Princess Carolyn: 10.1 “Vicious Monster”

Last time with the Diffys, we were intruded upon by a mean cat, experienced the full moon, and Cary invited Karie to celebrate her birthday. This time…

We return to Princess Carolyn and Karie making their way to Mick’s.

And of course Karie’s new husband happens to be here. Yes, she’s married, even though she’s been a young adult for about 3 days. (Thanks, Twallan! No, really. ilu!)

Princess Carolyn: “That’s just freaking typical.”

Don’t worry, I have faith in you. Let’s just wait and see how hot you grow up.

Kyra, who coincidentally is Karie’s aunt (because all or most of the vampires in town are descended from Gil McGinnis), is also here.

She provides some entertainment for Cary and Karie to dance to.

OH. That’s a very special vampire ability to survive through that.

And she sticks the landing!

Then I got distracted because an ant Sim wanted Alex’s assistance at the library. I’m sorry, but you’ll have to rejoin our plane of existence before that’s possible.

And I almost missed Cary’s age-up because of this.

Cary has grown into, or out of, her jaw. I’ve never noticed this on Alex, but I guess it’s just more obvious on females with his jawline. In any case, I did perform some plastic surgery to pull her jaw forward just a liiiiittle bit.

And here she is, in bad lighting and with a distant cousin cheering her on!

Princess Carolyn: “Am I hot? There’s no mirrors nearby.”

Well, I think so, but we’ll let someone else be the judge…

Karie: *suddenly questioning her wedding ring that is nonexistent*

Onto some cutesy karaoke.

Karie: “You make me feel like I’m living a teenage dream the way you turn me on…

Both: “Now every February, you’ll be my valentine…

Jon Snow showed up, and he’s… texting Danny? Gah! The ship sails!

I love vampire faces.

Of course our resident stalker was there to witness everything.

Karie: “Vampires are strong. Can you feel my muscles?”

Princess Carolyn: “Yeah, okay, goodbye!”

Princess Carolyn: *exhales*

Princess Carolyn: “Hey, Chloe.”

Sansa: *judging her daughter’s outfit choice but says nothing*

Princess Carolyn: “Hey, Karie? Yeah. I was wondering if you’d like to hang out tonight? Maybe go for something to eat? Okay, great! I’ll see you!”

Princess Carolyn: “Did I really just invite a vampire to eat? Stupid!”

She still said yes, so that’s something.



Cuddlywhiskers gets out of the tub to stare at Cary while she pees.


You’re getting better. Want to try something else?

Princess Carolyn: “What do you have in mind?”

How about lighting your parents dresser on fire just to practice ice blasts?

*cat vomit in background*

She uses her pyromaniac hidden trait to set the dresser ablaze.

Princess Carolyn: “Hell yeah! I mean, this is for practice, right?”


Princess Carolyn: “And now I’m hungry.”

Hmm, I thought you’d be able to practice ice blasts after lighting something on fire.

Princess Carolyn: “That would make too much sense. Don’t I look bada** though?”

The fire went out on its own after a few minutes. Hrmph.

Let’s just jump into their little dinner date.

Weston!!! You’re all old and gray.

Weston: “But I’ve still got it.”

I’m starting to think that you’re stalking your niece. 🤔

Kyra: “Me? Noooo…”

And what is with you McGinnis’ and the K names? You think you’re the Kardashians?

Kyra: “With fangs.”

The vampire frustration is real.

Oh no, maybe you shouldn’t try that with him.

Karie: “I love scaring mortals! It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy!”

Karie: “Bleh!”

Weston: “Oh, this is fun!”

Karie: “Bleh?”

Weston: “Good one!”

Karie: “That was depressing.”

Princess Carolyn: “I’m sorry; I’ve got to keep her in a good mood. I’ve already effed this up enough by asking a vampire on a dinner date.”

Weston: “Couldn’t you offer her some of your blood?”

Princess Carolyn: “I think that would make me a little weak for what else me and her might do tonight, if you know what I mean.”

Weston: “Augh!”

Weston: “C-c-c-c-cold.”

