Kim and Jane: 5.12 “Ongoing Effects”

Last time with the Diffys, Emmie had a talk with Salem about her origins, which went…as well as it could. Kim and Thad decided that a move was in order, and the Diffys all came to live in Roaring Heights. This time…


Jane: “I’m going to sell so many things here!”

Cashier: “Um…ok. As if this consignment store gets much business, but whatever.”



Yay for birthdays! This time it is Thad and Jane’s, and technically Kim’s, but I couldn’t really get her a cake seeing as she isn’t actually aging.




Oh, okay.


Kim: “Happy birthday, Thad.”

Thad: “Happy birthday to you, too.”


Kim: “Even though I’m not aging?”

Thad: “It’s still your birthday. If Jane gets a birthday, you do too.”


Thad: “I really love you, Kim.”

Kim: “I love you too.”

Thad: “Do you…I mean, would you like to get married? To me?”

Kim: “That…would be amazing, Thad. Yes, I would really like to.”


Kim: “I don’t think I can stop grinning.”

Thad: “Then don’t stop.”


During the night, Kim is woken by a sick feeling.


Kim: “That’s weird. I guess I had too much cake.”


This sickness seems to be going around town…

Sick Townie: “So you’re digging through piles of garbage?

Jane: “And you just vomited in the junkyard. We’ve all made our choices.”


Kim: “I’m so tired today.”


Kim: “Another nap then.”


Emmie takes it upon herself to get a part-time job at the grocery store.

Emmie: “I’m an independent woman now. It feels good.”


Wendy has been making good strides with her bass tips.


Kim: “I don’t know if I’m exactly right about this, but I think I’m going to be a mother.”

Cake: “I’m just gonna be over here…on the floor.”


Kim: “Ready for bed already?”

Thad: “Yeah, I’ve got a small part on a TV series, and the hours are brutal. How was your day?”


Kim: “I called in sick to work, and ended up going to the hospital.”

Thad: “What’s wrong?!”


Kim: “It’s nothing bad! I went to confirm my own suspicions. Thad, I’m pregnant!”


Thad: “What? I didn’t think it was possible?”

Kim: “I didn’t, either. The doctor didn’t say anything about my ‘condition’, so I don’t think it was even noticeable. I might be more alive than dead, now.”

Thad: “Hmm, you have been feeling more ‘solid’ over the past few months.”

Kim: “And all she said was that I have very low fertility rates, so this pregnancy is a rare occurrence.”


Thad: “I guess we’ve been trying for it, even though we thought it wasn’t possible.”

Kim: “I always wanted to be a mother someday.”


Kim: “Are you glad?”

Thad: “Of course I am! This will be our child together.”


Meanwhile, Jane and Wendy are at the local pool for a midnight swim. And for the free booze.


Jane: “So, did you and Thad ever have, uh, happy fun times? Like, make the woohoo?”

Wendy: “Oh, we tried. It was always weird, though. We couldn’t think of each other like that, and it just ended in disaster.”


Jane: “Heh, no one’s here so I can totally do this!”

But where did your eyebrows go?


Wendy: “Catch me if you can!”


Jane: “Hey, you put clothes back on.”

Wendy: “Didn’t want to lose them. And you did, too.”

Jane: “It was actually reeeeaaaally cold.”


Jane: “We looked pretty good naked, though. Don’t you think?”

Wendy: “Oh definitely yes.”


And…yada yada yada.

Next time: Our generation six baby will be born!


4 thoughts on “Kim and Jane: 5.12 “Ongoing Effects”

  1. ““And you just vomited in the junkyard. We’ve all made our choices.”” I’m dying. She has a good point!
    Also the cake on the floor, lmao. The sims is so weird. Who puts food on the floor irl xD
    So Kim isn’t aging? Hmm, interesting. I didn’t know that would be a consequence of her shenanigans. I wonder if the baby will have an occult status at all?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, that’s perfectly good cake! But when you have birthday cake almost every day, sims just don’t appreciate it any more.

      Yeah, since she is a ghost and technically not “alive” her aging is nonexistant in the story and in game. If they kept trying I think eventually they would have an occult ghost baby, but it didn’t happen in this case.

      Liked by 1 person

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