Tom: 7.13 “BFFs”

Last time with the Diffys, they had a family meeting and then decided to move towns. This time…


The Diffy’s decided to move to the town of Storybrook in Storybrook County. Gwen wanted to live in a smaller town, but Storybrook City is still not far away when we want some nightlife entertainment.


This is the house I chose for them, since I don’t feel like building.


They went in to check it out.


I caught Christine in a sneeze, which is hilarious to me. Oooh, a fireplace.


I added a boardbreaker to the backyard for Gwen to try out.




The backyard quickly became a hotspot for paparrazzi, and it looks like her pants are way too short for that shirt.


I really like this teen room.


Summer has just started, so I decorated the front porch.

After settling in a bit, Tom and Gwen decided to visit the gym together.


We saw Nyota there, failing at the treadmill. I have moved quite a few families along with the Diffys, including Ny’s family, Leonard and Ana, Ben, Leslie and Harrison, and Christine’s friends Lyle Cassat and Anna Templeton. (Notice I left Andy behind, though.)


Leonard invited Gwen over, and this time he was home to greet her.


While checking up on things at home, Gwen and Leo started arguing on freewill and discovered that they have conflicting traits; Gwen is grumpy and Leo is hot-headed. Are those really conflicting though? It doesn’t make sense to me, but okay.


Leonard: “I’m really glad that I have you here, Mom, because I’ve got an announcement: we just found out that Ana is pregnant.”


Gwendolyn: “Are you guys ready?”

Leonard: “Well, we thought it is a bit soon after just getting married, but we are happy about it. We wanted kids eventually, so it’s just happening sooner this way.”

Yay, more grandchildren!


Tom started working from home, still at level 10 of the video game engineer track. I really love this! Once he starts working, he can go indefinitely past work hours, so he’s actually able to make more money this way than if he actually went to work.


Gwen moved on to space rocks. I love the poses that go along with breaking boards.




While looking through the telescope one morning, Gwen spotted a meteor hitting the ground. I thought, why not? So I sent her down to collect the rock.


It was hanging out behind the stylist salon.


While she was there I spotted Nyota, Kelly, and one of their twin daughters on the lot! This is Chastity, isn’t she cute? Well, except for that mystery hair.


Gwen went inside to cuddle her granddaughter.


Nyota was jamming outside. She’s really obsessed with guitar since moving out.


Christine invited Lyle Cassat over because she has a wish locked in that involves him.


And no, it’s not romantic.

Christine: “Can we be best friends forever and always?”


Lyle: “Christine, you don’t have to ask. Yeah, we’ll always be best friends. We have since we were kids.”

Christine: “Yay!”


Christine invited Anna over the next day because she had the same “be BFFs” wish locked in for Anna. So put that book down!


Anna: “So, have you heard any news from Roaring Heights lately?”

Christine: “Not really. I’ve just been chatting online with some of my friends.”

Anna: “Okay. Well, uh, I heard that Alex went on a date with somebody new. One of the Ruth girls, I think. I just thought you should know.”


Christine: “Seems like he moved on quick. Thanks for telling me. I mean, we kinda had a thing, you know? But I guess I kinda had a feeling that after the move it wouldn’t last.”


Anna: “So he didn’t tell you?”

Christine: “No, we haven’t really talked since the move. But I’m glad you wanted me to know.”

Anna: “I’m sorry, Christy! This sucks!”

Christine: “It’s okay, really. Thanks for telling me!”


Christine: “You’re such a great friend, looking out for me like that! I really want to be best friends with you forever!”


Anna: “With me?”

Christine: “Yeah, of course you.”

Anna: “Awesome! Yeah, let’s be best friends forever!”


With that done, homework time!


Tom: “Did you see that lamp? I think it’s … throwing shade.”



But Tom finally maxed the logic skill! He has achieved his LTW!


It’s finally time to throw Christine a birthday party! I am so excited!!! And Lyle is here all grown up.


Hi, Kim!


I also invited Faith Cassat, who is the girl that was mad at Alex because he was supposed to be dating her sister when he was on a date with Christine.

Christine: “I hope your sister isn’t mad at me. Apparently Alex is dating someone else now, too.”


Faith: “She was really mad.”

Christine: “Oh.”

Faith: “She’ll get over it. I hope you know that I wasn’t mad at you. It’s actually good that we found out he was dating you because he was not a good boyfriend! Pretty much a jerk, but of course my sister ignored that until I saw you guys together.”


Christine: “Oh! Well, I’m glad things have worked out, and I hope she’s doing okay.”

Faith: “Yeah, everything’s fine, really.”


