Christine: 8.3 “Studies”

Last time with the Diffys, Christine finished her first term at uni, started dating Eddy Mullis, and all three Diffys went on a vacation to Champ Les Sims together. This time…


Before returning to university, Christine attended a party hosted by someone (I really can’t remember who it was now) who lives in one of the high rise apartments in Storybrook City.


Anyway, Faith was there, and we found out that she and Lyle are married now.


I really think Faith is quite pretty.


These two take advantage of their alone time.


In the morning, Tom is back to his favorite hobby: evil dancing.


Gwendolyn: “Are you excited to see your boyfriend again?”

Christine: “Yeah–”

Gwendolyn: “When will we get to meet him?”


Christine: “Oh, well … We’re really busy with studies, you know? But I’m sure eventually we’ll just, uh, have to arrange it.”

Gwendolyn: “Okay, no pressure, then.”


Gwendolyn: “I’m going to miss you, of course.”

Christine: “I’ll miss you, too, Mom.”


Christine: “Bye, Dad!”

Tom: “Love you, Christy.”

Christine: “I love you, too.”


This time Tom is the one blowing kisses.


You guys could face the truck, you know.

Tom: “And actually watch her leave? That would be way too sad.”


Back at university.


And a gnome showed up while we were gone. It’s a mystery how he got here.


Christine met Eddy at the coffee shop.

Eddy: “So I heard Sam is throwing a back to school party tomorrow.”

Christine: “As if she needs the excuse. Wanna go?”

Eddy: “Yeah, I’ve heard a lot about her parties. Should be fun.”


Christine: “Seeing family again during break was the best! I really missed my parents.”

Eddy: “Really?”

Christine: “Of course. Hey, want to get something to eat? I’m starved.”

Eddy: “Sure.”


Christine: “Wow, props on eating salad at a burger place. I don’t have that much willpower to eat healthy.”


Eddy: “Actually, I just love salad. I’m vegetarian, and salads are usually my only option at places like this, so I grew to love them.”


In the morning, Christine gives herself a very loud pep talk.


Christine: “Always keep moving forward! If you’re tired, if you’re sore, if you’re frustrated, just keep moving!”


And back to class.


Christine and Eddy share most classes since they are both art majors.


Between classes, Christine notices some students working on the group science project.


Christine: “I was wondering what you guys are doing over here.”

Gabby Ahmed: “We’re working to see how radio waves and other effects can change Sims’ moods.”

Christine: “Oh, cool. Is this for a class?”


Gabby: “No, we’re doing it for science! And to put on our resumes, of course.”

Christine: “Your resume? So do you already know what career you want after school?”

Gabby: “Of course! I want to work in a lab that develops new medecines. Hopefully what I create will help people with mental illnesses because that’s what I want to focus on.”

Christine: “That’s really noble. Good luck.”


After class, Christine and Eddy plan to meet here at Sam’s party.


Jacob Salaman: “I heard these parties are streaking friendly.” *creepy smile*

Christine: “Where is Eddy?”


Christine found Eddy upstairs playing guitar (please ignore the professor who crashed the party).


Christine: “I didn’t know Eddie was so good at playing guitar.”


The two of them were fairly drunk and decided they wanted some alone time, so they quickly found some privacy in one of the bedrooms.


Things escalated behind the locked door.


Eddy: “Do you want to?”

Christine: “I haven’t done it before, but I’d like to try.”

Eddy: “I haven’t either. Are you sure?”

Christine: “Yeah, let’s do it.”


Christine gets a text from Eddy the next night.


But she has a few things to think about and decides that she’d rather sleep alone.


Good morning, singing fish!


Christine has her sketching class.


She was really concentrating here.


Christine: “Dr. Elrod, you wanted to see me?”


Elrod: “Yes, I wanted to ask you if you have figured out your plans for after you graduate. Do you know what you’ll be doing?”

Christine: “Honestly, no. I’m still working out my plans.”

Elrod: “I’ve noticed that many of your sketches are of buildings and interiors. Have you thought about being an architectural designer?”


Christine: “No … I think I draw rooms and buildings because I like thinking about people living in my drawings.”


Elrod: “Okay. Well, I just wanted to give you an idea. A job like that would also require working with clients quite a bit, and with your social personality I think it would be a good fit.”

Christine: “Hmm. I’ll think about it.”


Christine goes to the coffee shop again. This seems to have been my favorite spot to send her to.


She tried group studying with Tiffany Angles, but I thought they would go sit down to do so, lol.

Tiffany: “I’m a phys ed major; we aren’t going to be able to help each other here.”


Christine: “Just stop being so negative and quiz me! I’ll do the same for you.”


Tiffany: “Okay, umm … This artist pioneered the cubism movement. Who is it?”

Christine: “Picasso! Easy.”

Tiffany: “Give me one.”


Christine: “Umm … Where is the gastrocnemius muscle located?”

Tiffany: “Simple. It’s in the back compartment of the leg, below the knee.”

Being a vampire seems to suit Tiffany.


She’s just making the best faces.


But when Rex Lovelace pretends he’s a stripper, it’s time to go.


