Princess Carolyn: 10.10 “Hallmark Movie”

Last time with the Diffys, we had a very eventful feast party. Kim broke up with Vincent, while Princess Carolyn hooked up with Lester. Then we finished off the chapter with a floating cat. This time…

For some reason, I liked this picture so much that it was already on my imgur account before I started getting this chapter ready. There must just be something about Chloe with her back feet in her food while she’s making that confused dog head tilt.

Chloe: “But I don’t want Ol’ Nessie to visit me in my sleep.”

Carry on you confused, nightmare-having dog.

*squeaky faucet sounds*

Princess Carolyn: *gasp* “Grandma Kim, I didn’t see you come in here!”

Kim: “Sorry, dear. Came through the wall again. I forget you guys aren’t used to it yet.”

Princess Carolyn: “Oh.”

Kim: “There has to be some advantage to this condition, even if it’s small.”

Princess Carolyn: “So, uh, you haven’t been this way by choice, have you?”

Kim: “No, it’s something that happened which I had no control over.”

Princess Carolyn: “Well, if you’d prefer to be human, maybe there’s something in my elixir recipe book that could help.”

Kim: “I’m sorry I was complaining, Lyn. I shouldn’t take this out on the people around me. This is my burden, so don’t worry about it.”

Princess Carolyn: “I’m going to try, though.”

Kim: “Thank you, but don’t be disappointed if you don’t find anything.”

Katara has all her toddler skills, and now has moved on to books. Her birthday is tomorrow, so we’ll just try to get through as much of them as we can.

She’s cute.

Sansa spends the next morning painting.

After reading all night, Katara finally gets a bottle and put into her crib.

Also, I finally got around to planning Princess Carolyn’s outerwear.

Princess Carolyn must have had the day off, and I spent most of the day letting everyone do their own thing while I searched for a ruby with the collection helper. Finally, I spotted one!

I thought it might be fun to let Princess Carolyn go on foot. I mean, this is what Sims 3 is for, right? You can’t do this in any other iteration of the game! And I live for these views. But can you run there, Princess?

When she didn’t start running, I switched her to jogging there. And she still walked.

Kim: “Happy birthday, dear.”

So cute.

Princess Carolyn is NEARLY there.

But she’s missing this.

Cuddlywhiskers: “What a glorious moment.”

Katara adds over-emotional to party animal and computer whiz. She also has the pyromaniac hidden trait, which is really what makes her part of the family at this point. Her favorites are spiceberry, shawarma, and Chinese music, which I forgot to mention when she joined the household because I didn’t know them.

I’ve never felt the urge to put makeup on a Sim kid, until Katara. So of course I don’t have any CC kids makeup. Something about her being a vampire just makes it seem fitting.


I can’t take that anymore.

Birthday dancing.

Ew, don’t make eye contact with me.

Cuddlywhiskers: *staring intensifies*

Katara’s room really doesn’t suit her now. She looks really out of place in here.

Katara: *shuts eyes in disgust*

It’s Monday, and since these three actually have places to be in the morning, they have breakfast together.

Kim: “So why am I up too? And is this sweater a joke to you?!”

Because I actually have some things for you to do. And I think it’s cute. ;_;

Sansa does get up to kiss Alexander before he heads off.

Brienne is an “old friend” to Princess Carolyn which means she’s not a real friend anymore because Lyn wished to be friends with her.

Princess Carolyn: “I mean, we are here to make money and save lives, but I thought we were really friends too!”

Brienne: “We are, Princess.”

Brienne: “Is this going to be as strong as Felix Felicis?”

Princess Carolyn: “What’s that?”

Brienne: “A Harry Potter reference, WATCHER.”

Brienne: “Did you do it yet?”

Princess Carolyn: “I think so… Let me check this thing.”

Princess Carolyn: “Mmf!”

Brienne: “Oh, wand failure… This is awkward.”

Princess Carolyn: “Gotcha!”

Brienne: “Ooooh that’s more like it!”

Brienne: “Oh F*CK YEAH it’s working… It’s working…”

These good luck charms are like crack for Sims.

Princess Carolyn: “WeeeeeooooOOOOoooooeeeeeooo…”

Back at home, Cuddlywhiskers is rolling in hay.

Kim: “So this is what I got up for?”

And it’s worth every second of sleep deprivation.

Kim: “Could you stop bringing dead beetles into the house?”

Cuddlywhiskers: “Yeah, if you give me a yeti for Snowflake Day. Those guys are pretty… cool. Get it?”