Who are you???!! Julie Supine, huh? She’s definitely closely related to Anastasia, with those eyes. Well, I don’t care that she crashed the party because she’s so pretty! *_* And she brought potato and truffle torte.


Time for cake!


Next time: The rest of the party and the beginning of generation 8!


14 thoughts on “Tom: 7.13 “BFFs”

  1. Party tease!!!
    ….That’s all I had to say really. For shame, not showing us the adult reveal and weird stuck moments they get to while ‘growing up’ heh
    I’m reading your whole story from the beginning and I’m come to the stuck Wanda parts. LOVE THEM.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think it’s the perfect stopping place because now I start generation 8 at the exact moment she grows up! Lol, and do you suggest that Christine’s aging up will be less than graceful? I think not!

      Ha, glad you are enjoying the Wanda glitchiness. At least I got a few funny moments out of that; it was annoying in the game.

      Thanks for reading. ^^


    1. I’m loving Storybrook so far. It’s really nice to have the small town on one side, which even has some farmland, and the city on the other.

      I’m so glad he and Gwen both got their LTW! Even though they were easy ones, lol.

      Either way, I just think she has bad fashion sense and I want them out of my yard! Get off my lawn!

      Thanks for reading. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hope they’ll have a good time in Storybrook, even if Tom got caught by the lamppost. And you had to stop before Christine aged up. The rest of the kids ended up as lookers, so I’ll assume it’s the same for her.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol, the lamppost did catch Tom red handed. He needs to be more careful.

      It’s the perfect place to stop, of course. Have to start off the next generation with a clean break. I think Christine is very pretty, she looks a lot like her mom. Thanks for reading!


  3. “Tom: “Did you see that lamp? I think it’s … throwing shade.”” -face palm- oh god, that was awful 😛
    Anna and Faith are some really pretty sims! Well, everyone seems to be gorgeous but those two especially caught my eye!
    Storybrook seems like a really nice place. I like the simmer who designs those worlds, it’s where I get all of mine from (except the alien ones)!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol, I really just couldn’t think of anything else for him to say there. *cringe*

      I agree about Anna and Faith! I think they both have some more “realistic” looking features. I have a close up of Faith in an upcoming chapter because I noticed how pretty she was.

      I love MySimRealty, they have really quality worlds. Storybrook is fairly big, so it’s a great place to play a legacy! I plan to be there until the end now.

      Thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. So, Leonard and Gwen have lived together for Leonard’s entire childhood, and they’re only now discovering they have conflicting traits? Gotta love sims logic. And yay for LeoxAna babies! Promise you’ll show them to us? XD

    Oh Christine. BFFs with both sims? Doesn’t she realise she can only choose one? I think Anna is the better candidate though. Good riddance to Alex! He was pretty, but with an ugly heart. (XD I couldn’t resist. And now that song is gonna be stuck in my head the whole day.)
    Btw, does Faith share some genetics with Wanda? Because something in her face reminds me of Wanda. :/

    Yay for a non-grieving Kim! And lol at the “Well, I don’t care she crashed the party because she’s so pretty!” Or is it more because of the food she brought?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol, I know! I guess they didn’t know each other as well as they thought they did. I will show Leo’s kids whenever they pop up. His infant son shows up next chapter.

      Well, I wasn’t going to argue with her wishes. xD But I guess since Anna was last she’s the true BFF? I’m glad Alex is left behind in Roaring Heights. It’s so annoying when townie sims don’t cooperate! He was pretty good looking, though. The GRL song? I’ve never heard it before now.

      I don’t believe that Faith and Wanda share any genetics. Since Faith’s last name is Cassat, she is descended from Samantha Cassat (the original Roaring Heights townie) somehow, but I’m not sure how. *edit* Whoops, just realized that Faith married into the Cassat family by marrying Lyle. Her mother is a Meyers, so she must be descended from Irene Meyers. Her eyes look similar to Irene’s from her sims wiki picture.

      Kim was in good spirits this time! Of course everyone is welcome at our parties, except stalker papparazzi. But it’s even better if potential future spouses crash the party! And I was really happy to see that dish; it looked particularly complicated.

      Thanks for reading!


  5. Their new house is pretty and Storybrook County looks like a nice place to live! It’s nice that heir friends moved town too 😀 I always miss random families from around town when my sims move to a new world.

    Age-up cliffhanger! o.o!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Storybrook County is a great quality town! It really has everything you could want with city life, small town life, and farmlands. I just can’t leave everyone behind. It’s too sad for me, especially the spares.

      Just a small cliffhanger, lol. Thanks for reading!


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