Christine: 8.4 “Too Much Salad”

Last time with the Diffys, Christine returned to uni and studied a lot. Her and Eddy also had sex! This time…


Christine invited Eddy over for dinner. He’s easy to please since his favorite dish is salad.

Eddy: “My favorite! Thanks!”


Christine: “Sorry if I seem kinda rude lately. I guess I was just feeling a little awkward after the other night.”

Eddy: “Well, I hope you were feeling okay about that night. I hope you didn’t feel pressured–”


Christine: “No! It wasn’t like that; it’s just that it wasn’t what I expected.”

Eddy: “Okay. Umm…”

Christine: “It’s probably just because it was my first time. The expectations were high, you know?”


Eddy: “Oh! I think I get what you mean. We can try again if you want.”


Eddy: “It’s a skill like any other, you know? Takes practice. It was my first time, too, and we were drunk. I’m sure you’ll like it better when we’re sober like we are now, and I’ll be able to focus on your needs more.”


Christine: “You’re probably right. It’s funny; I’m more nervous now because I’m not drunk like the other night.”


Eddy: “Yeah, I’m a little nervous, too. But it feels right.”

Eddy spends the night and in the morning they both rush off to classes without time to talk.


Christine visits the bowling alley after classes.


Sam is here, and she kinda looks like she’s experiencing some painful cramps caused by her hand going through her abdomen.

Samantha: “Any medical students around?”


But it’s back to bowling! Sam apparently thought this was good enough for a triumphant leap.


Christine: “Ha! I can do better than that, Sam.”

Samantha: “Oh, you’re on!”


Christine gets the exact same, and also thinks it’s good enough for a leap.


Oooh, a strike! Good job, Sam.


Christine gives a presentation, with Ashley DeSorrento as her audience.


Christine: “So, as you can see, the blank whiteboard represents what you should see when you picture the world. You can transform your world into anything you want…”


After a long day of classes and studying, Christine comes home to a mess.


And she cleaned up everything and fixed the sink herself! Welcome to adulthood!


I’m guessing she learned this evil snowman from Tom.


Yay, I finally got the mascot to talk to Christine for long enough to teach her the mascot dances!


Eddy is here, and they’re both hungry, so maybe they can get some food from the barista and hang out.


Except this barista just does nothing.


Then he apparently decided to take stock? I guess he’s giving us all the hint that this place is closing soon.


So Eddy was invited back to Christine’s place for – what else? – more salad.


Eddy: “So I hope you had a good time the other night. Do you want to–”


Christine: “Eddy, I don’t want to have sex all the time. Can’t we just spend time together?”


Eddy: “Yeah, that’s fine. I was just asking. But why not? I’m not good enough?”

Christine: “Eddy, that’s not what I meant. You’re fine. It’s me. I don’t know if this is right for me.”


Eddy: “I don’t like how this is going. I’ll just leave before you say something you don’t mean.”

Christine: “Eddy, wait!”


Eddy: “Christine, don’t do this!”

Christine: “No, I just don’t think this will work! What we both want are too different from each other. We have to break up!”


Christine invited Sam over the next night for some studying before finals.


So more of this awkard standing-up-while-studying, huh?

Samantha: “So, uh, Ye said that Steve told her that you broke up with Eddy. Are you okay?”

Christine: “It would be Ye. She’s always in everyone’s business.”

Samantha: “She is a business major, so good for her?”


Christine: “I broke up with Eddy because I think what we both needed from our relationship were different things. I don’t know if I’m just weird, but I didn’t like having sex. What did you get for question 14?”


Samantha: “Pointillism. And do you think that maybe you just didn’t like it with him? Maybe he’s just, um, bad at it?”

Christine: “I’ve no idea, but I really just need to focus on getting through these exams for right now.”

Samantha: “Yeah, just wanted you to know I’m here for you.”

Christine: “Thanks.”


Christine’s first exam goes great, and it’s impressive that she was not distracted because of course Eddy has the same exams to attend.


Christine: “Hey, Eddy. Um, I hope you don’t hate me now. I really like you; I just didn’t think things would work in the long run.”


Eddy: “Yeah, okay. I still don’t really know what I did wrong, but whatever.”


Christine: “You didn’t do anything wrong. I just can’t be in a relationship. It’s not the right thing for me.”

Eddy: “Oh?”

Christine: “You’d be happier with someone else.”

Eddy: “Yeah, since I have no choice in the matter. But obviously you don’t want to tell me, so I won’t push you.”



Christine’s other two exams also went great.


Oh, yeah, and she also maxed charisma at some point!

Next time: Christine’s graduation and lots of parties.

I also just made a page where you can download my Sims if you want. It is here.  I took new pictures of all my previous heirs and it was so fun! They all look really cute with my new defaults. 🙂


13 thoughts on “Christine: 8.4 “Too Much Salad”

  1. I wonder what went wrong between Christine and Eddy. Seems she wasn’t just feeling it.
    Honestly, each time I read some I can’t picture it as any other Sim. I’ve had too much, haha.
    Your sims all look really cute!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Christine felt like she couldn’t give Eddy what he needed in a relationship and just wanted to end things before their relationship turned into something more serious. She’ll be talking about this some more with her family and friends in upcoming chapters.

      Lol, you’ve had too much? Does that mean you were drinking? I love getting drunk and simming. 😀

      Thanks! I had more fun than I expected just taking pictures of them. I was using your photo studio, it is so useful! Thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. …Because she understands anatomy and he doesn’t? “OhHHHH!!” *cue ownage track*

    Anyways that was kind of a funny answer, but ti makes sense that in that environment she’d feel pressured and possibly move too fast. I wonder how his finals went? Plus, when she told him he was unsure he immediately was like “Let’s try again!” instead of asking more in depth questions. I’m very interested in future developments.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. xD He did look pretty wiped out by that test. Maybe some things were just too confusing for him!

      Yeah, I don’t think Christine felt it was a mistake but they definitely did move fast. You’re right, he was very eager to want to try again, but he probably misinterpreted her feelings and he still doesn’t know exactly what was wrong. And with it being his first sexual experience, he was feeling self-conscious about proving himself.

      Thanks for reading!


  3. Aww. I liked Eddy. But he clearly wasn’t what Christine needed. And lol at those bowling shots. A couple of random pegs are worth a leap, but not a strike? Maybe they’re just glad they managed to keep the ball on the lane.

    I laughed way too much at that business major part. Lol. Love that play on words. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I like Eddy, too. And Christine still likes him as a person, just not as a romantic partner.

      Lol, I’m laughing at them, but I’m so bad at bowling that not getting a strike is good enough for me!

      Ha, glad you liked that part! I wanted to pick at Ye because Christine didn’t like her. Thanks for reading!


  4. I absolutely love Christine’s sweater! I would wear it irl. And also her presentation is amazing. XD

    D’awww Eddy was so cute tho. :[ But the heart wants what it wants (or doesn’t want what it doesn’t want?). Her reasoning makes sense.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sorry 😦 the decision was really because of her family structure roll. I hope you like where this goes! Yeah, I definitely have a tendency to have my Sims date and marry one person for their whole life, lol.
      Thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

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