Hi! Twinsimskeletons nominated me a while back for the Sunshine Blogger Award, and I was way too lazy to do one. But FuturexCarrie recently nominated me for the Liebster Award, so I figure why not do them both at the same time?

Thank you very much to Twinsimskeleton and FuturexCarrie for nominating me! The Sunshine and Liebster Awards have basically the same rules, and here they are:

1. Thank the person who nominated you and add a link to their blog.
2. Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you.
3. Nominate 11 bloggers and add their links.
4. Notify the bloggers you included.
5. Ask the people you have nominated 11 questions.

First here are the questions asked by Twinsimskeletons:

1.What or who inspired you to start writing SimLit? I think what inspired me originally was reading The Southern Prettacy. That blog was just amazingly hilarious, and made me want to write something that would make someone else laugh.

2. What’s your favourite animal? Probably dogs. I’m living in an apartment right now and I really want a dog. ;_;

3. Do you have a favourite trope in writing? Only one I can think of that I like right now is the one where if you are reading an action/adventure story, when you see your protagonists talk about and explain their plan, it doesn’t turn out how they expected, but when they don’t explain their plan to the reader, you know it’s going to work perfectly.

4. Do you have a least favourite trope/cliche in writing? I hate when (this usually happens in movies) everything has been going well for a couple but at the very end there is a simple miscommunication that causes them to break up (but you know they will still get back together).

5. Do you write other stories outside of sims? Not really. I wish I made time for it.

6. Do you play any other computer/console games? I am also playing Mass Effect on the Xbox 360. I mainly just play Sims though.

7. How long have you been writing using the sims games? I started writing this legacy in May of 2012. Before that I had done a couple little things over on Blogger.

8. Do you have a favourite story line in the legacy/story you’re working on? I don’t really think of my stuff as storylines because I usually just go with the flow, but I really liked writing for Kim and what she went through.

9.Do you listen to music while you write? Not usually. More likely I have youtube podcasts in the background.

10.What book has most impacted you in the last couple of years, and why? TBH I don’t read much anymore, but a book I read last year that was really good was My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult. It was really interesting and different.

11.Do you have any writing rituals? I don’t think so? Probably, just can’t think of anything right now.

And here are the questions from Carrie:

Who’s your favourite sim? ATM it’s Tom. I’ve played halfway through his generation and I’m having a lot of fun. Before him I think Kim just because I relate to her a lot.
Favourite film? Kill Bill!!!!! I just saw this a few months ago and it became my favorite.
Bright lipsticks: Yay or nay? (i’m yay if ur nay fite me). Lol. Depends on my mood, but mostly yay. I love seeing how other people wear bright colors, too.
Uhhhhhhh I’m running out of ideas so: Favourite song? TBH I love cheesy ’80s love songs, and Heaven is my favorite.
What got you into writing for sims? Reading other people’s stories. 😀
Favourite Holiday (like Easter, May Day, Christmas etc)? Probably Halloween. I love the fall and scary movies.
Best trash TV show? Dr. Phil!
Fast food or healthy stuff: what’s better? Fast food because Taco Bell.
Worst subject at school? Math or Spanish.
How do you feel right now? Still kind of sleepy.
If a tree falls in the woods, and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound? (I did an AS in this, I know the answer :P) Yes.


A Clover and a Bee

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Hiding Out in Sunset Valley

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Sleitinn Legacy Challenge

The Only Way Is Up

Questions (some stolen from above):

  1. What trope are you actively avoiding or embracing in your story?
  2. How long have you been playing Sims?
  3. What inspired you to write? (in general or for Sims)
  4. Who’s your favorite Sim to play?
  5. Who is your favorite to write?
  6. What has been your favorite generation?
  7. How long does it take for you to create a new chapter?
  8. Do you makeover the townies or just leave them?
  9. Winter, spring, summer, or fall?
  10. What movie are you looking forward to seeing?
  11. How are you doing lately?

Hope everybody is having a great day! I still have eight chapters before I catch up with where I am in-game, and I plan to keep updating every week, so hopefully I can finally finish this legacy as I have another Sims challenge I’ve been thinking about that I want to do.