Tom: 7.9 “Cheer Up”

Wow, almost forgot I said I would post another chapter this week. Being a bit ambitious, I guess. Anyway, last time with the Diffys, Gwen, Christine, and Leonard had birthdays, and Tammy 2 died. ;_; This time…


How about an update on blogging? Well, it sucks. Even since she has been working on her writing skill, it doesn’t seem to change anything. She still has only a few hundred followers, not even 500 yet. The reception from followers seems to be random in most instances, and she rarely gets donations. If you ask for donations it will tell you the followers are likely to donate tomorrow, but it never happens. I might as well have rolled no secondary income again. But I am still glad I rolled this because I never really messed around with blogs before. It’s been interesting to try and figure out. >.>


Tom and the kids are visiting the summer festival, but Christine is still thinking about Tammy 2.

Christine: “Pumpkins cannot fill the hole left in my heart.”


I spotted this cute teen while Nyota and Leonard were doing homework. Leonard, get over here!


Anastasia Supine: “Nice to meet you.”


Nyota: “I thought the deal was he helps me with science and I help him with history. Deal’s off now.”


Kim happens to be here, so Tom forces her to play chess instead of eating.

Tom: “This would be boring alone.”


Kim: “I hope you know how much I like you.”


Tom: “I love you, too, Grandma.”


Leo and Anastasia start an apple bobbing contest.


Ny wanted to join, but she was too late, so she just stands in the background cheering.

Nyota: “Woo! Are you happy now?!”


Leonard was terrible at bobbing for apples. This was probably the only one he got. I think he was distracted sneaking glances at Anastasia.


Nyota gets a chance after they are done. She invited Christine and Jace to play.


They both do pretty well, but there was no popup announcing a winner, so it must have been Jace.


Tom went through the haunted house. He was unfazed. (This is his work uniform, BTW. He maxed the video game developer career in the engineer branch.)


Tom had the want to go skinny dipping, so he did after the kids left for school. Gwen was invited to join.

Gwen: “Are you really skinny dipping? What if someone sees you?”

Tom: “We’re at the end of the street; no one will see. Come in and try it!”



Gwen immediately got right back out.

Gwendolyn: “It’s so cold! Why do you always set the temperature like this?”

Tom: “Because it’s hot outside…”

Lol, I don’t think you’re getting any nookie today.

Tom: “Shut up!”


Lyle Cassat comes home with Christine after school.


Lyle: “Are you okay? You seemed sad today.”

Christine: “Our cat died on my birthday! I miss her.”


Lyle: “I’m sorry about that. Would being friends make you feel better?”

Christine: “Of course. I love making friends.”


You’re cute. I’m going to keep an eye on you.


Gwen maxed athletic skill! Now she just needs to max martial arts for her LTW.


Gwendolyn: Stretching and meditating are necessary for my sanity.


Leo invited Anastasia over, and she went to talk to Gwen first.

Anastasia: “Thank you for letting me visit your home. Leo was really nice when we met at the park the other day.”


Gwendolyn: “Wow, you’re polite. Well, I’m really happy that you came over. I worry about Leonard having enough friends.”

Leonard: “Mom! Okay, I’m here now. That’s enough.”


Gwendolyn: “Okay, I’ll just be here meditating.”


Nyota: “And I’ll be right here doing homework. You guys have fun!”


They have to keep it to polite conversation until Gwen and Nyota go back inside. But after they’re gone…


They get down to business.


Leonard: “Would you like to go out with me?”

Anastasia: “Yeah, Leo. I’d really like to.”



The dishwasher broke, and I seriously considered calling a repairman, but Tom should be able to do this, right? Pleasedon’tdiepleasedon’tdiepleasedon’tdie…


Tom: “I’ve just got to look at the plumbing here.”

Wow, it took him only a few minutes.


Tom: “You worry too much.”

Tell that to your grandmother.


Not long after, Tom maxes handiness by upgrading bathroom items. Now just to max logic for his LTW!


It is Spooky Day, so we decided to throw a feast party, which I just found out on wiki is actually meant to be thrown in spring. But I remember them wishing to throw a feast party? That doesn’t make any sense, and Carl’s guide includes feast parties under the fall season, so moving on…

Oh, yeah, I built a sort of garage so I have space to throw parties in.


Christine made a bunch of muffins and cookies to have at the feast party. I wanted everyone to wait for guests to eat, but they were already supposed to be here and everyone is really hungry, so…


Tom, why???! This is the second time, and I think it is because of his evil trait. Sims don’t want to show up to his parties because they’re afraid some event like The Red Wedding will happen.


It was pretty early in the day, so we threw another party, with Gwen as the host this time.


Hi, Ben!

Ben: “I don’t like being old.”

Oh. Sorry.


Autonomous kiss from Ana! Cute.


