Kim and Jane: 5.11 “A Second Chance”

Last time, Cinnamon Bun passed away. Everyone was heartbroken, and other things happened, most notably Emily’s age up into a teenager. She gained the brooding trait, BTW. This time…


Puddy has taken over C.B.’s bed. I suppose I should buy her one, but she probably wouldn’t use it anyway.


And this is the most impressive thing this chapter: Jane autonomously cleaning the cat litter box.


Emmie decides to visit Salem and Maura’s house.


Emmie: “Nobody home.”


Emmie: “Where could Salem be? Maybe at one of those properties he and and Maura own?”


Emmie’s right, the Boxcar Diner is exactly where Salem can be found.

Salem: “Maura wants to replace these shabby dining sets. I think we should work on those weeds, though.”


Salem: “We should go over to Mick’s Master and play arcade games like when we were kids!”

Ashley: “Ha, that does sound fun.”


Emmie: “Hello, Salem.”

Salem: “Oh, Emil–mmie. Hey there.”


Salem: “I think I actually need to talk to Emmie right now, Ash.”

Ashley: “Alright, let’s go later.”


Emmie: “Well, I…”


Emmie: “I, uh, I had my birthday recently.”


Salem: “And you look great! You’re going to be a beautiful young woman. Well, I guess I would know, but, you know.”


Emmie: “Right. Anyway, it’s got me thinking about everything that you did when you were younger. All that science and technology stuff.”


Salem: “It’s nothing to really talk about. Maura says I wasted my talent, and she’s right.”

Emmie: “I wouldn’t say that exactly. You made me, didn’t you?”


Salem: “Wow, that sun really goes down fast when you aren’t looking.”

Emmie: “Seriously, Salem…was there a purpose to me?”


Salem: “Well do you really want to know? It will probably be a let down, honestly.”

Emmie: “Of course I want to know; I’ve been questioning it for almost my whole life.”


Salem: “If you really want to know, it all started after my dad nearly died. You see–”

Emmie: “Yes, I know about the hottub incident.”

Salem: “Oh.”

Emmie: “I know about the graveyard trip, too. Although Emily didn’t find anything there like she thought she would.”

Salem: “I did. A ghost talked to me that night, and gave me some direction.”


Salem: “So, here it is: I loved my mom. She was the most kind-hearted, caring, and understanding person I knew. And she was never the same after my dad’s near-death experience. She wanted to keep him safe no matter what, but it only made me think that she was the one who deserved a second life, like my dad got.”


Salem: “I couldn’t prevent her death, but I could give her a second chance, and that’s you.”

Emily: “It seems I’m the let down, here. Even as a clone, I can’t be an exact replica.”

Salem: “Emmie–”


Emmie: “The stars are beautiful tonight. They make me feel small, for showing off how big the world is.”


Emmie: “But it’s also magical. They can’t see how bright they shine; only we can from a distance.”

Salem: “Emmie, I’m sorry. Once again I wasn’t looking ahead, and only did what I thought was the answer at the time. I’ve taken so many shortcuts in life.”


Emmie: “Don’t say that like you regret it. You’re starting to make me feel like I’m a mistake.”

Salem: “That’s not what I mean. I just wish I’d gone about things in a better way.”


Emmie: “I think I must be going home now. Kim said we’re having a meeting tonight.”


Salem: “I really am sorry, Emmie. I didn’t know you would have these feelings; I thought you would just be her.”

Emmie: “Nobody knows what will happen in the future, Salem.”


Emmie: “I’m home, guys!”


Thad: “Hey! That one hurt, Wendy!”


Wendy: “I don’t know my own strength. Looks like you need to lift more!”


Kim: “I told Jane to come in here.”


Jane: “This better be good for dragging me out of the hottub.”


Emmie: “You really didn’t want to put on a towel or something?”

Jane: “No, I plan to get right back in.”

Emmie: “I think you’re making Wendy uncomfortable, though.”

Wendy: Don’t look, don’t look, don’t look…


Thad: “We called you all here because Kim and I are having job issues in this town.”

Kim: “This town simply isn’t big enough for me to grow in my journalistic career.”

Thad: “And there’s not really any acting opportunities here.”


Kim: “But I’ve been offered a job at a newspaper in a town not too far from here: Roaring Heights. I’d be the assistant editor.”

Thad: “And the town also has a growing filming scene. More and more movies and shows are being filmed there.”


Jane: “Wow, sounds like an interesting town.”


Kim: “And we want you all to come with us.”

Thad: “Only if you want to, of course.”


Jane: “I definitely want to get out of this small town.”

Wendy: “I’d like to stick with you guys, too.”

Emmie: “All the kids in this town think I’m a weirdo. I’m ready to go.”


Emmie: “Puddy wants to come, too!”

Kim: “Yes, of course Puddy can come.”


Emmie: “Good.”


Jane: “If that’s all, back to the hottub for me.”


So the Diffys made the move to Roaring Heights.


Puddy got front seat dibs on the ride there.


Wendy: “There’s nothing here but the ghosts of the past.”


Not anymore.


I’d like to point out this backyard view.


Here is the top floor.


And the lower floor. I bought furniture until I ran out of money, so this is still a work in progress.


The first thing to check out is, of course, the boardwalk.


Jane and Emmie try out the roller coasters. They are unfazed.


And then they practically die.


But are still unfazed.

Emmie: “Well, that was something.”


Jane: “What are you doing here, Dad?”

Salem: “I want to try the roller coaster, too.”


Jane: “Not that I don’t like seeing you, but what are you doing here in Roaring Heights?”

Salem: “Maura insisted that we buy a vacation home here, to be close to you all. I’m a very successful businessman, if you can believe it.”


Next time: The Diffys settle into Roaring Heights, and celebrate some birthdays.


7 thoughts on “Kim and Jane: 5.11 “A Second Chance”

  1. I’ve never played Roaring Heights, and I don’t think I’ve seen many play there so it’s nice to see it! It looks pretty – and the rollercoasters look cool… if a bit deadly!
    Poor Emmie – so many questions about her life and the meaning of her existence! It’s a lot to think about.
    Also, Wendy’s face when she’s trying not to look, hahaha, I love sims animations sometimes!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Roaring Heights is very pretty! The lighting is something that maybe some people don’t like. It has an overall rosy/pink atmosphere, especially at sunset. It’s very pretty, but I can understand why not everyone would want to play this town.

      On top of Emmie’s conundrum, she’s also a teenager right now, which can make her feelings all the more complicated.

      Wendy can be very embarrassed by that type of thing, with her shy trait and all. She really was trying not to look, honest!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I live in Aurora Skies at the moment but I plan on moving somewhere else in the chapter in the next week. I heard people having problems with Store stuff and I’d rather not be dependent on something downloaded, I will go for the EP town 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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