Christine: 8.6 “Renovations”

Last time with the Diffys, Christine finally graduated from university! Then she joined the architect career. This time…


Gwendolyn: Family: Like branches on a tree, we all grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one.

This will be my last Simstagram picture from Gwen. Getting her to blog in-game is something that I’ve just gradually forgotten to do. It’s fun to have as a side hobby, but I would never choose it as a way to actually make money. I still have her blog every now and then, but it’s definitely not a focus.


Christine is off to her first job, which is a bathroom renovation.


I don’t remember who this was, but Christine got to know her to discover if there were any traits of hers that could help us get a better score.


Christine: “So excited!!!”


Here’s what I came up with. She was a virtuoso, therefore random stereo. I never took screenshots of the clients’ responses, but I don’t remember getting a bad score.


On to the next job.


Bettina Marks is the client, and no. Just no.


Much better.


Bettina is evil.


She was asking for a teen sanctuary. And I just realized that Bettina is Cody’s wife. They have no kids, and only the two of them live here. Well, I hope Cody likes his new bedroom for when he’s in the doghouse.


On to a gym renovation, which I had to throw into Mrs. McGinnis’ garage with no room elsewhere. This is where I remembered I can use some of Christine’s paintings and sketches for a higher score.


Tom got invited to a party at one of the new resident’s high rise apartment in the city. Cody’s here. -_-


Of course he’s playing an air guitar. Do you really expect Cody to lug his instruments up the elevator??! That would be ridiculous.


Jian Li was really excited that Tom, a minor celebrity, actually decided to come.


Tom: “Party onnnnn!!!”

Moving on to a day at the festival:


Hi, berry simself! (Yeah I went kind of crazy on the colors. I’m not even sure if it looks good.)


Christine: “Dad, jump in this picture!”

Tom’s duckface, I repeat, TOM’S DUCKFACE. He honestly looks so confused at what he’s doing.


Christine, what are you doing? You disappoint me with hotdog dropping.

Christine: “Shh!”


Christine: “No one will know if they’re all burnt.”

So that’s your excuse for burning them.


Since the hotdogs are a bust, Christine joins a pie-eating contest.


Great look for both of you.


Aww, Leslie’s an elder, and she doesn’t look too happy about it.


I really wish Tom’s relationship with her could be as great as it once was.


Then the sparkles came upon Tom.


Tom: “Ow! These old bones!”


He immediately had to show that he’s still evil. Gwen, if you’re so cold, why are you STILL in your gym clothes???


Cue some birthday lovin’. Ew.


And through his age up, Christine was still trying to win the contest. Just give up; looks like the Simself won.


Another job, this time for her best friend Anna. And that green bug is Christine’s new car. I thought it suited her better than a police cruiser.


Christine: “I’m so excited that Anna hired me!”


She wanted an art nook.


Her puppy is certainly settling in.


Anna: “Thanks, Christine. I’m so happy to see you again.”

Christine: “Me, too.”


Christine got an award at city hall for her architectural achievements.


And it’s about time Christine made friends with Grandma Kim. They met at Doug’s Hangout, a karaoke bar.


I saw my boyfriend’s Simself while they were there. Hi!


I spotted Chastity and Rhonda upstairs! They’re teens!!!


A closer look at Rhonda, who we haven’t seen before. She got throwback Tom hair!


Then Kim decided to go home, so I had Christine follow her. This is Kim’s house.


Christine found Kim in the kitchen and of course started a conversation about family.

Christine: “Mom and Dad are the best parents ever! I hope I can make a good mom someday.”


Kim: “I’m sure you would be, Christine; you’re very smart and obviously care about people a lot.”


Christine: “Do you think I’d be good enough to raise kids by myself? I mean, I’d really like to have a family, but I don’t want to be in a relationship.”

Kim: “Oh. Really?”


Christine: “Yeah. I think I might be something called ‘asexual’. I read about it online.”

Kim: “Oh, okay. I’ve heard of that.”

Christine: “Seriously? I thought it was something really weird and rare.”


Kim: “It’s not that rare, and there are many different kinds of asexuality. There are asexual people who make relationships work. You should look into it. But even without a partner, you know there are ways of having kids. I think you should definitely consider it.”

Christine: “I’m really relieved that you said that. I’ve had this growing feeling of wanting to be a mom lately.”


Kim: “Don’t worry so much. If you want to make that decision, then do it.”

Christine: “Thanks, Grandma Kim.”


Spooky Day morning, and I find Tom dancing on the counter.


Someone wanted to throw a feast party. My Simself brought omelettes.