Luckily Christine got a text from Sam reminding Christine of another party.


Lots of laundry piling up; just like a real dorm!


Lots of streaking again.


Lol, when a streaker runs outside during the winter, they change into their outerwear but still act as though they are streaking. xD

To end this chapter, my frustration with the school mascot:


Christine: “Hey! Get back here!”

Mascot: “I have very specific hours. They abruptly end every time you walk into the student union.”

>:I Stop becoming unclickable! He’s done this like three times. I want Christine to learn the mascot skill!

Next time: We’ll be seeing Eddy again and lots of studying for finals!

Also, I just started a new blog where I will be following Nyota as she goes on adventures! This will be a narrative story rather than commentary style. Please check it out here. I just posted the first chapter a few days ago.

12 thoughts on “Christine: 8.3 “Studies”

  1. Goodness, Gwen and Tom really got emotional. They even had to turn around not to see their daughter leave, lol. Sometimes I regret not having the UL EP, other times I don’t. But I really feel like I wouldn’t get used to having it now that I haven’t had it in so long. And it stimulates my mind so that it can come up with more creative ideas for my sims’ education.
    But ooh, life in the Sims University sounds so simple. Parties, running around naked and woohooing. Wish going to university could go on like that in real without failing everything because of not enough studying, lol.
    I left a comment on your new story. Really enjoying it so far.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol, I’m sure if they were actually watching her leave they’d be tearing up and all that. UL is fun, but I wouldn’t do it every generation. It’s also a lot more fun with my new computer. I struggled so much getting Kim and Jane through university! I think it’s still possible to give the effect that your sims have gone to university without this EP. There are sets and poses that could be used, or like you said just coming up with something more creative.

      Yep, university in sims is so simple! And when you graduate you’re gauranteed a great job! And really the only thing that matters is that one day of finals. I think you could have your sim cram the day before and get through it.

      Thanks for reading and thanks so much for checking out my new story!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. OOooOO, double blogs… *inches*
    So Eddie wooed her with the guitar I see. She made her mind pretty quickly when she was under the influence, I feel like her dad would have freaked out about this.
    LOL at all the streaking, and what is the mascot skill? Is it a real thing?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Just click the link. 😛

      Yep, Eddy is a virtuoso, too, so you know it was good. Everything was a bit rushed at the party, so we’ll see how she really feels next chapter. Tom would have definitely freaked out! How could his youngest, the baby, have done this after he warned her?! She’s clearly attached now. xD

      So much streaking at these dorm parties! And the mascot thing isn’t a skill exactly, but I guess I don’t have a better way to describe it. Basically you just have to socialize the mascot enough so that you’re friends and then you can ask him/her to teach you the ways of the mascot. After that you can change into mascot costumes whenever you want and do the gangnam style dance.

      Thanks for reading!


  3. Wait, there’s a mascot skill!? How did I not know about this…
    Also, does this mean you’re going to try the architect career? I found it harder than the social media one so I’ll be really interested to see how it’s actually done. I think I just didn’t keep at it for long enough haha.
    mmm doing the dance with no pants for the first time because you’re drunk is not usually a good idea… I feel like Tom’s warning was ignored here 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, skill is not exactly the right word, but once you are friends with the mascot you can get him/her to teach you their dance and gain the ability to change into the mascot costumes. I was obsessed with getting Christine to learn this for whatever reason. 😛

      Yeah, I wouldn’t count this as a huge spoiler, but I was hinting that she’s going into the architect career when she finishes uni. I’ve only played the architect career briefly before, so we’ll see how that goes.

      Yeah, I think otherwise they would have waited a bit longer, but they would have eventually had sex anyway. It was more rushed like this, and, yeah, Tom’s warning was definitely ignored!

      Thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Ooh, it looks like there’s trouble in paradise between Eddie and Christine. I’m a bit sad about that. I like them together. 😛

    I can’t stop laughing about the streakers, especially that creepy smile on the male streaker’s face. Brilliant. ❤ Between streakers running around everywhere and old men pretending to be strippers, I'm surprised Christine still has her sight!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I like them together, too! Next chapter will show how Christine felt about what happened.

      Lol, the smile he made was just shouting creeper! And Christine also looked like she was trying not to open her eyes there. She also ended up with the never nude trait, so I can just imagine her “internally screaming.”

      Thanks for reading!


    1. You’re right about Eddy. He’s either trying to fit into the starving artist stereotype or he just doesn’t care! I ended up giving him a little makeover, keeping with his “style,” but those shoes had to go!

      Thanks so much for reading. 🙂


  5. Oooohhhhhh I need to catch up with Nyota’s story!!

    So, thoughts: it’s a pleasure to see Eddy, but I need to know where this is going! (I know I can read the next chapter to find out, but I like to leave comments) Also, I didn’t know mascots could teach dances and stuff! Suddenly they seem appealing…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There’s only 3 chapters over there, so it won’t take long. 😉 Hopefully I can put another chapter up there over the weekend.

      Thanks for leaving comments! ❤ And, yeah, I finally got the mascot to cooperate by next chapter. =)


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