Sansa: 9.16 “The Pizza Party”

Last time with the Diffys, Elmer continued to stalk us, Princess Carolyn got snubbed by Kim, and she also learned more about magic. This time…


Sansa got invited to a party hosted by Gemma.


Off we go to Gemma’s house!


Aaaaand Heather is here.


Glaring from afar. Sansa is just trying to ignore her.


Stop taking pics for Simstagram!


Gemma is not pregnant, she just grew into this dress as an adult. I really need to change it, but I fixed her hair!


Sansa and Gemma became good friends.


After the party, Princess Carolyn went to meet Sammi at the park.


I spotted Eddy and Clifton!


And one of Nik’s puppies, which I always immediately recognize from their facial markings.


Cary and Sammi play horseshoes together.


Elmer, what did I tell you about following teenagers around?!


Meanwhile, Sansa and Alex eat out at Tom’s Cafe, where Brienne and her husband Beckett were also out. Also, I’m preeeeetty sure it was Love Day.


Honestly I have to say, Beckett did not age well. O_O But the freckles look great!


Sansa’s other half-sister, Lorena, is also here. It’s just a big, awkward, family reunion.


Sansa: “I can’t believe that after all this time, you have never apologized for your behavior on my wedding day!”

Seeing Brienne brings out the grudge that Sansa has been holding onto.


Brienne: “We weren’t even that close before that happened, Sansa. And you never tried to understand my point of view.”


Sansa: “Don’t try to turn this on me. I didn’t do anything wrong!”

Brienne: “That’s the problem! You always think you’re right!”


Alex comes over to break up the fight.


Jeez, Brienne is really hurt over here.


But she can’t let her sister see that.


Sansa and Alex take a tour at the Fairy Arboretum.


Nice end to their date after that drama.


Danny and Deshaun got married on Love Day. Has my DannyxJon Snow ship sunk? :O


NOOOOOOO GOD NOOOOO! My boyfriend installed new RAM sticks (? I don’t know the word for them) into our desktop and my graphics settings got reset to defaults. Honestly I could take all other settings on low but not the Sim detail. I want my Simmies to look pretty! (Oh yeah I discovered this while making over this random townie that just aged up.)


*breathes sigh of relief* God I feel like such a snob.


Cuddlywhiskers: “MEOW.”


Princess Carolyn: “Whua?”


Princess Carolyn: “Cuddlywhiskers!”


These pet eyes are freaky looking. I need to get some defaults. Until then, I feel like I’m being hypnotized.



Poor dog gnome stuck in the cement. xD


Grace is having another baby.


And Harrison and Marlana have hooked up. Now they can live together forever.


This lilac breasted roller is so pretty!


We’re keeping it.


While out on the town, Sansa saw Nyota and was able to catch up with her a bit.


I had already gotten the notification about her being close to the end, and it happened later that night.


Kim’s longtime partner and father of their three kids is also getting up there.


Alex finds Danny at the gym and once again attempts to get this opportunity done.


My boyfriend’s Simself proceeds to die outside.


Alexander: “I’m just going to cut to it because I’m tired of chasing you around. Will you do this social interaction with me?”


Daenerys: “Of course! As long as we’re friends that value each other beyond this one interaction.”


Alexander: *sigh* *spams social interactions*

Elmer, stop being a creep!


It’s just funny to me that this is happening right outside the gym. xD


I thought it would be fun for Princess Carolyn to have a little pizza party.


She practices magic while waiting for the guests.


Then she was getting really hungry and just started eating.


I swear about four kids showed up but none of them could get past the lobby. One of them did leave this platter behind.


Then Cary invited Sammi over individually and she couldn’t make it up, either.


That’s when Sansa was getting home and used the elevator just fine, yet guests act like they are broken. Here’s my problem: people I actually invite over can’t make it up but yet paparazzi and burglars show up in the apartment like they live here!

(Also, I have no idea why Sammi is in a princess costume.)


Cary settles for chatting with Sammi over the phone.


The party wasn’t even a flop. o_O


Alex continues working on logic for both his LTW and his job.


Alexander: “I think I believe in aliens now.”

Me too, man.


I wasn’t paying attention to the game because everyone was asleep, and then I came back to Cary beating up a burglar.


And winning! No athletic skill, but she has the brave and can apprehend burglar traits.


Princess Carolyn: “Bet you feel stupid trying to break in here!”

Alex looks like he’s been shocked into silence back there.


Burglar: “Bet you feel stupid for leaving your door unlocked.”

Princess Carolyn: “Not really, since I just won the fight.”


Princess Carolyn: “Are you going to leave already?!”


This burglar has her PISSED.



Next time: Princess Carolyn’s prom!!! Also, I’ve planned my pictures out and there are two more chapters before Cary’s generation starts!!!

Also, I apologize for the large gap between the last chapter and this one. I’ve just been in a down mood irl and feeling like not doing much outside of work. Also my laptop, which I play Sims 2 on and write all my blog posts on, stopped responding this week. It seems my power button just doesn’t work anymore (it was eight years old). I should still be able to recover files from the hard drive and I’m not too worried, but it does feel weird to write this chapter on my desktop. In any case, there’s no way I’m not finishing this legacy when I’m so close!

10 thoughts on “Sansa: 9.16 “The Pizza Party”

  1. Elmer! XD

    The shirt on that low detail pic does look awful… totally understandable there. But I don’t think Beckett aged up un-well, he has that skinny/sunken face that some old people get irl. It looks pretty realistic for an old guy (apart from the hair :P)
    Shame about Nyota, I liked her! Oh well, they all have to go eventually.
    Also I hope you’re in a better mood now 👍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I can see what you mean about Beckett, he just looks out of place with most of my Sims being on the more cartoony than realistic side of things.

      Yeah, Nyota was probably my favorite spare. She lived a really long life, though. Her twin daughters were elders, too!

      Thank you ❤ Things are getting better ^^


  2. Woah, Elmer, you creep!
    I love how Gemma lives in that exact same house she lived in in my story along with Dellie and Hailey. And that dress. She’s mocking us!
    Heather is doing good there. Totally not dead! xD
    Here are some good cat eyes defaults!
    I love beating burglars! My whole legacy must have this trait because of Maddie xD
    Hope you’re in a better mood. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Total coincidence! I placed that house in game and she really wanted to move out of the beach house which was very overcrowded.

      Heather is just undead instead. XD

      Yeah, it’s pretty awesome to not worry about the burglars. It’s like Maddie handed down something to bless her family.

      I am doing better, thank you for caring ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Nik’s puppy looks so grumpy haha.
    That bird was soooo pretty!
    And when you spoke about aliens I immediately thought of Ryan from Buzzfeed unsolved. #boogara
    I totally understand the feeling of not wanting or being able to do much outside of work. I’ve been working nonstop for the past couple of weeks, it feels, and I’m so tired! D:

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah he’s a grumpy pup. XD

      Ahhh I love unsolved!!! I’m more of a #shaniac because I’m skeptical of the ghost stuff. Alien stuff freaks me out, though.

      Yeah, I definitely get that feeling every now and then, sometimes I just feel like laying in bed and watching YouTube all day, lol. I’m so close to the end of the legacy but I feel like I’ve lost some of my steam.

      Ahh I hope you get a break soon ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Elevators and apartment buildings can be so annoying! Good job Carolyn for still making the party a modest success somehow, haha. Was it magic??

    I’m aware that you wrote this months ago, but I hope you’re feeling better now 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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