Princess Carolyn: “I’ve done things I’m not proud of.”

But you practiced the ice blast!

Karie: “Thanks for that! Can’t believe he was being a jerk and not getting scared by me.”

Princess Carolyn: “I know; you’re a vicious monster and he should be aware!”

Princess Carolyn: “By the way, I’m a firebender, too!”

Karie: “Huh?”

Princess Carolyn: “Yeah, I set my parents’ dresser on fire!”

Karie: “Guess I’ll have to keep you away from my flammable furniture, then.”

Karie: “Oh, have you ever seen a frozen lion? The mane looks so weird!”

Princess Carolyn: “Right?”

A nearby townie plays some mood music.

Princess Carolyn: “I really like you, Karie. I hope you don’t take offense to that, since you’re married.”

Karie: “No, I… I like you, too.”

Heartfarts?! In my game?!!! This is so meant to be at this point.

Princess Carolyn: “I know this little campground not far from here. Would you like to go roast some marshmallows with me?”

Karie: “That does sound nice.”

Next time: The continuation of Cary and Karie’s date.

Sorry to cut it off right there, but this was the point where I stopped a playing session and didn’t come back into the game until months later, so it seems like a good stopping point in my mind.

Now the next thing I’d like to focus on is getting a WAYFARE chapter ready. Probably going to be another Lee chapter before then, though.


6 thoughts on “Princess Carolyn: 10.1 “Vicious Monster”

  1. Hm, there are some awkward blank spaces in this chapter. I kept refreshing and it still wouldn’t work for me. Might be my stupid phone, though! 🤔
    I don’t know about the jawline. Never seen this issue in my game. I’ve recently managed to update my character download page, though, mainly gen. 5 ones, but Gosh, I found some gem from distant family, too, and she became my avi.
    Cary and Karie are so cute together. I do believe game loves names like these. I once had both Kerry and Kerrie in my game. I also love Princess Carolyn’s appearance. She’s so dang cute! And it appears she decided now whether she likes girls or not. Lol, I do imagine proper Sansa wouldn’t love that kind of outfit. Cats watching you pee is super realistic. My cat loved being in the bathroom with me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sorry for the spacing! It’s not your phone. I saw those weird spaces in the preview, but not in edit post mode, so I couldn’t fix it before publishing. Once it was published it did show in edit mode, so I’ve fixed it now. I don’t know why that happens. 😔

      Now that I think about it, the jaw problem may also be because she has Sansa’s face shape, and Alex’s mouth and her jawline don’t mix well?

      Yeah, the game definitely has certain names it favors. Just so happens that I chose that nickname, too.

      I love Princess Carolyn! I do love the combination of Sansa’s face shape with Alex’s features. 😊

      My roommate’s cat used to do that too! Waiting to get attention, lol.
      Thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Carolyn continues to grow more beautiful each time! Wow! If it’s not too much trouble to find out, would you mind telling me where you got those moon necklaces and the top she’s wearing? They’ really cool o_o

    Lol at Cuddlywhiskers watching her pee XD

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Lmao Kyra on the karaoke machine. Did she jump in the air or just glitch?! I can’t figure it out!
    Huh your game really like to have people in the floor, doesnt it…
    I had a cat who had the bathroom as her territory. Most guys commented on the unnerving size of her eyes as she stared at them while they peed…
    Okay someone now needs to do a Kardashian supernatural parody “with fangs”. Something like the vampire mockumentry I forget the name of…
    [firestarter plays on in the background]
    Great chapter – loving the date so far!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 😂 the truth is that Sims who are good at karaoke will make that high jump off the speaker, but they need to be in a space with two story ceiling or that happens. It’s funny because this venue was created by EA as a karaoke spot, so they really should have thought about those animations. 😂

      Sims in ceilings, floors, I’ve got it all I guess.

      It does seem cats like to hang out in bathrooms. One of my relatives used to have a mean old cat that lived in the upstairs bathroom.

      LOL! Sounds like something I would watch. I love goofy stuff like that.
      Thanks for reading 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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