Ben’s getting up there in age by now. Glad to see him still around.


And Leslie, of course. She and Harrison are still together, but of course him being a vampire means he is still a young adult.


Plenty of food, and Gwen made pumpkin pie, which is also her favorite.


Jian Li was there, and Christine made friends with him.


Wow, Kim looks like she’s still mad at me. I was just following your free soda wishes!

Kim: “You’re supposed to know better than me. I was practically a child.”


She was actually just going upstairs to watch TV with Douglas, her great-great-grandson, who is now a child.


I finally got around to renovating a little bit of the house to better match Christine’s tastes. The living area got redecorated.


Tom and Gwen moved into the loft above the garage.


And Christine took over the master bedroom.


Tom was rolling up wishes to become a partner and own businesses, so he went down to the bistro to do just that. First buying a partnership, and then buying out the place. This is also a two birds one stone situation since the generation goal for Christine is property mogul! This means we need to become partners or owners of at least three businesses.


Then I realized I could change the menu to include whatever I wanted, and Tom finally got his crepes wish fulfilled by ordering some! Gwen has the highest cooking skill, and I’ve been having her work on it ever since the trip, but she still hasn’t made it to level eight yet to learn the recipe.


Back at home, Gwen was reading in Christine’s room when she had her birthday.



D’aww, I love her.


Christine has made her decision. She wants to have children, and she will do that by getting a sperm donation. Now to look at the eligible sperm donors in the Storybrook Disease Center’s website. She will have to go to Storybrook City for the donation after she makes her decision.

Next time: We see who Christine chooses to be her baby daddy!

10 thoughts on “Christine: 8.6 “Renovations”

  1. Oh, that’s interesting how you introduced asexuality into the story. Can’t wait to see how the baby thing works out for Christine! Aww, Tom and Gwen are already elders. I remember when they first had sex during the vacation, lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I always wanted my heir this generation to be asexual. It’s based on my random rolls which will be revealed later, but I just couldn’t see it any other way. Christine is really looking forward to having her own kids!

      Yeah, I was actually postponing their age up with university and their vacation. I really wasn’t looking forward to them aging up, it’s closer to them passing. 😦 Lol, it’s funny that that is the most memorable. They worked fast. 😛

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Gwen’s so deep on her blog posts! I love that sims get a makeover too along with their homes, I totally do that.
    Kim: That or hormone therapy! But seriously we should’ve known by the way Christine dropped that hot dog. (Can you tell I have nothing of value to add to here?)
    Christine’s an interesting character! And old Tom is GLORIOUS. And the colors you used in the living room were really nice, muted but they still stood out. Isn’t it funny how the interior decorator job makes you overthink all the details of everything you’re playing at the time?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Gwen has to be deep so people will be really impressed and stuff, you know? And she totally came up with that all on her own. 😛

      Ha, they didn’t think of that! And lol hotdog comment, I love it. xD

      I think she is, too. I don’t usually play a sim who is such a people person like her. It’s actually really fun. I agree about Tom. xD I realized that Christine was getting into architecture but I hadn’t even changed anything from their house since moving in, lol. I’m glad you like the colors! I chose those because Christine’s favorite color is seafoam, so that’s why they’re so muted. It definitely makes me think about the details more!

      Thanks for reading!


  3. D: No, Tom and Gwen can’t get old. They have to stay young forever. 😦
    And wow, Rhonda is gorgeous! Then again, with a mother like hers, how could she not be?
    Ooh, nice way to keep Christine single. I guess that’s what she’s fated to be?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ugh, I really want them to stay young forever, too! Now they are closer to their expiration date. 😦

      Yeah, honestly I think all of Ny’s kids are beautiful. Rhonda looks a lot like her, even though some of her features are different.

      Yes, Christine is single, for now. Uh, that’s all I can really say, even if it’s obvious. 😛

      Thanks for reading!


  4. The Simstagram posts were fun, even if the blogging career wasn’t! I really liked Gwen’s saccharine captions.

    I like berry simself! She’s cute. (:

    Tom’s duckface is ridiculous, but Christine’s is on point! She’s a selfie master!

    Rhonda is adorable! She also has Tom’s evil smile. >:D

    Called it! I had a suspicious Christine’s asexual.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha, glad you liked the captions. xD It was super fun making the pictures. Thanks so much for making the template available. 🙂


      I couldn’t get over Tom’s face! But Christine is a natural.

      I love Rhonda! But she’s not the one who got the evil face. That would be Weston. >:)

      Yep! She just didn’t know it before. Thanks for reading!


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