Sansa: 9.15 “Buh-Bye!”

Last time with the Diffys, Princess Carolyn aged into a teenager and then developed a crush on one of her distant relatives which was quickly squashed by him. This time…


Like I mentioned last time, we’ve reached the point where my boyfriend had installed a new graphics card on our desktop.


I hadn’t changed my settings yet in these first few pictures, but this is looking nicer already. I just love the island reflection in the water.


Anyway, Sansa is going to the consignment store in search of a crepes recipe. I accepted an opportunity to make crepes but forgot that you have to travel for the recipe, so I’m hoping she can find it here or by watching TV.


It was a bust, and I also saw that Gemma grew into pigtails, so I’m disappointed all around.


But we can get some hunting in. First time she’s been bitten in a while.


Sansa: “What a mean biddy!”


I’m a hoarder for shinies, so let’s grab whatever gem this is.


Hi, Elmer in the distance!


Sansa goes through the valley between the town and city while getting away from Elmer, and we see one of Nik’s dogs!


Buh-bye now!


Just some random pics around town.


Happily married townie!


Shaunna comes to visit.


Whenever Sansa is home she basically just takes care of the animals and watches the cooking channel after that is done.

Sansa: “They’re making ugly cakes on purpose! Isn’t this crazy?!”

Shaunna: “I suppose.”


Fooled again by someone who just wanted to leach off of our fame!!!

Sansa: “I thought you really wanted to be friends.”

Well, that’s just really sad.


Meanwhile, Alex has been going to the gym after work a lot since I realized what his LTW is. He just needs some yogurt to get his energy up.


Then he pumps iron.


Princess Carolyn is burnt for some reason that I missed.

Princess Carolyn: “I guess it’s not important enough to keep me alive.”

Hey, what happened?!

Princess Carolyn: “If you aren’t going to pay enough attention then I’m not going to just tell you.”


Princess Carolyn: “I don’t want to go to school.”

No skipping for you!

Princess Carolyn: “But look!”


Oh. It’s fine! Just a little glitch; you need to get used to that.


See? Now get to school!


Sansa: “Ahhh! No!”


Sansa: “I’m dead! See?”


Sansa: “Good one!”

Ah, yes, teaching the dog to freak out the neighbors for treats!


If your efforts of taking pictures of teenage celebrities for the tabloids leads you to waiting outside of a high school for God knows how long, maybe reevaluate your life.


Cary goes to Mick’s after school. Christine is here.


And Noel is invited out.


Kim showed up with Omari and her youngest daughter. She is gorgeous!!! But I can’t remember her name.


Kim: “That’s my baby.”


Princess Carolyn: “Hi!”

Kim’s Daughter: “Ah! Don’t sneak up on people!”

Princess Carolyn: “Sorry. I didn’t mean to!”


Kim’s Daughter: “I must be off to the graveyard shift at the graveyard!”

Princess Carolyn: “That’s so funny.”

Noel: “Then why didn’t you laugh?”

Princess Carolyn: “Shh!”


Mini makeover for Kim, just hair and makeup.

Kim: “But I liked the short hair!”

Oh. Sorry…


And an attempt to talk to her celebrity great-great-great-grandmother backfires even with the same celebrity level.


Kim: “It’s not my fault.”

I know.


Cary must spend time with Noel instead.

Princess Carolyn: “Pool?”

Noel: “Okay.”





Princess Carolyn: “Great, a scratch.”


Their game doesn’t last too long.


One of the things I can really see the difference with my graphics is the pet fur.


It actually looks like fur at the edges instead of a hard line!


And you’re probably thinking that Chloe and Cuddlywhiskers are pretty close after all this time. Nope!


Their relationship is actually neutral, not negative or positive. So it can get on Cuddlywhiskers’ nerves when Chloe wishes to do something like lick or cuddle him.


Princess Carolyn: “Have you ever used your powers to help people at the hospital?”


Alexander: “Well, not much. It will only help in special cases, such as speeding up the healing process, or there are spells that can help to diagnose patients.”

Princess Carolyn: “Could you teach me some spells?”

Alexander: “Uh, okay.”


Alexander: “So, uh, this is a very simple good luck charm. Observe the arm movements.”

Princess Carolyn: “I am.”


Princess Carolyn: “Ow! My eye!”

Alexander: “Sorry, that was an accident!”


Princess Carolyn: “I can’t observe anymore.”

Alexander: “Just give it a second. It should still work!”


Princess Carolyn: “Oh! Hey, I feel better. Much better!”


Then Cary gets one of those spam calls.

Princess Carolyn: “Yes? … No, I don’t think I need home insurance…”


And right after she hangs up, Alex gets a spam call, too.

Alexander: “Stop fudging calling me!”


Princess Carolyn: “Hey, these are some good arm movements.”

All right, let’s not go there.


This stretching animation is one of my favorite things ever.


Next time: A party at Gemma’s house and finally getting Daenerys to talk.

I’ll be going out of town to the beach this Thursday through Saturday morning, and have a graduation to attend on Saturday, so this is just a heads up that I may end up even more behind on my blogroll than usual, and I’ll be playing catch up next week.  Everybody have a lovely weekend!

10 thoughts on “Sansa: 9.15 “Buh-Bye!”

    1. Glad you liked it! I always thought David Spade was really funny the way he said that. xD

      Yeah, I’m happy to have things running pretty well.

      I was way too lazy to fix it at the time. xD But they visit her house in the next update, and I believe I did give her a different hair finally.
      Thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Green-skinned daughter is indeed gorgeous! :O
    I don’t know if you answered that anywhere but have you decided yet if you start another legacy or continue this one when you reach gen. 10?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, she looks mostly like her father, whose features apparently turn out very well on females. *_*

      I have a few different ideas for challenges I want to play, and I’ve already been playing a baby boom challenge in Sims 2 which I’ll be publishing at some point. I’d really like to do an EPIC legacy that would be more story-driven. If I do end up continuing the Diffys it would be after a break for sure. Thanks for asking! ^^


  2. I feel like I’m constantly playing catch up on here so you’re not alone! It’s nice to come here and read some of the awesome things people put out, though, always cheers up my day!
    Your game is looking pretty! As are the pets, aww/
    That hair suits Cary so well X_X
    I really need to play a witch in game. Do you just have to buy a wand to become a witch or is there a more complex process? This shows how little I ACTUALLY play the game lmao

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m usually several days behind on my blogroll, but the week after my vacation seemed to be a slow week for updates, so funny thing is I actually caught up from where I was before! 😛 Normally I am more behind than I would like to be, though.

      I agree about Cary! She’s come out so much better than I expected being the only child.

      About witches, you can choose your sim to be a witch in create-a-sim, or use an elixir to make them a witch. The elixir could be found at the alchemy store, or you could create one with the elixir station that Princess Carolyn uses, which even non witches can learn to do. Anyone can buy a wand, but won’t be successful using magic with it without being a witch.

      Thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

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