Tom: 7.2 “Glitches”

Last time with the Diffys, Tom aged up in a blaze of fiery glory! Luckily he didn’t die, so generation seven is now commenced. Aidan also decided to retire after a long career in law enforcement. This time…


We are throwing a bonfire party at the beach because Tom has something he wants to celebrate.



Tom: “Woo! Party!”

Gwen: “Woo!”


Tom: “The after party is always better, though.”


Tom: “So I was offered a job with a video game company. They noticed my online presence and wanted creative input from some of their users.”

Gwendolyn: “Tom, seriously? That’s great!”

The primary income is video game designer in the engineer branch, which is awesome because I’ve never played it before. It was also pretty easy to get the offer, even without going to university, as I started him getting nerd ranks when he was a teenager.


Tom: “With that said, I wanted to make my own offer to you. Will you marry me?”


Gwendolyn: “Tom! Yes, I’ll marry you!”



All in all it was a great party. Something that was needed before the events of the next day.


No! Aidan is older than you! You’re not supposed to die first!


Aidan: “Wanda! No!”


Tom: “Mom!”

Why does work have you dress in a green blazer with swim trunks and no shoes? Why??!


The problem is that Grim appeared, then he disappeared almost immediately, and Wanda’s ghost got stuck floating there. She never completed dying, so I reset her. Resetting Wanda while she was in the process of dying also put her aging bar back at the beginning of the life stage, as if she just aged into an elder.

I seriously considered to just keep on playing after this, but it didn’t feel quite right, especially with her age being reset. She was meant to die on that day, so I saved without quitting.


But before the quitting, we all know that this has to do with the nefarious Stuck!Wanda, who apparently became a little less stuck after the resetting. She got all the way to the front of the house before becoming stuck again.


Luckily I had saved on that day before she died. I had the idea to delete the Stuck!Wanda at the same time that real Wanda started dying, but this time she didn’t seem to want to naturally die. But unfortunately I had already made up my mind, so I directed the Stuck!Wanda to death by old age, which affected the real Wanda instead.


This time Grim stuck around to properly help Wanda move on. I didn’t really take pictures this time because do we really need to see more of her dying?


Stuck!Wanda still “stuck” around, of course. I had to kill her twice before her stuck form went away.


This all resulted in two Wanda graves, and I’m not sure which one is the real Wanda, or if I even care at this point (I do kind of care though because I want to get rid of the fake Wanda grave).


Oh. Thanks for getting rid of my pumpkin carving. Not really, though.


Gwen came by to see Tom that night.

Gwendolyn: “Mom stuck me on babysitting duty while she’s at work, so this is my sister Desirae.”


Tom: “My mom died today.”


Gwendolyn: “Oh… I’m so sorry, Tom”


Gwendolyn: “Come here.”


Aidan also receives comfort from his long-time friend, Marty Cassat, who is apparently the mayor now.

Marty: “Aidan, I’m so sorry. I’m here for you.”


Aidan: “I still don’t have any grandchildren.”

This is something that is on Aidan’s mind since I locked in his wish to have a grandchild.

Marty: “I know it can be disheartening, but you don’t know what will happen in the future, either. Have your mourning time, but don’t forget those who still care for you.”


A couple days pass, and Tom meets Gwen at the fishing park.


Tom: “Gwen, I want you to know that I care for you a lot. I don’t want to lose you.”


Gwendolyn: “I know your mom’s death has really affected you.”

Tom: “Yeah. It’s made me want to keep the other people in my life closer. It’s sad to see my dad now. They were so happy after he retired.”


Gwendolyn: “Tom, let’s get married.”

Tom: “That’s the idea. We are engaged.”

Gwendolyn: “Right now. Let’s not wait to plan a party.”

Tom: “Is that what you want?”

Gwendolyn: “A party isn’t the important thing. Us starting our lives together and providing care to your father is what’s important. I want to help out.”

Tom is happy to agree with her plan, so they exchange rings and promises to each other.



Gwen moves into our household and the only notable thing she had in her pocket was a Big Lemon. Gwen has the traits absent-minded, disciplined, supernatural skeptic, athletic, and grumpy. Her LTW is Physical Perfection, which is to master the athletic and martial arts skills. I’m really happy about this because it’s what I would have changed it to if it was something different. Her favorites are Chinese, pumpkin pie, and orange.

Next time: A real fail of a party.

Also, happy 4th to my fellow Americans! Happy Canada Day to all Canadians (as that was very recently)! And, uh, happy Tuesday to the rest!


9 thoughts on “Tom: 7.2 “Glitches”

  1. Aww, I’m so sorry for Wanda. This must be misleading when you now have two of her graves. Kinda funny, though. She died like 5 times or something.
    Yay, congratulations on the wedding! Babies now, please!
    PS I just wanted to thank you for all the kind and thoughtful comments you left me. You only have one more post to go, congratulations on going through the whole thing. I wouldn’t do that myself ever, haha.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know, I’ve seen her ghost come out once, but I had no idea if it was *really* her or fake Wanda. She didn’t die 5 times, more like … 3. Which is totally better.

      Thanks. ^^ Babies are coming soon, promise.

      It’s been very enjoyable! I’m glad I read through it so now I know everything that has happened. I really like how the previous generations impact your current gen.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m so glad you like it. Everything is pretty linked to the other in my story, so it’s better to read everything or it probably gets confusing. I have quite a lot planned up for the end of my current 3rd generation. I am a little anxious as to your reaction as readers, but excited at the same time. Thank you so, so much, I really appreciate all the time you take to catch up.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol! He’s a bit full of himself, but I’m sure it was meant well.

      ;_; Yes, it’s over now. I’m happy my game isn’t so glitched, but not happy about Wanda being gone so soon.

      Isn’t she? I originally chose her because of her pretty red hair, but after having her in the house I really love her personality, too.

      Thanks for reading. ^^


  2. The Wanda fiasco continues. I love how ridiculous the sims can get though, I hope there’s no other situation where you would talk about how you had to kill someone twice xD But it is sad that she’s dead, although now the floor won’th ave any more thought bubbles emerging from it…
    I really love Gwen’s hair. Such a gorgeous colour! They are going to make beautiful babies.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh no, I hope there is no other situation where I would have to kill someone twice, not even in the Sims! I’d prefer not to have one of them glitched like that again. The thought bubbles did add character to the house.

      Me too! Her hair color is what got me to notice her, and her and Tom share the athletic trait, too.

      Thanks for reading. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s great to be rid of the glitch, but I really wish Wanda didn’t die so soon! She was barely past 90 days. ;_;

      Pushy, pushy. But I’m with you. Babies are coming soon! Thanks for reading. 🙂


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