Kim and Jane: 5.10 “Unicorn Farewell”

Last time with the Diffys, Kim and Thad went on their first date, Wendy aged into an adult, and Gilbert’s ghost visited Puddy. This time…


Thank you, Alton Smith.

Alton: “The bass almost drowns out the screaming baby!”


So this is going on.


I think Jane is jealous of Kim’s action.

Jane: “No way, I just don’t want to see it! Too gross!”


Cinnamon Bun: “It’s about time I fixed Kim’s laptop.”


Kim: “Really? You don’t have to do that now. You look so tired!”


Kim: “Grandad!”

Jane: “Kim! Have you seen that car commercial? There’s dogs driving the cars! Ha!”


Jane: “No!”


Puddy: “I want to see him too!”


Puddy: “Really?! Can you move?”


Grim: “Huh. There’s more room in here.”

Cinnamon Bun: “Grimmy, my old…acquaintance. Bring it in.”

Grim: “I’m afraid you are at the end of your rope this time. Especially with that “Grimmy” nickname.”


Cinnamon Bun: “Just a handshake, then. I honestly can’t complain. Third death’s the charm.”


Farewell, Cinnamon Bun Diffy.


Emmie: “I’m home from school! Weird atmosphere in here.”


Emmie: “It’s Bunny, isn’t it? I just knew something went wrong. I had this feeling in my last period.”


Emmie: “Were you here with him? He shouldn’t have been alone.”

Kim: “Yes, I was. Jane was here too. He seemed to be accepting of it.”


Emmie: “I should’ve been here! I needed to take care of him! I–I needed to tell him things! For Emily!”


Kim: “Emmie, I know you feel bad, but I think he’s well on his way to seeing Emily himself. You were in school, you couldn’t help it.”

Emmie: “Kim…will you play gnubb with me?”

Kim: “Uh, sure.”


Emmie: “Did you know that gnubb has long been a Diffy tradition? Even before, when they lived in Sunset Valley Hamlet. Emily and Cinnamon would play when they were kids.”

Kim: “I think Grandad has mentioned it before.”


Emmie: “I know this is strange, but I need to tell someone. I’ve only told C.B. so far.”

Kim: “What is it?”

Emily: “I have retained, inherited, whatever you want to say…I have Emily’s memories. I know them from front to back, with perfect memory, probably better than even Emily did. Everything that happened in her life.”


Emmie: “Do you remember that time you and Jane drove the firetruck without permission?”

Kim: “Well that was all Jane’s idea… You mean–you really have memory of that?”

Emily: “The truck disappeared; Emily and C.B. knew that Salem and Maura were out for their anniversary. They had seen them leave, so that left you and Jane. Cinnamon was upset, but Emily convinced him not to say anything since it was really one of the only times you two had ever acted up. Is it creepy?”


Kim: “It’s not… creepy. More…surprising? But I wouldn’t bring it up with just anyone. I, for one, wouldn’t mind hearing memories of our grandparents, and I’m sure Jane would feel the same.”


Kim: “I miss him.”

Thad: “I’m sorry.”


Thad: “Losing someone makes me want to make my feelings known to those that are important to me. Kim, you are so very important to me, and I love you. I hope you feel the same.”

Kim: “Of course I do, Thad. I’d be blushing now if I could.”


Thad: “Pleh, feathers.”


Kim: “Trololol.”


Jane: “Wendyyyy.”


Jane: “Will you help me try to sell some of my inventions? It’s starting to take up too much space in the yard, and Kim said I need to get rid of some of them.”

Wendy: “As much as I’d rather just keep reading this book, I guess you do need to get out.”


Wendy: “You wanna go to the gym after this?”

Jane: “Not really.”

Wendy: “C.B. gives me all these tips about the best exercises for each part of the body.”


Wendy: “Well, I guess he gave me tips.”


Jane: “Mr. Singles! I’ve been waiting to sell some–”


Harlan Singles: “DIFFYYYYY!”


Jane: “Aauugh!”


Wendy: “Hey! You’re lucky I’m not a violent person!”


Harlan: “What is wrong with you? The Diffys are poisonous, wife-stealing people! And husband-stealing too, as it turns out.”


Wendy: “Even if that were true, it’s not Jane’s fault! She’s done nothing wrong, and she doesn’t need this right now! Her grandfather, the freaking town hero fire chief, died just a few days ago!”

Random face one: “Oh my watcher, are you okay?”


Wendy: “And you’re an idiot for beating people up like that! She came in here to sell her wares, something that would make YOU money too! Besides being an awful person, you’re gonna lose so much business from this!”

Jane: “Yeah, I’m not having a good day. But your random kindness is actually making me feel better.”


RFO: “Goal of the day reached, then. I’ve been trying to turn my life around recently.”


Harlan: “You don’t even know what this is about! My brother was didn’t have to worry about anything until Salem stole his wife!”

Wendy: “Y’know, people can’t really be stolen. Because they have minds of their own.”


Harlan: “You should be mad, too! Your husband got sucked into their poisonous ways!”

Wendy: “He’s not my husband anymore, and I couldn’t care less. He makes his own decisions, and I still love him. Like my best friend, because that’s what he is.”


Jane: “Wow, what was that even about?”

Wendy: “Apparently your father ‘stole’ his brother’s wife.”


Jane: “Well, I didn’t even know that! My parents have been together my whole life, so obviously whatever it is happened before I was born!”

Wendy: “I know, it’s completely ridiculous.”


Wendy: “♪ I’m going to the gym! ♪”


Jane: “You’re already in shape, Wendy.”

Wendy: “It’s not about that! It’s about getting stronger, and the feeling a great workout gives you.”

Jane: “And you can eat whatever you want.”

Now to end this with some birthdays!


Puddy first.


Oh no…


Oh thank goodness. Yay Puddy!


Now Emmie.


Whoa. She’s so pretty!


Hi Salem! Look at you and your toddler self.

Salem: “Ugh, you still have that picture? It’s not even good, you should throw it out.”

One of the very few pictures that didn’t glitch out? Not a chance.


Next time: Emmie has a chat with Salem.

7 thoughts on “Kim and Jane: 5.10 “Unicorn Farewell”

  1. Aw, CB! But I guess he has already had three deaths as you say so… it’s his time.
    Lmao at that guy attacking Jane! Poor girl. What an awful day she was having!
    And Wendy, I need her to give me exercise tips. It’s so boring and I have no willpower to do it 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s because her ghost state is blunt force trauma. The other death that causes this ghost state is from the Murphy bed falling on the sim, and that’s why there are feathers. EA just lazily used the same ghost state for the vending machine death. XD


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