Last time with the Diffys, Wanda aged into an elder, Tom aged into a teenager, and Tom and Leslie became BFFs. This time…


We haven’t been here in a while. Tom and Leslie are meeting Harrison Nair here.


Leslie is staving off her hunger to ride a rollercoaster with Harrison.


Tom goes to make some hotdogs to cure their hunger. This is Harrison’s older sister Melissa who followed him here, I guess.


After getting a little tipsy, she picks a fight with Tom, accusing him of being evil. She’s not wrong.

Leslie: “I’ll have to brighten his day later.”


Tom: “I don’t even know you.”

Melissa: “Don’t make excuses! I saw the way you made those hotdogs!”


Leslie proposes a game of rock, paper, scissors.

Harrison: “Can’t you see I’m holding a drink? I can’t really play properly.”

Leslie: “That just means I win!”


Harrison: “That’s not fair! I can’t play like this!”


Leslie: “You’re funny. Let’s keep playing.”


Tom: “You want to see something gross? Watch this! Heheheh.”


Melissa: “Ewewewew.”


Leslie and Harrison: “Pregnant woman! Ah! Ah! Hospital!”


Harrison: “Hey, I’m glad we could hang out.”

Leslie: “Yeah, thanks for coming out. I had fun!”


Wanda: “Aidan, I just want you to know that I really love you, and I hope you still love me.”

Aidan: “Of course! Why are you so nervous?”


Wanda: “I guess beccause we’ve been married for so long. It’s just been a long time, and of course we’ve changed since then. I just want you to know.”


Aidan: “Our anniversary is tomorrow. Why don’t we throw a little party at the park?”

Wanda: “Yeah, that’s a good idea. We’ll renew our vows.”


So the next day we throw a party at the fishing park.

Wanda: “Kim, I’m glad that you could come.”


Wanda: “Wish I knew your beauty secret, haha!”

Kim: “Oh, you wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”


Wanda: “I’m so glad you suggested this.”

Aidan: “I’m glad, too. I love you.”

Wanda: “I love you, too.”


Finally one good use for the papparazzi.


Too bad the lighting in the park isn’t good. I will have to fix this in the future.


Now please stay away from my house.


This pic is just to show Leslie and Tom in their formal.


At this point in game I had bought a new-to-me desktop. I switched over all my files, but did lose a few objects in the process. One was the very cat-scratched window seat.


I am so happy playing the game now. It runs so much better on the desktop. My laptop that I’ve been playing on is seven years old now, and running The Sims 3 has been very difficult for it. Usually takes 20-25 minutes to load up the game. On this desktop it takes about 10 minutes. Now I have almost no lag, and my Sims are able to accomplish so much more. It still freezes from time to time, but I have not had crashing issues so far.

I’m showing Wanda here because before I could never get her to tend the whole garden before her mood got too low. Now she can get it done easily and be in a great mood still. The cats are also doing a lot better. On my laptop I would always have to micro manage them so that their social need would get fulfilled. Now they are always in the green and actively interact with each other.


Leslie goes to meet Harrison at the community garden.


There are some neighborhood cats visiting here, too.


Leslie: “I just want you to know that I think you’re really handsome.”


Harrison: “I think you’re attractive, too. I’m glad you wanted to hang out.”


Then Leslie made her move.


Harrison: “Hey! Get back here.”


Next time: More of Leslie spending time with Harrison, and we invite Ben and Andy over for family time.