christine: “Roo it to the right, roo it to the left…”


Both: “Roo it into a successful career of your choice! Woo!!!”

Well, that wasn’t the most catchy school cheer I’ve ever heard. And why did Shannon strip down to her bikini in the snow?


Leaving her rental for the last time.


Back home and it’s not-quite-winter.


Tom and Gwen are in the backyard playing frisbee.




Tom: “Welcome back!”


Gwen: “Love you, honey.”


Hi, Nyota! We’re having a party to celebrate Christine’s grauation.


When Kim came in, I felt it was about time she got a makeover. And while in CAS, I double checked to see if it was possible that Christine inherited her hair color.


This is what she was born with.


And this is Kim’s color. That wasn’t surprising. But from now on Christine will be keeping Kim’s color, and I downloaded this mod to prevent random genetics in the future.


Ben: “Congrats, Christy!”

Christine: “Thanks, Uncle Ben!”


This is Chastity, one of Nyota’s twins.


She’s pretty cute.


After becoming a little bit of a jock, Christine loves taking selfies with her friends. (Although I don’t really see why this is a jock thing. Everybody should just be able to do this.)


Leonard, why are you on your phone? This party isn’t interesting enough?

Leonard: “Just checking in with Ana.”

Oh, well, that’s okay.


I was making an effort for Tom and Gwen to get to know their grandchildren. Either Chastity or Rhonda was their first grandchild.

Kelly: “Thanks for inviting us! Okay, Chastity, time to get home. You can’t be up too late.”


Once everyone else is gone, Christine wants to talk to her best friend Anna.

Christine: “I feel kind of embarrassed to talk about this …”

Anna: “No, I’m sure it’s fine.”

Christine: “Okay, well, I’ve never really felt like I needed to, uh, have sex. I thought that would change when I had a boyfriend, but it didn’t. It wasn’t really bad, but I just didn’t want it like he did.”


Anna: “I don’t mean this in a bad way, but that’s kind of weird.”

Christine: “Yeah, I thought once it happened I would really like it. But I just couldn’t enjoy it. It felt like a waste of time. I don’t know. That’s why I broke up with Eddy. He should be with someone that can give him what he needs.”

Anna: “Christine, that must have been hard.”

Christine: “Yeah, it was. And I don’t think I can be with anyone, really.”


Hi, Tammy 2!


It’s a rainy day in the town of Storybrook.


Do you see the rainbow? DO YOU SEE IT?


Christine decides to take the advice of her professor and registers to be an architectural designer, so here she is leaving city hall.


While Christine is out, I wanted her to meet some more people around town. No one was at the festival with this rain (go figure), but it looks like someone went around with the intention of smashing every single pumpkin.


Christine went to the gym instead, where there was quite a few people to socialize with.

Christine: “Yay!”


Gwen’s baby sister, Desirae, is here.


And Gwen’s other sister, Tonya, who is walking like that because she’s pregnant.


Leo invited Christine over for a swimsuit party that night.


His son Douglas is now a toddler.


Christine: “Douglas is so cute! You and Ana must be so proud to have a kid!”

Leonard: “I’m sure we’ll have that feeling when we can sleep through the night again.”


Anastasia: “Children are a joy in life.”


Julie Supine is also here. I just can’t stop staring at her. Christine, make friends!


Gwen’s brother annoyed everyone by complaining about Douglas.

Christine: “Children cry. Get over it.”


Then he blocked the mac and cheese even though he seemed to have no intentions of grabbing any. Christine and Julie were both trying to get some.


Then he finally decided to grab a bowl and get out of the way.


You’ve always annoyed me, Cody. We’re probably lucky he didn’t plop out his portable keyboard, though.


After being out late at Leo’s party, Christine is woken up by her dad autonomously going into her room to dance.

Christine: “Dad, seriously?!”

Tom: “Rise and shine! First day of work!”

Christine: “Yeah, but I can choose my own hours…”


And after she leaves for breakfast, he turns the radio off all on his own. This was completely intentional, wasn’t it? You really are evil.

Tom: “There’s no point dancing to loud music in Christy’s room if she’s not here to annoy. I’ll go dance downstairs now.”

Next time: Let’s try out the architectural designer career!

10 thoughts on “Christine: 8.5 “Graduation”

    1. Yes, I am implying that never nude is a part of that. There isn’t a trait that really relates to how she feels about it, so I thought never nude was the closest thing.

      Lol, I was kinda shocked when he did that. First purely evil thing he’s done by himself, I think.

      The architect career has been fun. That is, until it got glitchy. 😡 Thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Great update! Hi Tammy two 🙂

    Well Christine’s become insanely casual about relationships.

    The dancing was hilarious, and I’ve never had a sim get dropped doing a keg stand. The kind of makes me sad but my Sims are all sort of athletic. Never nude is such a weird trait to have, I don’t know what I would use it for in storytelling other than an extension of ‘eww germs everything is gross.’

    I really like the architectural design career, but after awhile it spoils me for a whole town because I’m like seen that house n that house n that house… boring!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! 😀

      Christine’s feelings at this point were that she didn’t want to go into another relationship if she thought she’d never like having sex with her partner, so she wanted to experiment with someone other than Eddy to see if it was possible. She also got the idea from Sam asking her if Eddy was the problem.

      Really? Lol I’ve definitely seen them drop each other a few times with that, especially if you play in university, where random students will do keg stands with your sim. And the one who was dropped glares at the other with pure rage. xD

      Never nude is a weird trait for storytelling purposes. It doesn’t really do much, so in that sense it seems like a waste of a slot. I’m using it as a way to represent how she feels about sex, but it’s not exactly that she doesn’t like being nude, but that she just doesn’t enjoy having sex. The reason for this is the combination of her rolls, which will be revealed later.

      I had not played an architect in so long that I was pretty excited to try it again! Luckily Tom was making a lot of money at the top of his career, so I didn’t have to grind with the architect jobs. Thanks for reading!


  2. Hahaha. Oh my gosh, your game’s always so darn entertaining. XD Snow angel destroying rage, pumpkin smashing rage, Roo graduation dance, evil Tom purposefully being evil in Christine’s room…there’s so many things I loved about this chapter I don’t even know what to comment on. And thanks for showing the spares’ children! They’re adorable. ❤
    Ugh, I feel your pain on the mutations. The game gave me mutations on both Arienne and Renard, after which I immediately installed that mod. So much better. It's difficult enough getting a certain hair/eye colour to continue in a family line without worrying about random mutations.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you liked this chapter. ^^ And I have no problem showing off the spares kids. Chastity and her twin Rhonda show up in a chapter or two from now as teens and they are so adorable!

      I don’t mind the eye color mutations too much, but the hair mutation bothers me, I guess because it’s more obvious. And I just wonder what hair color she would have gotten if I had already been using this mod, but oh well. I already picture her with blonde hair, so Kim’s color seemed a good compromise to me.

      Thanks for reading!


  3. Cid! Don’t judge the singing fish! It brings the whole room together!!

    Ah, I was gonna guess that Christine had the commitment phobe trait. It makes sense she got it for her graduation trait. I’m guessing she’s going to be a single parent? And that maybe she’s asexual?

    Julie Supine is a wonderful mix of adorable and absolutely badass looking! O_O I can’t handle it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Exactly!!!

      I am so bad about listing traits. xD Well, I will say that she’s asexual, because you already figured that out by next chapter. 😛

      I love Julie, and she looks pretty buff, too, so even more badass!

      Thanks for reading!


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