Tom 7.8 “So Famous”

Last time with the Diffys, Nyota grew into a teen and Tom and Ben masterminded a plot against their brother Andy. This time…


Nyota has taken up fishing.


She is just so cute.


Time for Gwen’s birthday.


Still looking good, of course.


Christine being a butt. At least she used the potty.


Gwen: “Boop.”


Gwen gave Christine a bath and they became best friends! Gwen is now best friends with her and Ny and good friends with Leo. Tom also has a great relationship with the kids. I think Gwen and Tom are my best parents ever.


Gwen: “Tickle, tickle.”


No, you keep it.


Trying to get Tom to complete his LTW, but this logic skill is really slow going. He was searching for evil doings here.

Tom: “My innocent eyes!”

You’re not that innocent.


Tom: “You’re right. It’s actually hilarious!”

I have no idea what you could even be looking at right now.


Tom: *gasp* “I wouldn’t even dream of doing that to anyone!”

Okay, sure…


Time for a party for Leonard and Christine’s birthdays.


Tom helped Christine with her candles.


Leonard gained the genius trait.



Christine gained the charismatic trait.


Then everyone was compelled to go inside where Tom was fixing the shower.


This is because Tammy 2 is meeting Grim.


Tammy 2 lived a nice, long life. After adjusting the cat age span, it was set to 25 days. Tammy 2 lived to be 48 days old, and I got quite used to her being around.


Kim: “Death is haunting me.”

Okay, then.


Cody Marks: “Whoa, I can’t believe the famous Kim Diffy is at this party!”

She is the great-grandmother of the birthday kids.


Kim is so famous that Death had to snag a picture.

Kim: “Well, this is unexpected.”

Grim: “My wife loves your work.”


She got out of there as fast as she possibly could after that.


Christine: “Why did this have to happen on my birthday?”

Well, it’s Leonard’s birthday, too.


After that, Cody decided to plop his totally portable keyboard down in Gwen and Tom’s bedroom. Please leave.

Leonard: “Yeah, I’m trying to sleep.”

You aren’t supposed to respond to me! That’s enough.

Next time: A family outing to the fall festival, where Leonard meets someone new.

This chapter was pretty short. I’ll post another one this week. ^^

6 thoughts on “Tom 7.8 “So Famous”

  1. Gwen is still looking amazing. And what great parents! I think Lark is only friends with Bjorn. XD Leonard is adorable! I still think Nyota is the best looking of the kids, though.

    Haha, the scene between Kim and Death was amazing. XD I never get tired of seeing Kim hanging around.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m ashamed to say that none of my sims parents have ever had great relationships with their kids until Tom and Gwen. Bjorn is a start! Hopefully the rest will come in time. Nyota is the only one who got a mix of Tom and Gwen. I’m afraid that Leonard and Christine are both Gwen clones, as far as their facial features go.

      I was pretty shocked when even Grim started taking pictures of her! She’s really only a level 3 celebrity, though. But since I don’t encourage celebrities in my town and no one has more than three stars, she is one of the most famous people there.

      Thanks for reading. 🙂


  2. RIp Tammy 2 :c will you be getting anymore pets for the fam?
    Haha Grim, I always find it hilarious when he interacts with sims.
    and Tom’s escapades with the telescope. You naughty boy 😛 I hope whoever he’s spying on remembers to close their curtains next time!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I will not be having any more for a while, but hopefully sometime during the next generation. I have been missing having the cats around. 😦

      Lol, I just want him to max his logic skill but he seems to be goofing off! I suppose we’ll have to get the chessboard out if he can’t take this seriously. Poor neighbors!

      Thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

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