Memory Lane Challenge

I got nominated for this challenge by Jowita of Never Do It Again. Thank you very much! 😀

1. Congratulations! You’ve been nominated for a totally legit award. Get a gold star and stick it on your forehead like a boss.
2. Share FIVE of your favourite moments from your legacy/challenge/story so far.
3. Nominate 3-5 blogs to do the same.

Anyone else notice that it starts listing the rules at 2? This really bothers me…

*EDIT* I just looked up the original challenge and apparently the 1 just got left off somewhere in copy pasting, so I’m going to add it back in because gahhhh (and yeah I could have just done that anyway I suppose) And since I did find the original post, all credit to Gryffindork7 for creating a super fun challenge! (original post here)

Anyway, on to the favorite moments/photos!

  1. Phil and Keely’s wedding.


This is the wedding of my founders, Phil and Keely. It was just a simple private wedding on the beach, but I thought they were so cute and ended up taking a lot of pictures. Beach weddings are just gorgeous.

2. Posthumous family picture.


I was kinda shocked when I got this picture. Keely died at the fall festival, and even though everyone was sad, I still had them take a picture together because they had wishes for it. When I sent them to take the picture, one of the people I could choose to take the picture with was Keely, so I did. And to my surprise she really is in the picture!

3. Cat comforting.


You might not know this, but in my second generation there was a lot of focus on the cats. They sometimes took up whole chapters. So when one of the first cats I had adopted died, it was very sad for the whole family. This picture is just a simple interaction between cats, but to me it looks like Buster (on the right) is comforting his son, whose mother just died. I was very impressed with how emotional they looked.

4. Slow dancing.


This is my third generation couple dancing at their son’s wedding. I thought they were so cute, and definitely my most loving couple.

5. Surprise twins.


My fourth generation parents ended up having twins, which was totally unexpected to me. Their mother, Maura, certainly danced to the radio a lot, but not to kids music because I had her listen to her favorite, which was country. These were my first natural twins I have had in the game.

6. Stick together.


I love this photo because all three girls in it felt like outcasts at some point, but they had to stick together to make it. So we have Kim on the left, floating above the ground because she was a ghost at this point, then Emmie in the middle, a clone, and Jane on the right, who was getting attention at university for being a “berry”.

7. Fateful lunch.


I really like this moment because Wanda showed up on her own randomly right as Aidan got the popup that Margarita was standing him up. I had really intended for Aidan to woo Margarita because I just thought that she was really pretty, and I wanted him and Wanda to always be good friends. But then Margarita stood him up, and Wanda happened to show up, and it just seemed right to switch my attention to her. Wanda was my second choice, but I really grew to love her and I think she was a lot more interesting than Margarita would have been.

8. Beach love.


I have to include a pic of Tom and Gwen because I just love them so much. I had a lot of fun taking pictures of them, and I can imagine with this one that they just got finished working out together and collapsed onto the sand. Tom and Gwen may be my favorite couple; they’ve just been so fun to play on a generation that I honestly thought would be boring. They made all the difference.

Okay, it’s more than five, but I’ve got eight generations of pictures, so I think it’s fine. Bonus round: accidental deaths and birthday fires!


This was not my first cake fire in game, but it was the first birthday cake fire of this legacy, on my generation two heir’s birthday from child to teenager. This guest is responding appropriately. The cowards are the smart ones, really.


This is my generation three heir, proving that having max handiness does not save you from the more difficult to repair items, such as hottubs. Grim spared him because he has the unlucky trait. Well, the hottub is still broken, so let’s try this again…


Oh. Uh, sorry? Enough tempting death for now.


Kim, Kim, Kim. If you hadn’t wished for free soda this would never have happened. Not so free now, is it?


It’s a sign, Emmie! You should just stay in this house forever!

Emmie: “With you as my simmer? Hymph.”


And of course my current heir had to nearly give me a heart attack on his age up. He’s just evil like that.

Again, thanks to Jowita for nominating me! This was really fun. ^^

My nominees are:

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Winterly RLC

And I just nominated basically everybody I follow because I had a lot of fun with it and it would be cool to see all of you do it, too! 😀



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