Sansa: 9.13 “End of Snow Days”

Last time with the Diffys, Princess Carolyn did not go to school at all because the snow days are relentless. Also lots of vaccination sessions. This time…




Nooooo Chloe is my favorite doggie ever! I don’t want her to grow old! ;_;


Aannnnd we have a third snow day.


Gloria’s having a baby! And Gloria and Russell deleted their profile pics, but don’t worry too much.


They were at the park to get their winter festival picture, and while there, Alex had his birthday.




Alexander: “Serves you right for forgetting my birthday.”


Okay, I’m happy.


The festival photo booths are really glitchy for me. Once my Sims go in the booth, they sometimes get stuck and have to be reset, and I don’t get a picture. I had to replace the photobooth (by buying a new one, not using eyedropper tool) to fix the issue. But this keeps coming up, and I don’t know if the booth is glitchy again until my Sims are stuck in there. >:I



Enough ranting about glitches, how about more ranting about Carolyn still not going to school because the next day is Snowflake Day?


Princess Carolyn: “Yee-haw!”


Princess Carolyn: “No, no, no, no!”


Princess Carolyn: “AAAAhhhh!”


Princess Carolyn: “I’m okay; I’m okay.”


I can’t stay mad at you. ❤


Nevermind; you’re pushing it.


Princess Carolyn: “It’s not my fault the shower is crappy.”

The shower is not crappy, it just provides teaching opportunities. Maybe now you can learn some handiness.


Alex gets a fake/prank/spam/I’m not exactly sure what to call these phone calls.


Alexander: “I haven’t entered any contests recently…”


The family has french toast for breakfast courtesy of Sansa.


Princess Carolyn: “It’s a winter paradise outside! Are we going to the park today? I really want to.”


Sansa: “Alex, your daughter wants to go to the park for Snowflake Day.”

Alexander: “It’s my day off and I’ve been outside doing vaccinations all week!”

Sansa: “It’s your day off because of Snowflake Day, and we need to spend time together as a family.”


So they went to the park and were having a wonderful time until Alana Zhang interrupted them.


Alana: “Please… I’ve seen you walking into the hospital…”

Alexander: “I could be a janitor for all you know.”

Alana: “Wearing… a lab coat?”


Alexander: “Fine. Follow the light.”


Alexander: “There’s definitely something wrong with you, but not too much I can do about it without hospital equipment. Take these antibiotics and call me in the morning.”


Alana: “I will not do that. I faked it to meet you… Dr. Mitchell.”

Alexander: *sigh*


Princess Carolyn had a snowball fight with three adults, which is totally not weird.


Princess Carolyn: “I wish there were kids around, but this will do.”

How rude!


Nik is here!


Alex invites him to build a snowman. The bromance intensifies.


Nikolas: “Sometimes I get these urges… like I want to tear into raw meat.”

Alexander: “I know you’re a werewolf. It’s okay.”


Nikolas: “Oh. You knew? Since when?”

Alexander: “Since we met, of course. There’s a brownish-red outline around your picture in my relationship panel.”

Nikolas: “Well, what’s this yellow outline around yours?”

Alexander: “You’re still new to this gameplay driven stuff, aren’t you?”



Nikolas: “Not cool. You know I’m still worried about being dead in my own story.”

Alexander: “Uh, you did that. Must have been subconscious.”


Brienne (and Theon) aged up on Snowflake Day.


It’s still rainy, but the snow days are finally over!!!


Princess Carolyn gets exactly one day of school as a child because tomorrow is Saturday and also her birthday. Yay?


Sansa: “Hey, Cuddlywhiskers!”


Cuddlywhiskers: *pokes with claws retracted now that they’re friends*


Sansa: “Awww, such a sweetie.”

Cuddlywhiskers is the type of cat to be mean to you forever and one day out of the blue be nice but only around you.


Cuddlywhiskers: “I don’t want to die. I can stay in your protective nightgown forever?”


My Simself died. D:


Princess Carolyn: “Noel! Come do homework with me!”


Noel: “Sorry, Mom said I have to follow her home!”


Mom Daenerys with her son Noel. ❤


Alexander did yet another vaccination session.


He pushed through work while he was starving and was rewarded for it.


Non-poisoned apple! Good job!


Saturday dawns with a beautiful sunrise.


Okay, yes, more rocking horse pics! I just kept taking pictures because I noticed different animations/facial expressions and she’s just so cute!


Princess Carolyn: “Ya!”


