Aidan: 6.8 “I Don’t Care”

Last time with the Diffys, Aidan and Wanda got married and Ben visited Kim’s house. This time…


Ben brought this girl home from school: Elena Cassat, daughter of Marty Cassat, who is Aidan’s work partner/best friend.

Elena: “I’m at a celebrity house right now! Ok ok…they’re only 1 or 2 stars, it’s not that serious.”


Elena and Aidan: “1, 2, 3!”


Elena: “You always pick scissors!”

Ben: “So? Haha”

Elena: “Let’s play something else.”


That couch must be comfortable.



Sally: “Mushi! Come here!”


Sally: “Our baby is here!”

Our new kitten is a girl named after Tammy from Parks and Recreation.


Tammy: “Rawr!”


Tammy loves watching the bugs in the cat room (which ends up blocking the door).


Tammy: *stares unblinking*


Aidan and Ben are playing gnubb outside.


Tammy: “Meow?”


Aidan passed out before he was able to celebrate Ben’s birthday.


Ben: “Yes! Thanks for celebrating with–”

HOLD ON. What is that thought bubble in the corner?! Is that a sleepy fish???


Aidan: “I don’t care.”

How teenager-ly of you. Upon his age up into teenager, I realized that Ben actually inherited Aidan’s eye shape! He’s not a complete facial clone!


Llama mascot ignores all sense to show up the absolute second that a teenager appears. Reminds me of someone…



Ben: “Why’s this have to happen on my birthday? I just wanted a nice birthday, free of death.”


Puddy: “I’m still scared, but Pickles was right.”


Puddy: “I’ve seen my line live on. It is my time.”


Grim: “Fish treats await in the afterlife!”


Mr. Pickles: “I knew she could face him.”


With Puddy gone, the other cats must stick together.


Funny that cats can’t sit on the windowsill to look out the window. Even worse with this window seat.


Andy’s day has come.


He looks exactly like Wanda, but I think that’s a different eye color.


Wanda: “This might not be a surprise at this point, but we’re having another baby!”


Aidan: “That’s great news!”


Wanda: “Ok, now stay still until the flash goes off.”

Ben: “Ugh.”

Andy: “But Mom!”


Andy: “I really think you shouldn’t stay still any longer!”


Andy: “Don’t you think so, Ben?”

Ben: “Ehhh, they’ll do what they want.”


Andy: “Oh no.”


Andy: “I left a fish in my pocket.”


Wanda: “He’s right. I’m going into labor.”


Wanda: “Let’s go to the hospital in your cop car!”

Aidan: “Would that be against the law?”

Cinnamon Bun: “Oh. Congrats.”


They made it to the hospital in time.


In better lighting, I present you with Leslie Diffy, named after Leslie Knope! She is good and excitable so far. Her favorites are songwriter, PB & J, and spice brown.


Snowman Gnome: “It’s…so…hot…” *melting*


That’s because it’s leisure day, and Ben wanted to throw a pool party, so we did at the local pool. This is Zach (Aidan’s brother) grown into a teen.


And Elena from earlier.


Her father is here for face comparisons.


Elena: “Ben! Why aren’t you in swim trunks? Too embarrassed?”

Wanda: “Why is she shouting at you?”


Wanda makes drinks for everyone.


Ben: “I’m too cool for this party.”

Why’d you throw it?

Ben: “So I could sit here.”


Wanda: “I didn’t like what you said to Aidan earlier. It was very rude, and you should apologize.”


Elena: “Ugh. Are you his mother or something?”


Wanda: “Yes, ok? I am his mother! He doesn’t need rude snots like you making fun of him!”


Last-Name-Cota: “Meee-ooow!”


Elena: “Are you really yelling at me? I’m just a little girl…and you’re so old.”


Wanda: *gulp*


Wanda: “You really are a brat. Don’t be expecting to come to my house again.”

Elena: “Who would want to?!”


Ben: “Everyone got drunk and their were no repercussions.”

Except your mom making a scene over there.

Ben: “Hilarious!”


Just to rub it in that Wanda is not a witch, her brother Randy rides home on his broomstick.

Next time: Leslie has her first birthday, and Kim’s boyfriend makes an appearance.


16 thoughts on “Aidan: 6.8 “I Don’t Care”

  1. Aww, Tammy is adorable!

    Oh lord. o.o Aidan’s age up was terrifying! But he’s an adorable teen. That hair is probably my favorite for males.

    That can’t be a sleepy fish, can it?? It has to be like a cat that’s underwater or something. Maybe it’s…sleeping with the fishes?

    Leslie Knope!! She’s the best. Love her, and little Leslie is adorable.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol, sims always have Mr. Fantastic powers when aging up. I especially like that hair for teens.

      I can’t really remember what it was. I think I only noticed that thought bubble while writing the chapter, lol.

      Leslie is great! Hope my Leslie can live up to her. Thanks for reading!


  2. Leslie certain suits those traits. But why would you name the kitten Tammy? Somewhere, Ron is disappointed about this choice 😛
    I’m kidding, Tammy is a cute name 😉 and those cats cuddling together killed me with cuteness!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Every time I read a chapter of your legacy it just makes me want to get mine 200000000 cats ;-; they’re so cute omg ;-;

    I’ve never seen Parks and Rec but I feel like I should because it just seems like a great TV show. I know two characters get their nails done and one has “Ann Sucks” on her nails, but that’s the extend of my knowledge xD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The kittens are especially cute! Juniper needs a cat!

      Parks and Rec is just great. xD If you have time just watch one episode and give it a try. When I was watching it I just kept going from one episode to the next thinking, “Just 20 minutes more…”

      Thanks for reading 😀


  4. I left a fish in my pocket should be the Diffys new motto.

    Poor Bens age up was so boring that even the fish fell asleep. He seems happy though, well, until the cat dies ofcourse.

    Liked how Elena tried pulling that “I’m a minor”; and on Wanda none the less. Well, it was good that they waited to have another baby until Ben was a teenager. That way he can help with Leslie.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OMG xD

      Yeah, Ben didn’t get much love, even though he helps out a lot.

      Haha, yeah, she wasn’t getting anywhere with a drunk Wanda. Honestly with Aidan working so much and Wanda having to keep up the garden for the living green roll, it really does help to have another person who can take care of the toddlers.

      Thanks for reading!


  5. Yeah I feel like if Grim felt that way about regular sims it wouldn’t be so hard to let them go when they die. 😦
    Then again I usually just play with aging disabled 🙂 that sleepy fish most have been Wanda wondering outside. And it was great how not stuck Wanda chased that rude girl out.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, the pets definitely get the best deaths! At least they get pampered as they leave!

      Wanda was definitely a more protective mother in this case. Elena is inappropriate so she probably had it coming. Wanda wouldn’t have yelled at her if she weren’t drunk, though.

      Thanks for reading!


  6. I recognise that pool lot! Always forget that it’s possible to throw parties off the home lot, really should do that more. Both boys grew up nicely; hopefully Leslie has a better facial mix, though. We want to keep the Diffy genes in the family, not just have Wanda’s.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, I think Ben specifically wanted to throw a pool party, and this pool lot was so much nicer than their pool at home. And it’s nice to get out with such a pretty town as Roaring Heights! Yeah, I have enough clones in my legacy already. xD

      Thanks for reading!


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