Tom: 7.10 “Witch Blood”

Last time with the Diffys, Leonard found a girlfriend and Nyota had her birthday into a young adult. This time…

As this chapter is not titled 8.1, you have probably guessed that I have not chosen Nyota to be my heir. I want to spend a little more time with Tom and Gwen and it feels too soon to start the next generation yet.


So this is Nyota’s last day in the house. ;_; She catches a pretty big fish.


Gwendolyn: I love you right up to the moon – and back.


Christine was visiting Vincent Supine’s house after school, and she got to experience one of his cats dying. I actually feel kind of bad for her. She’s barely gotten over Tammy 2.


Christine: “I just wanted to do homework together.”

Vincent: “I know.”


Goodbye, random cat!


Since Nyota moved out, Leonard took over the girls’ bigger room and Christine was moved to his old room. This is his redecoration.


Tom and Gwen love working out together.


And Gwen maxed her martial arts skill! She has achieved her LTW!


Tom has been wanting to talk to Leslie. She missed the last few parties. But she always says that she’s too busy to talk.


Then she finally agreed to come over one morning.


Tom: “Leslie, where have you been?! You’ve missed my kids’ birthdays and will barely talk to me.”


Leslie: “Tom, please calm down. This is not a way to start a conversation, and I didn’t know that you really cared about it.”

Tom: “You didn’t know I cared? Of course I do! You’re my best friend!”


Leslie: “We’re not best friends anymore. You haven’t even visited my house! So you only want to spend time with me when it’s convenient to you?”


Tom: “It’s not like you invited me over, either. And I have kids to take care of! What do you have? How’s your career?”

Leslie: “What the f*ck, Tom?! I’m really trying, but you wouldn’t know that! You’re too absorbed by yourself to think about me!”


Leslie: “And anyway, if I tell you why I’ve been mad at you lately, you won’t believe me!”

Tom: “Why don’t you just try me?”


Leslie: “Okay, just brace yourself for this one.”


Leslie: “Our grandmother was a witch so it’s really stupid to now get a band to write a song about how our brother uses potions and charms to magically make people think that he should be their leader. I’m mad that you would be so shortsighted and not think of the consequences.”

Tom: “Leslie, just stop with this. I know our grandmother is not a witch. But she is immortal.”

Leslie: “Oh my god, Tom, just think beyond your little world for once. Our mom’s mom was a witch. I talked with Mom a lot more than you, and I wanted to know why we never met our other grandmother. Anyway, before she died, Mom told me about her past with her mom and that we have witch blood in our family.”


Tom: “If this is true, then why did no one tell me before?”

Leslie: “All you had to do was ask, okay? Anyway, it’s not like you were involved before. There are people who actually believe in the supernatural because they’ve seen the signs of it with certain Sims in town, and now their attention is turned to Andy and our family.”


Tom: “Uh, well, sorry for yelling? And thanks for coming over.”

Leslie: “Okay, Tom, but I still think that what you did was really stupid.”


Leslie: “Now I’m just waiting to see what comes next.”

Back to our regularly scheduled program…


Being the nerd he is, Leo thinks it will be fun to test Ana with a Rorshach.


Anastasia: “It’s a bug! Now tell me what’s wrong with me, doc.”


Leonard: “Hey, I’m not a doctor.”

Anastasia: “But you could be. You’re smart enough.”


Leonard: “You think so? I hadn’t thought about being a doctor, but I do love science.”

Anastasia: “Leo, I think you’d be perfect for it. You’re so caring and smart.”

Leonard: “Well, thanks.”


First day/night of winter.


We invited Nyota over for Christine’s birthday, and found out that she’s knocked up. The baby’s father is Kelly Bingley, who is the son of Randolph and Juanita, Randolph’s first wife. So, yeah, he’s her first cousin once removed. Kelly also has a teenaged son. From SP notifications, they seem to be pretty happy together.

Nyota: “Kelly was so surprised, but I love kids so I’m pretty happy about–”


Christine: “Ny! Do you know what my favorite food is? It’s fish and chips! But I don’t really like fish so I like a vegetarian version.”


Nyota: “Really? My favorite food is vegetarian dim sum.”

Gwendolyn: “But neither of you are actually vegetarian–”

Christine: “Mom! We just prefer the taste of the vegetarian one instead of with meat.”


Enough, let’s have cake!


Wow, someone really needs a makeover this time.


Christine: “What do you think?

I think I went too hard on the eye makeup. Will change that later. Christine gains the family-oriented trait.


Nyota: “Being pregnant is really hard! Mom tricked me by making it look easy. My body isn’t nearly as strong as it was before.”

Leonard: “Do we really have to talk about this? It’s weird enough that you’re pregnant without going into the details.”


Christine: “Well, it’s my birthday and I don’t have a problem with it.”

Gwendolyn: “There you go, Ny. Now tell us all about your morning sickness.”


Nyota seemed to be missing her family and decided to spend the night. She slept on the rocking chair, of course.