Anastasia: “Glad you guys invited me.”

Leonard: “There’s no way you wouldn’t be invited.”


As the party is ending, Nyota has her birthday.


Nyota: “In a second, I’ll be too old for you.”

Brady Meyers: “No, you won’t. Heheheh.”


Brady, why didn’t you eat? There was so much food.


Ny is just so cute! I love her so much. She has Gwen’s everything, but Tom’s nose. Both Tom and Gwen have amber/yellow eyes, so it’s hard to tell whose eye color it is with these kids.

Nyota gains the adventurous trait, which is added on to virtuoso, friendly, night owl, and loves the outdoors. Her LTW is Great Explorer.

Next time: Tom gets to talk to Leslie and Christine has another birthday.


14 thoughts on “Tom: 7.9 “Cheer Up”

  1. Both Nyota and Anastasia are such pretty girls, I love them wholeheartedly! I’m sorry Gwen is losing followers. I have never messed with blogs in Sims, I don’t have UL, so I can’t even do that. Wow, I never knew that the evil trait had something to do with parties, but then again I never have parties and neither do I have evil Sims. Up to now, that is. Damn you, Sam! Great chapter.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree, I love them both! And I think Ana is very pretty in a unique way.

      I’m not actually bothered by the blog not making money, but this is my first time trying it out, and it just seems so poorly done. In that way, I am disappointed that it’s not a more fun thing to do.

      The party thing is just a theory by me, but I don’t think there is any other reason for it. He’s the only sim I’ve had this happen to. xD Maybe you’ll experience it with Sam! I’m really looking forward to his generation, by the way. ^^

      Thanks for reading. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I always love reading your posts. The way you focus on pure simness makes me fall in love with Sims 3 all over again. ❤
    The best way to get to a 5 star blog is to simply max the Social Networking skill and post like crazy (don't bother waiting for the moodlet). Some posts will lose followers, but the net gain will be more. I've never seen the writing skill have an influence, but when Social Networking is maxed it's very easy to get to 5 stars. Just takes pretty long.
    Ny looks amazing! She got a brilliant blend of her parents genetics. And lol, it just occured to me that Kim found the answer to the question that's been bothering so many others: immortality.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so glad you like my blog. 😀

      Thanks for the tips on blog posting. I heard about the writing influence from Carl’s, but I haven’t seen it make a difference. I think the problem for me is that blogging kind of takes me out of the game, so it’s something that I just forget to do. But I will keep trying with Gwen. I think her social networking is level 8.

      Kim found the answer, but she wasn’t really looking for it. Turns out immortality is kinda lonely.

      Thanks for reading!


  3. Leonard and Anastasia are really cute together! … do you know who the heir will be yet?

    Also the party garage is a very good idea, my Sims almost never have garages and rarely cars so its fun to see what the space can be used for.

    Poor Tom: he’s not that evil.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I’ve played way ahead in game. The next generation was just born!

      Yeah, I don’t really buy cars often because they can just take taxis anyway. But I thought it would be fun for parties!

      Tom isn’t that evil; he mainly spends time with his kids, works, and upgrades appliances.

      Thanks for reading. ^^


      1. Uhm, evil appliance upgrades? I have no idea why but I love when they do that, it makes me happy even though it isn’t a real house. It’s too bad you can’t make them self cleaning and unbreakable and everything else. Have you played with Into the Future? The food synthesizer thing can be programmed with new recipes etc and I don’t know why but I love making sims work on it. XD

        And cars… yeah I wish they weren’t incorporeal like they are- think of the storytelling opportunities if accidents could happen. I just want the cars to pull out of driveways too- it breaks the immersion. >_< Anyways… lol

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Lol, I wish you could upgrade stuff like this in real life. Really wish I could make my car unbreakable. At some point with the handiness skill they get so good at it that anything they repair is automatically unbreakable, even without the upgrade, which is awesome.

          I haven’t played Into the Future, and not planning to, since I am trying not to overload my game, and I’m pretty happy with what I have right now. The scifi stuff like that sounds cool, though! I honestly don’t know too much about the objects in that ep.

          The worst thing with the cars is when they just drive through everything without a care. It just looks silly, lol.


  4. Blogging sounds frustrating. I couldn’t imagine rolling it with, like, single parent or something.

    Anastasia is really cute. Also, Tom and Gwen make such beautiful babies–the kids look so great overall! Everyone is beautiful!! Nyota is especially gorgeous!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Blogging is terrible for actually making money. But it’s only available as a secondary income, so no worries on getting it with single parent. Of course, mixologist with single parent is a pretty unfortunate roll (as you probably know).

      I’m glad you like the kids! I was very happy with them, and Tom and Gwen ended up being great parents. I agree that Nyota is gorgeous! Thanks for reading!


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