Christine: 8.1 “The Return of Free Soda”

Last time with the Diffys, we officially moved into Storybrook! We also ended the chapter with Christine’s birthday. This time…


Yay, Christine is all grown up!


Tom: “I do NOT like the way he’s looking at Christine!”

Kim: “She is the center of attention right now, so I don’t think he’s looking at her in any particular way, Tom.”


Tom: “He better not! Ha, ha, ha!”


Christine: “Dad…”


I also bought a snowcone machine before the party, and Christine tried some out after cake.


Oooh, rainbow.


Kim started interviewing Gwen.

Gwendolyn: “Yeah, we really like the town so far. I think we’re settling in nicely, and I’m glad that Tom working at home is going so well.”


Kim: “Hmm, and have you been to any locations in town?”

Gwendolyn: “Yeah, I found a meteor outside of the salon!”


This is the guy that Tom was yelling about. He came from Roaring Heights, and he and Christine are friends (he’s the guy whose cat died when she visited him as a kid).

Christine: “Thanks so much for coming, Vinnie!”

Vincent: “Yeah, I wouldn’t miss it.”

They’re pretty close.


Faith was one of the last guests to hang around, and she started smustling over here.

I’m starting to like her.


The next morning Christine wants to have a chat.

Christine: “Mom, Dad, let’s talk.”

Tom: “What do you want to talk about?”


Christine: “I think I’d like to go to university. I want to continue working on my art there, and I feel like I need to figure out what to do with that.”


Christine: “I believe that I will get some scholarships, but I don’t know how much because I haven’t applied yet. Um, I was hoping that you could help me out after that.”

Tom: “Are you sure that you want to go to university, though?”

Christine: “Yes. I think it will be the best way for me to figure out how to make a career with my art.”


Gwendolyn: “Christine, I’m really happy that you want to take charge of your career.”

Tom: “Yeah, and I don’t have a problem supporting and sponsoring you going to university.”


Gwendolyn: “As long as it’s not for music, I suppose. That’s where I draw the line.”

With that, Christine goes outside to apply.


Gwendolyn: “I can’t believe all our kids are grown up! This sucks. Even Christine is going to be gone.”


Tom: “Yeah, but don’t you think having some alone time will be nice for us?”


Gwendolyn: *sigh* “You’re right, I guess.”


One of the few times that I want to use the university bucket, and I had to buy it. Grrr…


Anyway, with her skillset, Christine got partial credits towards business and fine arts. Of course, she will be going the fine arts route.


But before she heads off, the family spends one more holiday visiting the festival, as it is the end of summer.


We find Leonard here, enjoying the music.


His newborn son is of course on the ground nearby. This is Douglas, and look at his red hair!


Family bonding + some Sim stuck in the ground.


I’d fix this Sim if it wasn’t so hilarious to me.


Then I spent way too much time watching Gwen and Christine skilling up their roller skating, where they were joined by Leo and Ana.


So here’s Christine spinning.


And Gwen going backwards.


Ana and Leonard got their skills up, too.


If only things were this easy in real life; only takes a couple hours to become the best of the best.


The next day, Christine is finally ready to start university.


Gwen: “Bye! Keep in touch!”

Christine: “I will, Mom.”


Never noticed the Sims blowing kisses before!


Off we go.


Since the Diffys are fairly rich now (thanks, Tom!), Christine chooses to rent a house instead of going with a dorm.


Christine: Well, this is it.

Christine heads inside to settle in, and gets a phone call.


“Never cheat a vending machine.”

Christine: “Huh? What do you mean?”

“Just … Don’t shake it!” *click*

Christine: “Well, okay, then.”


Time to visit the quad.


Christine: “Let me try!”


Christine: “Whoa-oa!”


Wow, autonomous kissing from townie Sims is pretty rare in my game.


After their kiss, they immediately have a negative interaction.

Richard Randall: “Not good. We need more practise.”



Regardless of their issues, they started surfing the web together.

Steve Texas: “These are some weird kissing tips.”

Richard: “I’ve gotten onto the weird side of YouTube. I didn’t know grapefruits were used this way…”


Don’t worry, this was her legitimate free soda from the freebie table.


Oh no, a sugar rush for an excitable Sim.


Christine: “I gotta say; it feels good.”

Was that soda or something else? You look really high right now.

