Aidan: 6.7 “Warning”

Last time with the Diffys, Aidan proposed to Wanda. This time…

Let’s just jump into it!

 Hello, Kim!

Kim: “I hate leaving my house.”

I know, I know.

 Marty Cassat: “Congrats, Aidan!”

Aidan: “Glad you could come, Marty.”

Marty Cassat is Aidan’s partner at work, and his best friend.

 Wanda has arrived.

 Randolph: Regan is so creepy since my father died. “Can you stop staring at me?!”

Regan: “That’s not nice to your stepmother, Randy.”

Randolph: “You aren’t really my stepmother anymore, though.”

 Ha, I love catching Sims sneeze.

 Emmie: “Bleeeghghgh.”

 Aidan: “Woo! It’s my wedding day!”

 Aw, Wanda is so pretty.

 I guess since I didn’t use an arch no one is going to sit down. (Thank you to Sunny for linking me to an invisible arch in the comments on blogspot).

Wanda: “Yes! So many celebrations!”

 Aidan: “So many…? It’s your birthday?!”

Kim: “Plebs.”

 Wanda: “You didn’t forget?”

 Why do you have to walk through the water like that? Other Sims wade in.

Kim: “I’m walking through the water. Because I can.”

You take all the fun out of it.

 Aidan: “No, I didn’t forget. I planned this on purpose so you’d have a great birthday.”

Wanda: “Sure. You’re cute, though.”

 Aidan: “Now that everyone is so hungry and tired that they’re about to drop, are you ready?”

 Wanda: “Let’s get married.”

 Ben: “Well, this is the best spot I could find.”

 Ben is actually more excited and happy than Aidan and Wanda.

Ben: “I’m so happy Mom and Dad are getting married!”

 Ben: “They are the best.”

 Marty: “So happy for Aidan right now.”

 All Kim will do is give these stank faces. Why are you so salty today?

Kim: “I’ve just got a lot of things I’m thinking about, ok?”

 Kim: “This is a beautiful wedding party.”

You’re still grimacing.

Kim: “I meant to turn that off today.”

 Aidan and Wanda: “I do.”

 Aidan was not joking when he said everyone was hungry and tired.

 Aidan: “You’re so beautiful.”

 Wanda: “Duh, I worked hard on this makeup look.”

Aidan: “I’m not talking about the makeup.”

 Ben: “My parents are married.” *eyes welling with tears*

 Kim: “Gorgeous wedding party, Wanda!”

If you had been in formal wear this whole time, I would have appreciated it.

Kim: “Shh.”

 Wanda: “Time to get the food and drinks out!”

 Marty: “Really? So we don’t have to eat this rice?”

 Unfortunately it started to rain right after paying for the buffet, and this sent most guests home.

Aidan: “C’mon, guys! It’s only a light drizzle.”

 Ben: “Our parents are married now, and that means our family is complete, and they’ll love us even more!”

 Ben: “Much as it would be fun to see the sunrise, I’m starting to get tired, Dad.”

 Aidan: “You’re right, Ben. It’s time to go home.”

Regan: “You’ve made a huge mistake.”

 Ben: “Who’re you?”

Regan: “Marrying into the Bingley family is the worst thing possible!”

Aidan: “Uh, WHAT?!”

 Regan: “They will curse you and ruin your life! Foreeeeeveeeer!”

 Aidan: “This is my wedding day, and one of the happiest days of my life!”

 Aidan: “This is some sick joke! And I don’t really think you were invited!”

Regan: “It’s a public beach.”

Aidan: “As if you didn’t know what was going on!”

 Regan: “If you are going to stand by her, you must already be brainwashed.”

Aidan: “Did you miss the part where we already have two kids together?! It’s a bit late to be telling me this, if what you’re saying was true.”

Regan: “You’ll regret this day.”

Her words would be more convincing if she wasn’t holding a rainbow umbrella.

 Back at home, these cats are getting frisky.

 Stuck Wanda: “You really need to take better care of that kid.”

Aidan: “I don’t see you helping!” >:I

 Aidan: “We didn’t get a first dance at the party.”

 Wanda: “I prefer this private dance anyway.”

 Aidan: “Private dances, huh? Huehuehue.”

Wanda: “I’ll give you an even more private dance, don’t worry.”

I decorated Jane’s old room for Ben. His colors are based on the Joker; not that Ben’s psychopathic, but his favorite color is lime and I thought it looked good. Also, random ghost.

 Ben visits Zach’s house after school.

 Ben: “Hi Grandma!”

Kim: “You look mischievous.”

 This is Aurora, Suzanna’s daughter and Kim’s great-niece.

 They have puppies!

 So cute.

Ben: “So can we get one?”

No, the Diffys are cat people. You can be a dog person after you move out.

Speaking of the cats:

 Puddy: “Sally has a mate now. She seems very happy.”

 Mr. Pickles: “Really? Any kittens yet?”

Puddy: “Not yet.”

 Mr. Pickles: “It might be time for you to move on.”

 Puddy: “I don’t know about that.”

Mr. Pickles: “I’ve been waiting for you.”

 Puddy: “I’m scared.”

Mr. Pickles: “The other side isn’t bad. Just be prepared when it happens. ”

 Just in case anyone was wondering,  Stuck Wanda is not just a hilarious (?) side gag. She also actively gets in the way all the time.

Stuck Wanda: “I can almost see the gears turning in your mind, but now they’ve come to a halt as you have no way to get around me!”

 Stuck Wanda: “Now help me practice my lines to perfect my audition.”

Ben: “But…I’m already an hour late to school!”

After that frustration, at least I have a cute Sim toddler to look at.

Next time: Ben brings another friend home from school, and more birthdays!


8 thoughts on “Aidan: 6.7 “Warning”

  1. Ha, Kim might hate leaving her house but I like seeing her.

    Wanda looks great! And Aidan is so dapper. Ben looks like a total creeper though behind that bush. XD

    Wow, Regan’s a total B!

    Puddy and Mr. Pickles made me ;_;

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kim prefers the comfort of her own house or office, I think. Being at the top of her career, she doesn’t have to suck up to people so much.

      Thanks! I thought Wanda looked especially pretty! Ben could have chosen a better spot, lol! He looked very happy, though.

      Hopefully Regan’s warning will make a little sense later. But you’re right, she is a total B!

      I was hoping that part wouldn’t be too sappy. It probably was, but I still thought it was sweet.

      Thanks for reading!


  2. yay for weddings with foreboding women telling you you’re making a huge mistake!
    Could you maybe reset the floor!Wanda with mods, if you have them? Though I guess that means you have to be able to actually see her, but maybe if you go down enough floors?? Sims glitches can be sooo annoying.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. At least for him it wasn’t his mother!

      I’m not sure if I can select her. I will have to try it again in game. Honestly, I kind of gave up on fixing it. I once deleted her with Master Controller through the computer, but this also deleted real Wanda. ;_;
      So I quit without saving, of course.

      So many pets! Makes me wish I didn’t live in an apartment in real life…

      Thanks for reading. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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