Sansa: 9.14 “We’re Related”

Last time with the Diffys, Princess Carolyn finally managed to go to school for one day. This time…


Alexander: “I just got called in to work. Apparently there’s an emergency.”


Alexander: “Look, I don’t want to miss the party–”

Sansa: “But this is important.”


Sansa: “I hope you’ll make it back in time, but if you don’t, I’ll explain to Carolyn that you’re saving lives. You’ve worked so hard to become a surgeon and I’m proud of you.”

Alexander: “I–I love you. So much.”


Sansa: “I love you, too.”


Despite his worries, Alex is actually the first one to make it to the party venue. This is due to him already being out and about in town for work, while Sansa and Princess Carolyn had to navigate the –shudder– elevators of the penthouse.


Clifton, now a teen, is here!


What’s a child’s birthday party without drinks to keep the adults from getting bored?


Sansa catches up with her sister.


And it’s time for cake.


Nik is THRILLED to be here.



Princess Carolyn gains the social butterfly trait. Reminder for myself because a few chapters back I got confused and thought she had the athletic trait: her traits are now brave, excitable, hot-headed, and social butterfly.


I wanted to change up her hair color just for something more interesting, so I just gave her some faded tips.


She’s really cute, even with a scowl.


Hi, Kim!


Cary met her grandfather, which is great because


I got this popup after the party was over. 😦


Gemma, you need some help?


Grace makes her first appearance in person.


Her sister recently had a baby boy.


Hi, Vivek! After seeing him show up, Princess Carolyn wished to become friends with a vampire.


Brienne’s old prom crush Heath showed up.

Heath: “I’ve gotten a few noise complaints, so… Any cake left?”


Carolyn bonds with Grace over their shared excitable traits.


And Clifton got stuck in the bushes.



*remembers that Alexander’s LTW is perfect mind, perfect body*

Alexander: “So want to come to the gym with me?”

Sansa: “Sure!”


Carolyn can finally study at the alchemy station that she wished for as a child.


She looks like she’s having so much fun running on the treadmill. >.>

Sansa: “It is fun!”

Cardio is booooooring. At least put a show on.

Sansa: “Don’t need it; too much fun already!”


Alex is getting his strength training on.


Well, you do that.


Kyra stops by the penthouse and asks to come up.

Kyra: “So can I come up?”

Why not? Chloe and Cuddlywhiskers need their social filled.

Kyra: “Aren’t those the pets’ names?”

Yes. Everyone is out.

Kyra: …


Princess Carolyn is out at the Fuscia Lounge.


Princess Carolyn: “Where’s the magic?”

Maybe you need to learn how to use that thing.


Then I saw one KYRA MCGINNIS on the other side of the club. I thought you were going to help Chloe and Cuddlywhiskers fufill their social need???

Kyra: “Hell no.”

And why’d you change your outfit from what I dressed you in???

Kyra: “Just let me live.”


Kyra gets drawn to the ground floor because Arienne is dying. ;_;


Vivek: “Oh, hey, Princess Carolyn!”


Princess Carolyn: “You can call me Carolyn or Cary. My full name is so formal.”

Vivek: “Okay, Carolyn. Anyway, congrats on your birthday! I’m sorry I was late for your party yesterday.”


Princess Carolyn: “Oh, don’t worry about that. I’m really glad you made it. Having an attractive older guy there really made the party feel more grown up.”


Vivek: “Oh. So, uh, did you know that we’re related?”

Princess Carolyn: “Wait, we are?”


Vivek: “Your grandmother Christine is my cousin.”

Princess Carolyn: “Oh. Huh.”

Vivek: “Yeah.”


Princess Carolyn: “Welp, gotta go, bye!”


Arienne has already been reaped in the lobby.


And the real reason for Cary’s running is because she’s out past curfew.


Monday morning and the dishwasher is broken.

Alexander: “Great start to my day off.” *grumble*

By the way, DON’T  DIE.


Lol, you’re so cute.


Sansa is out hunting. Butterflies aren’t useful to us, but they are preeeeetty.


Alexander is off to complete an opportunity in which he has to talk to Daenerys.


Awwww, Daenerys and Jon Snow are still neighbors after all this time. I still ship you two.

Jon Snow: “Uh, gotta run.”

Daenerys: “Gotta glitch.”

So apparently what I’m seeing here is Stuck!Danny because technically she’s supposed to be at work right now.


While waiting for glitchy Danny to leave her house (which never happened) after being reset, Alex pops a poisoned apple into his mouth quicker than I can get a proper picture.




Anyway, talking to Danny was a bust.


Shaunna: “Shut up, child!”


Sansa: “Isn’t that your kid?”

Shaunna: …

I’m more mad that she has reverted back to the dreaded pigtails and a wedding dress.


Ana! Haven’t seen you in a while!


In fact, I hadn’t checked the family tree for quite a while, either. This is when I found out that Leonard has already died, while Nyota’s daughters are elders and she’s still around. I wonder how old she is by now.


Well, how are you holding up without Leo?

Anastasia: “Can’t I just blankly stare at this plant in peace without raising suspicion?”


Princess Carolyn invited a schoolmate over for dinner and to do homework together.

Sammi Dutiel: “Are… are you going to let me in?”

Oh, sorry! I had the door locked to everyone except household because of the paparazzi incident.


Sammi is Grace’s daughter, but she looks mostly like her father.


Cary and Sammi get homework done while Sansa is studying cooking.

Next time: We’ve reached the point where my boyfriend bought a nicer graphics card for our desktop!

Also, I’ve been posting genderbend pics of the Diffys over on my tumblr. I’ll make an official post here once I get Cary’s photos ready, but you can check over there if you want to peek at everyone else’s pics.


8 thoughts on “Sansa: 9.14 “We’re Related”

  1. Arrrgh! Everyone in your town is so pretty, it’s too much! So annoying! 😛 But it was great to see so many people we haven’t in a while.

    I love Jon Snow’s look, for some reason the complete stick figure build just makes him more interesting here. That freaking cat. Oh my goodness, like a poofy ice cream topping. Whipped Kitty.

    Also, of course you’re related, he’s green= you’re related here!! Sheesh! lol

    Princess Carolyn is super pretty but I have to ask if she’s stuck up at all about her name?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol, thanks. 😛

      He is a stick figure, lol. I should probably diversify my town because a lot of people are really thin. When my boyfriend saw Cuddlywhiskers he asked why someone would spray paint that cat. XD I like your description though!

      At this point Cary should just assume she’s related to everyone in town. It would be less embarrassing.

      I think Cary probably just doesn’t like how long her name is and how it’s such a reflection of her “proper” mom. She’s a lot different from her mom and getting called the full name is annoying to her.
      Thanks for reading!


  2. Sammi is gorgeous – as is Cary, which was going to be my first point, but since Sammi’s picture was right at the end that was the first thing in my mind when I came to wrtie a comment 😛
    Lmao the problem of having several generations of the family in town is that you get relatives that you don’t know about. But hey, Prince Harry and Megan are very distantly related and if it’s good enough for those royals, it’s good enough for ours, right? 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I really like Sammi’s features! And Cary I really got lucky with! *_*

      Yeah, especially with vampires who stick around for generations. xD
      I didn’t know they were related. :O And I thought the days of royals marrying cousins were long gone. xD Kidding, it’s so distant that who can really care. 😛
      Thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

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