Anyway, since it’s winter, we were going to start a garden in the barn. But the plants that Kim put in planters out here were immediately dormant. I can’t imagine why, there’s not a draft out here or anything. >.>

So instead, she went to buy a gardening book and then read it outside of Tom’s Cafe.

Heather’s looking so cute and cozy with her coat and the snow and the blushed cheeks. She looks straight out of a Hallmark movie. Like, her and Seth have been growing apart, and the real life consequences of being a vampire in love with a human are not as romantic as it seemed at first. She’s starting to fall in love with another vampire, someone who’s more like her, and they bond over their teeth or smth. Then the vampire does something really assh*lery, and she realizes Seth is her true love after all.

Kim was an eternally ageless ghost woman looking for love. She’d had many heartbreaks, seen husbands and children pass away before her, watched her family grow for generations, and acted as a witness for many Sim years. Now she just wants to settle down in the countryside. Will her great-great-great-granddaughter be able to break her curse? And will she be ready for love when it hits her like a ton of bricks?

Damn, Hallmark movies really do get wild.

Also she’s walking because ThIs Is WHaT tHe SimS 3 iS FoR.

Since she got exactly one skill point in gardening from reading that book, Kim is able to register as a self-employed gardener without ever actually touching a plant. Awesome! This is one of the careers for our roll.

Ooooh, so now you suddenly need our help.

This judgmental side-eye is becoming a thing for her.

Princess Carolyn: “Ice ice, baby.”

Wait… WAIT. Is that it?! Could that be the perfect catchphrase?!

Random cat: *relieved the fire is out so they can safely take the elevator by themselves to their high rise apartment*

It’s probably going to do that glitchy stretching to push the buttons in there. 😨

Sansa has some holiday cookies ready for everyone to come home to.

Next time: Alexander’s birthday and I don’t know what else. Have to play some more. 😛

Sorry for going on a kind of hiatus. I love this game, but because of the loading time I don’t always have time to play. It also takes a decent amount of time just to save the game, and CAS is extremely laggy. So I’m not kidding when I say this chapter plus about half a Sim day is all I’ve played of this family since July. Moving towns would probably help, but I’m determined to stick it out since I’m so close to the end.

Origin broke my Sims 2 game and I’m super sad about it. 😢 I keep trying to launch the game and it just doesn’t work. So I haven’t played that either in about three months.

I’m just two months away from moving out of here and away from my ex. I’ve almost made it! This has also probably factored into my playing time. I’m definitely not in the best headspace yet, and getting like this makes me want to just watch movies/TV in my downtime. Did you know that Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is the best show ever?

On top of that, I’ve gone full time at one of my part time jobs. I used to work as a part time teller and part time at a dog boarding place. Now, since a position opened up, I am a full time teller and I quit my other job. This is my second week as a full time teller, and I’m super happy about it, but it’s been stressful too. And it’s weird not to see those dogs all the time; since a lot of the dogs coming would be there every day, you really build a relationship with them. I feel kind of stupid to be sad about that specifically, but I just love dogs and I’m missing them. 😭 But I still have my own little guy to come home to.


tl;dr: haven’t been playing much, stressed because life, blah, blah, blah.


4 thoughts on “Princess Carolyn: 10.10 “Hallmark Movie”

  1. You’re almost there, and you can move out and never think of this awful time or your ex again, woo! Congrats at going full time at one of your jobs. And no, it’s not silly to miss the dogs, I would too.
    Lmao, the more I hear of hallmark movies, the more I want to watch one. I have seen no Christmas movies other than, like, home alone and die hard, if you count that xD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Not gonna lie, it’s been rough. But it’s almost over!
      Thanks! I’m really happy with my new position but still a little sad.

      Hallmark movies are best to watch with friends so you can all make fun of it and make each other laugh. 😆 And Die Hard totally counts. My favorite Christmas movies are comedies, like A Christmas Story and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

      Thanks for reading! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey, we all get that RL interrupts the simming sometimes. Well done on getting through (almost) all of the ‘living with the ex’ stuff. And congrats on the new job!

    With the planters, if it’s a fully enclosed barn, they will defrost after a day or so; give it time.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!

      Oh no, I got impatient! Although I don’t know if it was fully enclosed. I downloaded this lot, and originally the first floor of the barn had horse stables instead of walls. I got rid of them and put walls down there, but I was thinking that I didn’t fix it correctly.

      Thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

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