Tom: 7.5 “Family Ties”

Last time with the Diffys, Leo was born and Nyota grew into a child. This time…


Gwen is enjoying that new baby smell. Is that creepy?


Ny wished to meet Salem while he was out and about haunting.

Nyota: “You’re old, right? So you must hate technology?”


Salem: “Actually, I love technology. Bye!”


Nyota: “That was short.”


One day after school, Ny is invited over to Karl Diffy-Smith’s house. He lives in Emmie’s old house.


Nyota and Karl are second-cousins, I believe. Okay, I figured out how they are related (charts were involved). He is the son of Katrina, who is Jane and Wendy’s daughter, and Darrin, Wanda’s brother. On the Tom/Diffy side, Karl is her second cousin once removed. On the Wanda/Bingley side, he is her second cousin. So they are related on both sides, ugh.

But of course, we are no strangers to this here. Kim and Thad were second cousins. In fact, in this very generation we have not too distant relations with Gwen and Tom, which I haven’t remembered to mention before. You might remember that Gwen’s last name is Marks, and that was also Wanda’s father’s last name. Gwen and Wanda are technically first cousins, so her and Tom are first cousins once removed.


Hi, Katrina!


At home, Leo ages up into a toddler.



He got throwback Wanda hair!


Gwendolyn: Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children.


Only two days until summer, and snow still falls. Luckily it melts in the morning.


This walls down pic is just to show how much springtime woohoo has been had at the house.


The Diffys visit the spring festival on the weekend.


Haven’t mentioned it yet, but the generation goal is social bunny, which is to go on a group outing or date at least once a week. I also had this roll in generation five, but tbh it doesn’t change how I play; my Sims end up going on group outings in my normal gameplay anyway, so I just end up not mentioning it.


Oh, I see Leslie is moonlighting at the kissing booth.

Leslie: “Step on up as I am currently questioning my relationship! Help me decide what to do with your kiss!”

Leslie and Harrison are still only dating, and he lives in his own apartment while she has a small house by the beach. I don’t really get updates on them with story progression, so nothing bad but nothing good, either.


She has a taker!


Leslie: “Who uses that much tongue on a first kiss?!”


Random guy: “Me! You’ve got to give it your all!”

Leslie: “Have you ever heard of leaving them wanting more?”


Gwen goes over to see how Leslie is doing.


Gwendolyn: “Had any luck with this questioning-your-relationship thing?”

Leslie: “Well, so far no one is a better kisser than Harry, if that’s what you mean.”


Gwendolyn: “Oh, is that all it takes?”

Leslie: “Not really, but I had never kissed anyone else before today.”

Gwendolyn: “Then let’s make sure you get one good one before the day is over.”



Leslie: “Gwen! That’s the best kiss I’ve had today! Actually, in a long time.”


Gwendolyn: “Just doing a little public service for you.”


Meanwhile, Tom and Nyota spend time together playing chess. Tom is oblivious about the interactions between his wife and his sister.


After the park visit, Gwen invited her siblings to come over for family time. She has three siblings, all younger than her, but only her brother Cody and sister Desirae ended up coming over. Desirae was the toddler that Gwen showed up with after Wanda died.

This also made me notice that Gwen is the firstborn in her family, while Tom is the baby in his family, and I’ve heard that the personalities of those two types of people work really well in relationships, so I think it’s neat that they ended up together.


Tom tries a mind meld on Desirae.


Desirae: “So…Did you learn all my deepest fears and secrets?”


Tom: “No, I didn’t learn anything at all! Bet you think I’m pretty weird now, huh?”

Desirae: “Yeah, I do, actually.”


In the morning, Nyota is disturbed from her sleep by Tammy 2 waking her up.

Nyota: “Tammy! You can’t just wake people up like that! Especially not night owls!”

I always feel bad when they yell at the cat for doing this. The only reason she wanted to wake Nyota up is because they are best friends and she loves her so much.


Nyota: “But I still wuv you! Yes I do!”

So I must follow that up by making Nyota give Tammy 2 some love.


First day of summer!


Tom loves seeing Gwen so passionate about her martial arts practice.


Tom: “How about a little practice together?”


Gwen: “Yeah, let’s get physical.”


After her parents leave (for their bedroom), Nyota takes over the gym for dancing practice.


Gwen really wanted to use the Sim Finder app, so she tried it out. This created an entirely new Sim in town, who I gave a makeover because she was face one. Her name is Tiffanie Bledsoe. And I’m never using the Sim Finder app again. Would be cool if it actually summoned a townie instead of creating a new generic Sim.


Then Gwen’s mom randomly showed up, which prevented Gwen from having time to make friends with Tiffanie.


To end this chapter, here is Gilbert! Long time no see.

Next time: Leo has a birthday, and let’s just say that he’s not the only one.

8 thoughts on “Tom: 7.5 “Family Ties”

  1. The pic of Tom and Leo napping on the couch is really cute! And that Gwen/Leslie kiss right after you uncovered all this simcest going on… haha XD
    They make very pretty children, Ny is my favourite so far!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lmao! Well, we can’t just go around smelling new babies without getting on some lists, unless you worked in the maternity ward.

      I’m having a lot of fun doing these Simstagram pictures! Glad you like it. 🙂

      Thanks for reading!


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