Kim and Jane: 5.13 “Thinking Out Loud”

Last time with the Diffys, Thad and Jane aged up, Kim discovered a growing fetus, and yada yada yada. This time…

I really think Puddy needs some friends. And this invention gnome isn’t cutting it.

IG: “Hey! I spent my one move today to be near her!”


 Kim is off for a visit to her mother.

 Maura: “Kim! I’ve read your articles in the paper! I’m so proud of you!”

Kim: “Thanks, Mom! Y’know, I have some news for you.”

Maura: “You mean the obvious pregnancy?”

 Kim: “Actually, yes. Try to act surprised?”

Maura: *loud gasp*

 Maura: “But seriously, it’s about time I had some grandchildren.”

Kim: “Hymph, you’ve never said something like that to Jane.”

Maura: “Would you really like to see Jane with kids? I don’t think so.”

 Puddy! I hope you know how to hail a cab.

 Puddy: “LOL, no.”

 Thad *enters daddy panic*

I no longer remember why this picture is from a cat perspective. Just go with it by now, I guess.

Puddy: “Because I’m obviously the focus here.”

 Kim: “Not the time for your panic. I’ll get a cab myself.”

 Thad: “She’s a bit antsy.”

Puddy: “Women, amirite? Wait, what am I saying?!”

 Wow, Ami. You’ve always been my favorite of Maura’s family, and I love this picture.

 And here is our generation six baby! This is Aidan Diffy, named after a character from Being Human (sorry I watched the American version lol). His traits are brave and grumpy, and he fulfills two generation goals. Firstly, since I count Emmie as the first child of this generation, that makes him the second, and last child.

Secondly, his grumpy trait fulfills the miscellaneous fun, Runs in the Family. This trait started with Salem, and continued with both Kim and Jane, and Emmie. Thad also happens to have the trait.

 I’m really excited to finally have Kim and Thad’s baby!

 This little family is complete.

 And the very next day is Kim and Thad’s wedding.

 Don’t worry, Wendy. Just play your bass and you’ll survive this crowd.


Unfortunately, Kim got a call last night that Maura died. I’m glad we saw her one last time.



Yay wedding pictures!


Emmie: *sigh* “How romantic.”


Kim: “Pffft. Why’d we order so much rice?”


Oh yeah, Thad plays guitar! Well, I kind of don’t let him, but he had a few skill points when he moved in, and he pops wishes all the time.

Thad: “Baby now! Take me into your loving arms…kiss me under the light of a thousand stars…place your hand on my beating heart…


Emmie: “Show off.”

Thad: “No better day than today.”


Emmie, have you been drinking?

Emmie: “I might’ve had some juice. Perfectly legal in all of Simnation.”

Just wondering.


Emmie: *ponders life* “Salem must be lonely now with Maura gone.”


Kim: “Coming to bed, Thad?”

Thad: “Yes, now why did you make me wait–whoa.”


Thad: “You can’t just wear something like that.”

Kim: “What are you gonna do about it?”

Thad: “I’m going to take it off of you. It is our wedding night, after all.”


The next day is baby Aidan’s birthday. Also, Thad is more buff than I’d realized.


I would’ve really hoped that you weren’t a clone, but you look just like Kim here. I do like the combination of Thad’s hair with Salem’s eyes, though.


I don’t know why they’re staring, I just think Emmie and Aidan are cute.

Jane: “Can I just mention how weird it is that she *is* my grandmother?”


Emmie: “Who’s ready to make a new friend today? You are, Puddy! You like making friends!”


It’s about time because Puddy needs a feline companion. This is Mr. Pickles (I really like the game-generated pet names). Traits unknown because I didn’t note them down.


Shoo shoo, social worker.

Social worker: *stares at Thad’s crotch*

Yes, that’s quite enough.


Don’t make that face, Puddy.


Pickles: “I don’t think she likes me.”

Yes, yes. Now make babies.

Pickles: “What?!”

I mean, she’ll come around.


Puddy: “Everybody stay away from my food bowl.”

I think there’s a flaw in your food bowl guarding logic. I’ll let you figure it out.

Next time: Emmie’s birthday *sniff*


6 thoughts on “Kim and Jane: 5.13 “Thinking Out Loud”

  1. Ah, I love Ed Sheeran. I really need to give his new album a full listen through rather than hearing those same two songs on the radio (they are very good though so I don’t mind).
    Social worker: *stares at Thad’s crotch* Bahaha sims just gives us so much situational comedy, doesn’t it?!
    Are there going to be kittens soon!? I love kittens!

    Liked by 1 person

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