Aidan: 6.10 “Too Many Birthdays”

Last time with the Diffys, Wanda got pregnant again, Leslie had a birthday, and Wanda got apprehended for art crimes. This time…


Yes, this is the last kid.


He is named after Tom Haverford. Probably my favorite character because I love Aziz Ansari.


Tammy is also having a birthday.


So fluffy!


Andy: “Is that for me?”

Yep! Too many birthdays? What?


I can’t help but take pictures of the weirdness. xD


Andy: “I’m skipping the sparkles.”


Andy: “Now where’s my presents?”


Wonder why Aidan would wear this to work? Perhaps he’s infiltrating the pancake gang.


Another one! Happy birthday Tom! Don’t worry, I’ll change the hair.


Wanda: “Ugh…why am I waking up?”


Wanda: “What’s all this?”


Wanda: This strange mist…this strange feeling.


Wanda: Why do I feel like something’s gone? Just empty.

Ben continued to be a fantastic big brother until the end of his teenhood.


Then his birthday came around.


And he was nice enough to share his birthday with Leslie.


He’s looking good.


More sparkles!


Leslie: “Mazel tov!”

Do you even know what that means?

Leslie: “No, I just say things that sound good.”

Next time: Less birthdays. And what’s up with Wanda?

12 thoughts on “Aidan: 6.10 “Too Many Birthdays”

  1. So many birthdays, they’ll be eating cake until the end of all times. What’s up with that mist? Is it StuckWanda? Is it the underworld where all the bugged sims live? And how long until Ben starts having babies now? He has to start soon if he’s to have kids that are awkwardly close in age to his youngest brother.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is not Stuck!Wanda. It’s something else that she will have to find out about. I like the speculation, though. xD

      You make me laugh with the comment about Ben! Unfortunately he has not so far had any kids. He has dated a few people, but no children. Thanks for reading!


    1. I know! Makes me wonder if the “undercover” outfits were planned or just random.

      Tom Haverford is one of the best parts of the show!

      Yes, very strange. Wanda finds out next chapter. Thanks for reading. 😀


  2. Did you put the Mist in the room for that one shot? O:

    I love Wanda’s Hair by the way I’ve been meaning to say that she looks so gorgeous all the time in a classy way. And Tom! I kind of like Ben though I feel like he would be nurturing as a dad.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, it was just for those couple shots. I think I used the testingcheatsenabled true and could access the affects with buydebug.

      I agree I always though Wanda was gorgeous and was happy that Aidan ended up with her!

      Ben was so great. And he eventually did have kids later in life!

      Thanks for reading!


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