Last time with the Diffys, Andy and Leslie aged up, Andy moved out, Aidan aged into an elder, and we tried renovating a park for the living green challenge. This time…


Leslie and Tom are hanging out at the park.


Of course it starts raining.

Tom: “Non-exercise exercise is great!”


Wanda aged up just after finishing her wall mural.


Back at the park, it got too cold for Leslie. Just as they were leaving, too.


She was going home because of curfew, and now since she’s prevented from doing so, this police officer notices.


Wanda had to stop by on the way home to unfreeze her.


Officer: “Do you understand how dangerous it is to stay out after curfew?”

I understand that you were no help when she needed unfreezing.

Leslie: “Wow! The wonders of rain.”

The girl is delirious.


I think the blue skintone suits her. (And now she changes into outerwear)


After all this time, Stuck!Wanda has manifested above the floor to show herself. She’s still stuck in place, though.


Wanda: “It feels like the ghost of who I used to be is right here in the room. This is who I would have been if I followed my mother’s footsteps.”


Wanda: “But I’ve left that person behind. I’m happy with the decisions that I’ve made.”


Wanda is happy to see her family grow, and content with her choice to stay with Aidan. They have been friends from the beginning, and she can feel her own love for him blossiming through that.


Now it’s time for Tom’s birthday.


Leslie: “Someone take a picture! Quick!”


Wow. Honestly, I was completely sure that Leslie was going to be my heir. I hadn’t even considered Tom, mostly because I have had a lot of male heirs and kind of wanted a change. Plus, I really like throwback genetics like Leslie’s hair color.

But seeing Tom as a teenager, I’m going to have to go with him. Sorry Leslie. Tom is the underdog that I really didn’t expect, but just look at his face! Oh yeah, Tom got the handy trait.


Tom: “Leslie, you’re the best friend anyone could have. Would you be best friends forever with me?”

Leslie: “You’re funny. Yeah, let’s be BFFs.”


Tom: “So you like that guy Harrison, don’t you? I’ve seen the looks.”

Leslie: “Yeah, he’s just so cute, and kind of quiet in a sweet way, and he just seems different from other guys, like, he wants to do something more?”

Tom: “Yeah, yeah. He’s special. Anyway, I invited him to the boardwalk. Let’s go!”

Leslie: “You’re serious?! Okay!”

Next time: Tom and Leslie meet her crush at the boardwalk.