Tom: 7.3 “Bittersweet”

Last time with the Diffys, Wanda died. This made Tom and Gwen want to hasten their marriage plans and they simply had a private wedding at the fishing park. This time…


Tom: “Let’s take a selfie together.”

Gwendolyn: “Awesome. I’ll post it on my Insta.”


The secondary income for this generation is blogger. I’m going to be presenting this as if Gwen was an Instagram model, so I will occasionally add in pictures that she would have posted. I’m terrible at editing photos, but Owl Face of A Clover and a Bee has made an Instagram template for use on her blog and has shared the template on Photobucket. Thank you very much for letting me use it! 😀


It is Spooky Day, so we threw a costume party. Unfortunately, no one showed up, which was pretty annoying.


But the repairman was glad we still had the juice out the next day.


Gwendolyn: “I’ve always wanted to have kids young. What about you?”


Tom: “I haven’t really thought about it, but that’s actually a good idea. My parents had me when they were pretty old, and we were kind of spread apart, too. I think I want my kids to be closer in age.”


Tom: “Do you want to start trying?”

Gwendolyn: “No time like the present.”


Take two for the costume party. Darrin came dressed as a little girl criminal.


Same setup as before.


Ben and Aidan did a kegstand, but Ben is really struggling here.


And he does end up dropping Aidan.


Aidan looks genuinely mad about it. o_o


Gwendolyn: “I found out today that I’m already pregnant.”


Tom: “That’s great! I’m so happy.”


Unfortunately, as the party is ending, the Grim Reaper arrives for Aidan.


Tom: *gasp*


You look like you just got caught with your hand in the cookie jar. I mean, he’s just so cute.


Okay, apparently I just forgot to paint the walls in the kitchen/dining room? Unfortunately this problem will not be fixed for a couple chapters…


Aidan does not go peacefully.


Well, I’m pissed, too. Aidan had his wish to see grandchildren, and now he never will while he’s alive. He was only a few days from fulfilling this wish.


Darrin: “Best costume party this season.”

I’m sure.


First you guys don’t even show up for our costume party, and now this?! These Sims have a sick sense of humor.


First day of winter.


Our front porch decorations.


Gwendolyn: “How are you doing?”

Tom: “Not great, but I am looking forward to the baby.”


Gwendolyn: “Yeah. It’s a bit bittersweet.”


Gwen goes into labor right as I’m trying to get her to complete the Argyle Sinclair opportunity, so this annoys me.


Norma Ruth: “Thanks for drawing the crowd. Now I’m going to make tons of tips!”


Gwen makes it to the hospital, and Tom leaves work to meet her there. A baby girl, Nyota, is born. She is named after Nyota Uhura from Star Trek. Nyota was born with the virtuoso and friendly traits. She loves indie music, vegetarian dim sum, and the color pink.

I think it’s been very obvious, but Gwen will be staying because the marital structure is couple.


I turned Aidan and Wanda’s old room into a nursery for her. And look at her little tuft of red hair! So cute.


That night we invite Kim over to meet her first great-grandchild.


Tom: “How are things going? I heard about your breakup.”

Kim: “Yeah, it’s okay. Ray is a great guy. He needs to find someone he can have a family with.”

Tom: “Maybe, but what about you?”

Kim: “Don’t worry about me.”


Kim: “Anyway,  I’m really happy for you, Tom. I’m glad to see my family continuuing to grow.”


Tom: “Yeah. Thanks for being here, by the way. I wish Mom and Dad could meet her.”

Kim: “Hey! Don’t mention that or you’ll see me cry.”

Tom: “Okay.”


When Snowflake Day comes around, I decide I’d rather go to the festival than throw a party.


They were really getting into making the perfect snowman.


Tom, where’s your evil snowman? This is not what I expected from you.


But this is definitely expected from you.


Gwen has been working on martial arts, which gave her the ability to meditate and Zeneport (which I will never use again, honestly; it was just for her wish).


Well, she still needed to complete the Argyle Sinclair opportunity, so I’m sending her to the bookstore. There is an infestation of the pigtails here.


For some reason, I was a bit amazed that she showed up in her underwear, even though that is what she was wearing at home.


Pigtails no more!


Okay, I know she showed up in her underwear, but that’s really not necessary.

Next time: Nyota’s first birthday!

16 thoughts on “Tom: 7.3 “Bittersweet”

  1. Haha, you wrote at the beginning about the marriage of Aidan and Gwen. You meant Tom and Gwen?
    Anyway, your sims look so pretty with these new hairs and skins. I love it very much. Wonderful Instagram template, how creative.
    Pigtails! It is the most annoying when this happens to males. Like why and what for?
    I’m looking forward to Nyota’s birthday 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol, I did! Yeah, I really meant Tom and Gwen, can’t believe I didn’t catch that. xD

      Thanks a lot! I’m really happy with how they look now.

      Ugh, the pigtails. If it was a nice hair it might not be so annoying. Those pigtails are so easy to hate.

      Thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Yay! I’m so happy to see the simstagram template being used by other people. I need to make a new version with the updated insta template at some point.

    Noooo! Aidan! Why’d he have to die in such a ridiculous costume??

    Nyota! I’ve always loved that name.

    How does Kim feel about outliving everyone?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s such a cool template! I’m jealous of your skills with that!

      Lol, no sim should have to die as a hotdog!

      Glad you like the name! I had forgotten Uhura’s first name before looking it up for this.

      Kim was doing all right when she had kids to take care of. Now her nieces Suzanna and Katrina have moved out, and her other son Zachariah is grown. I don’t think she’s doing so well anymore, and definitely not happy about outliving her loved ones, but she’s the type of person to hide her emotions on that subject.

      Thanks for reading!


  3. Nyota is such a beautiful name! rolls off the tongue.
    I’m so sad that AIden died at the party, though seeing that pop up about it being a great party did make me laugh in a dark way 😛 Will his ghost forever be in a hot dog costume?? haha
    The simstagram template is so useful! Gwen is defo pretty enough to be a model.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, it is beautiful and interesting. I like shortening it to Ny, too.

      Lol, I guess sims can ignore someone at the party dying if everything before that was awesome. Fortunately Aidan’s ghost form can wear whatever he wants, and I haven’t seen him in the costume.

      Yes, I had to thank Owl Face for making it! And I think it’s really fun. I picture Gwen doing some beauty shots and some athletic shots since that is her passion.

      Thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I just want to delete those pigtails. Why, EA? Why???!

      Seems like Aidan and Wanda died so soon! They weren’t very old. ;_;

      Thanks! I really wanted to use the Star Trek theme for a while now. Thanks for reading. 😀


  4. Oh my god, I’m seriously rolling with every photo of Darrin! His little girl criminal costume, his cookie jar expression and his awesome party thought bubble while everyone is mourning… priceless!! 😂
    And I wanted to comment from before, Gwen is so gorgeous! 😍 You were right to make her an internet personality!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Lol, Aiden the ghost hotdog! Too funny, especially with the crim with the pigtails as well. If you’re going to die, surrounded by friends and family at a party is a decent way to go.

    Good luck with earning money as a Blogger, I can never get mine to work properly. They never earn any money, nor get any offers to sell.

    Liked by 1 person

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