When left on freewill, Tom goes straight to dancing.


And Gwen is drawn to the juice keg. Maybe I should be worried about this.


After so long a time without popups about their relationship, I finally got this one.


And Nyota had twins!


Tom found the current emperor of evil, Monty Davis, while visiting the library. He was not interested in Tom’s schemes, though.

Tom: “Music controls our culture! We control the music, we control people’s minds!”

Monty: “No, no, no, no!”


Monty: “Steal candy from babies. That starts them young.”


Christine visited the home of Alex Supine after school.

Christine: “Nice to meet you.”


Christine: “Do you like to read? I love reading about history, especially the lives of my favorite artists. It’s inspiring!”


Alex: “Yeah, I love reading about interesting stories from history! And since you like art, have you been to the museum in downtown?”

They discovered that they’re both excitable.

Christine: “I can’t help but get excited about the stuff I like, and plus I love making friends like you.”


Alex: “Me, too! I’m really glad you came over.”


The dishwasher broke again. I really need to get Tom to upgrade it.


Okay, I’m still kind of scared for you. I always feel like my Sims can die at any moment now. Thanks, Kim!


Tom: “It’s the plumbing again. Just going to fix that up…”


Tom: “All done.”

*let’s out breath*

Next time: We have a Snowflake Day party!


10 thoughts on “Tom: 7.10 “Witch Blood”

  1. Wow, Nyota got knocked up with twins right after leaving the house, she was quick to get babies! That conversation between Leslie and Tom, though. I can feel why she’s mad. But she will have no time to deal with this since she’s pregnant, too. Christine is pretty and maybe met a potential boyfriend material in Alex.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was surprised that she got knocked up right away, too! And she even had twins! The guy she’s with is also older than her parents, but they seem pretty happy.

      Leslie was definitely mad, and I think it shocked her, too. She thought Tom was too smart to do something like this. But you’re right; she’s going to be too busy with pregnancy to focus on it.

      I really like Christine; I’ve never had a sim get into charisma as much as her, and it’s really fun. She makes friends so easily.

      Thanks for reading. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  2. What are Nyota’s traits and what’s her sister going to be like since her sister grew up with the family oriented trait? lol

    I really like tom and Gwen, glad you’r sticking with them for a bit. The random dancing/ keggers and the working out together is so cute! I’ve never had a sim get to level 10 in martial arts either. 😮

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nyota has virtuoso, night owl, friendly, loves the outdoors, and adventurous. Tbh her and Christine aren’t very close; I think because Christine is just much younger than her, so they haven’t built up a relationship yet. I need to build up their relationship.

      I love Tom and Gwen together. I haven’t had World Adventures for very long, so it was really fun to max the martial arts skill with Gwen!

      Thanks for reading. 😀


  3. I really like Ny’s looks, so I’m a bit disappointed she’s not heir, but at the same time I’m glad you stuck with Tom and Gwen a bit more. They’re fun to follow. 🙂 And wow, Ny had twins! And yay for Leslie and Harrison’s pregnancy! Gwen’s tendency to gravitate towards the juice keg is a bit worrying though…XD. Totally understand your fear for sudden sim deaths – especially after the Kim accident and the double electrocution incident way back when. It seems like the Diffy’s are flirting with death all the time!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, she’s not heir, but I do really love Ny! I’m thinking about doing a short story with her.

      I was so happy that Leslie and Harrison finally had a baby! They seemed pretty stagnant, tbh.

      Gwen, lay off the juice! Lol good thing this is just the sims.

      Omg, I can’t believe you remember the double electrocution! I really put C.B. through it, but I promise it wasn’t intentional. And Tom had a near death experience with his birthday fire when he aged into a young adult! I swear I thought he was going to die.

      Thanks for reading!


  4. Wow, SP worked fast with Ny! Good for her though. She’s going to have beautiful kids.
    I love how easily you switch from serious story plot stuff to lighthearted freestyle legacy. It never feels disjointed and flows really well!
    Also, Monty’s stealing candy from babies line made me laugh xD he’s right!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yep, SP hit her hard, but I’m glad her and Kelly seem so happy together. Her kids are really good looking, too.

      Wow, I’m glad you think it flows so well! That’s one thing I am always conscious of when I add in little plot things like this, so I really appreciate the compliment. ^^

      Lol, Monty is a classically evil kind of sim. Thanks for reading. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  5. “I have not chosen Nyota to be my heir” <–The moment my heart broke. I understand though! I think that's why I lean towards younger children for heirs.

    XD I died at Leonard saying he's not a doctor when his namesake was.

    Congrats on Nyota's twins! Non-household sims having twins is really exciting.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m sorry. ;_; I did start an adventuring blog with Nyota later. It’s here if you’re interested:
      I definitely lean towards younger kids for heir, too. I don’t want the generations to be over so soon!

      I just really had to mention that somehow. 😀

      It’s seems non-household Sims rarely have twins, so I was pretty excited about that! And her kids are so cute. Thanks for reading!


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