Christine: “I’m only high on LIFE. So take that!”

Okay, okay. I’ll learn not to antagonize you during a sugar rush.

Next time: Christine’s university journey really starts.



16 thoughts on “Christine: 8.1 “The Return of Free Soda”

    1. Yay!

      Yep, that was Kim trying to be cryptic but still warn her great-granddaughter. Christine will heed the warning because I am not taking any risks! Christine is having lots of fun so far. She’s making a lot of friends.

      Thanks for reading. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Tom: “HA! HA! HA!”
    XD I never get tired of him!

    And Christie is beautiful! Are those still the Sahara eyes? (I’m excited because I just switched to these in my game and it took me so long to decide, then I found out you were using them too and they look good everywhere! (My criteria was eyes that were a bit brighter so you can see all colors and the same size as normal sim eyes so they don’t all look like humanizes my little pony characters…) I’m super happy with them so far.

    MAN can Faith Smustle, I never seen that last move!

    I don’t like Uni at all but I’ll be very entertained by your take on it, I’m sure! xP

    LOL the random helpful crank call- If only they went that way IRL.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol, evil sims are so fun!

      Yep, I am still using the same eyes, one of the updated versions (I’m using the ones at the top of the page here: They are rather big, but not in an overly cartoonish way. I’m glad you like them! I’m still happy with it.

      I love when sims smustle!

      Lol, uni is a very split thing. I don’t mind going there, but at the same time it takes me away from the home town which I don’t like. And it glitched a couple things the last time I played uni. >:I

      Helpful crank calls? This is defnitely not real life, lol. I can imagine Kim would feel ridiculous making the call, so she stayed anonymous over the phone with her warning. It’s a bit embarrassing to be killed by a vending machine. xD

      Thanks for reading!


  2. Judging by that hug between Christine and Vincent, there’s more than enough reason for Tom to be concerned! But he might’ve been a bit over the top…Gotta love evil sims.

    ROFL at Gwen’s “As long as it’s not for music. That’s where I draw the line.” Never mind that music is also a branch of art. XD

    And yes, stick with the freebie sodas! This family is way too fond of testing fate.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They are really good friends, but Christine has so many good friends at this point that it’s hard to distinguish if something more is there. She’s that person who is just so nice to everyone that they all feel really close to her. Tom was definitely over the top, there. xD

      Lol, trying to fit in her speech bubble there. She was speaking badly about music, but why she has something against it I’m not sure. Maybe it’s her grumpy side coming out.

      I’d probably rage quit if another of my heirs died. My sims can’t participate in anything else that’s dangerous until the legacy is over!

      Thanks for reading!


  3. That phone call is very appropriate. Don’t go getting yourself squashed by a vending machine girl!
    The random townies made me laugh. I can only imagine what the grapefruit video was about…
    Poor Douglas lying on the ground. That can’t be very warm or comfy xD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Just some friendly advice from the anonymous great-grandmother, which Christine will be following whether she likes it or not!

      I wasn’t sure if I wanted to include a link because the grapefruit thing is kinda … innapropriate. (Well, what the heck … *warning* talking about a sexual act involving grapefruit:

      Yeah, poor Douglas. Some parents just shouldn’t take their newborns in public if they are going to throw them on the ground like that. xD

      Thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I called it! Christine is gorgeous. 😉

    D’awww Gwen’s face when she realizes all her kids are grown up. ;_; Poor simmie.

    Oh wow, I didn’t realize sims could ever get so good at skating. I don’t let them skate that much because I am a cruel sim goddess.

    Haha, was that Kim calling Christine??

    What use of grapefruits is Richard referring to?? O.O

    Liked by 1 person

    1. She gets it from Gwen. 🙂

      Yeah, all her kids are doing their own thing now. 😦

      Yeah, and it doesn’t take that long. You should let them have fun! 😛

      Yeah, it’s Kim, lol.

      Uhh, it’s this video that explains how to use a grapefruit on your man xD nsfw, I linked it above.

      Thanks for reading!


  5. Aha.. is it bad that I immediately knew what video you were referencing by the grapefruit comment? :S lol, but that whole exchange cracked me up. Sims get up to such weirdness on free will, I love it.

    The phone call from Kim was hilarious too. At least I’m assuming it was Kim?? Hopefully Christine will be safe from random death ><

    Liked by 1 person

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