Carolyn: “Git over here, little doggies!”


Princess Carolyn: “Wheeeee…”


The clapping while rocking gah so cute!


Chloe is so sweet, she’s always wishing to do stuff with her humans.



I happened to catch the exact moment that Diane died.


Sansa is not going to be happy about this…


Sansa: “Diane is dead?”

I know…


Sansa: “Diane is dead!” *eyes glisten*

There, there. Cry it out.


Sansa: “Woo! Diane is dead!”

You’re… happy?

Sansa: “Of course! That biddie hated me! But now she’s dead!!!”

Sansa is literally doing a mourning interaction and this is how she acts… I’m done, I’m done. Kidding, honestly I’m not even mad that my game throws such unexpected things at me because this is hilarious. I mean, Diane did hate her, I wasn’t kidding about the celebrity system messing things up. Mr. Peanutbutter also hates her, but Todd is indifferent, which strangely makes sense with his character.

Next time: Princess Carolyn’s birthday! :O


12 thoughts on “Sansa: 9.13 “End of Snow Days”

  1. He inherited the pigtails after his father Tony! He had them in my game, too. Now he’s a nasty old man and I can’t even keep track of his romances all the time…
    Another Snow Day? Oh, please…
    Love the talk about in-game relationship panel features 😁

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s a funny thing because I remember Aidan from my 6th generation and his father both got pigtails on their birthdays. Hmm… Ugh, Tony, really? I’d rather not remember his existence xD

      The snow days did not want to let up!

      LOL, I couldn’t help it, Nik looked so worried, like he was making a confession there.

      Thanks for reading ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  2. More snowdays? That’s some horrible weather you’ve got there.

    Alex’ new looks is good, but the pigtails… Good thing his stalkerpaparazi didn’t see him. My male sims age up with those all the time. Sansa’s reaction to the bird was priceless. Can’t believe she gave the dead bird thumbs up. Or maybe they were for you, since you caught it’s moment of death.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, this was such a heavy winter. 😔

      It’s funny that so many people experience the mantails. Almost like a glitch, lol. I guess it’s easy enough to fix, but it’s just like whyyyyyyyy does this happen. Ha, that would be a scandal if the papz caught it. XD

      I was so shocked by Sansa’s reaction, and I didn’t even know she could cheer when being told to mourn. I wonder if the same would happen if you told a sim to mourn at the grave of an enemy. XD

      Thanks for reading!


  3. Oh my gosh so many cute things! You got the exact moment of the bird’s death, after the exact moment of the snowman becoming a snow-grimm, HhhhHH~~~HHHHMMMmmmmmm~mmmmmm… (insert face twirl effect)

    And the animations on the rocker \are very cute, I usually don’t buy them because I think they are useless. I have a sim who celebrated when their bird died, it’ll come up in story actually xD

    Adult Danereys and Alex with pig tails!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. HMMMMmmmmhnmMMMMMmm coincidence? Did we want Diane to die??? Who knows. 😂 Well, I mean, clearly Sansa did actually want her to die. I can’t wait to see your sim celebrating the bird death, this is hilarious to me, lol.

      The rocker is pretty useless, I just put it there so her room wouldn’t be so empty, but it’s really fun for me to watch her on it. The animations were better than I expected.

      Thanks for reading!


  4. “The shower is not crappy, it just provides teaching opportunities” Love it xD
    Also I love Alex, and the comments about the coloured boxes around the icons gave me a good giggle.
    MAN, another snow day! I mean, they’re fun IRL, but in game they get a bit boring 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Alex will get some use out of fixing it, so it’s fine. XD

      I’m glad that made you giggle; sometimes I’m not so sure how far to go with these bits. 😛

      I know! I got really lucky that Cary didn’t age up badly.

      Thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. All those snow days must have been frustrating! And she only got to go to school once before aging up? I hope she got a fun trait regardless 🙂

    I have the same glitch with the photo booths! For me it usually happens when I try to get a picture with many sims and they block each other from entering. Like you, I haven’t found any workaround besides replacing the booth.

    Lol at the way Sansa was mourning Diane! I’ve never seen that happen. Sansa has a secret dark side!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, it did get frustrating and I felt bad that she didn’t have any friends as a result. 😦

      Interesting because the first time I noticed the glitch was during Christine’s generation with all the kids trying to get into the booth. It’s so annoying. >.<

      Sansa is secretly a bad b on the inside. XD
      Thanks for reading!


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