Sansa: 9.7 “Wedding Day Drama”

Last time with the Diffys, Alex proposed to Sansa during a very weird date and she said yes! This time…


It’s the morning of the wedding, but everything is calm at the moment.



Sansa’s talking to animals, as per usual.


Eddy got his tattoo wish taken care of.


I think you know where I got this from. (Owly)


Christine and Eddy go to the venue ahead of time to prepare things. I’m using the bed and breakfast once again because it really seems like the perfect place for a wedding.


Christine: “I knew it wasn’t just a spicy burrito!”


Eddy prepares drinks at the reception area.


Hello, Arienne!


So! I just realized while planning this party that Gloria and Eddy are actually love interests from the short time he was free to story progression. I didn’t immediately make this connection because I’ve never seen the new love interest and old love interest immediately become enemies and hate each other so much.

Gloria: “I told you that Christine knows what she did. Eddy must miss me; he’ll be back.”

Sorry, Gloria, they’re kind of my OTP by now. You’re the third wheel.

Gloria: “We’ll see about that.”

You know I’m ultimately in control here? Don’t get on my bad side.

Gloria: D:


Sansa and Alex arrive, and Sansa heads to the bathroom to change and gussy up.


Alex patiently waits while the guests arrive.


That’s not an awkward way to run. I totally don’t think you’re an alien now.


Brienne: “Honestly I couldn’t believe it when I saw the invite. You’re seriously marrying Sansa?! WTF!”

Oh, Brienne is love interests with Alex.


Alexander: “Brienne, I know we had some nice chats on the forums, but I didn’t think you meant any more than that. I mean, I think of you as a friend.”


Brienne: “That’s not fair! You led me on.”

Alexander: “You were invited to my wedding; I didn’t think I was leading you on.”


Brienne: “Moooom this isn’t fair!”



Christine is too busy hinting to Theon that he needs to knock up Gemma to pay attention to Brienne.

Christine: “You and your girlfriend are pretty serious, aren’t you?”

Theon: “It’s a little early to say that…”


Aww, Eddy popped this wish as he looked longlingly across the room at Christine. ❤ I did think about making this a double wedding, but I like Christine and Eddy as just partners for now. Plus a double wedding would be even more disastrous than this turned out to be.


I kind of ship these two. They’re not technically related.


Daenerys: “I’m going to need to drink a lot more with comments like that.”


Kim is being triggered by my drinking mod to come talk to Alex. Yes, she is heavily pregnant and drinking. I wonder if she has some sage advice for him.


Wait, what?


You’re listening to his belly… as if he was pregnant… o_O

Kim: “Trust me, I can tell what you had for breakfast just by listening.”


Kim: “Was it pancakes with, uh, lime?”

Alexander: “How did you know?”

Kim: “Pregnancy sense, y’know.”


Alexander: “That was kinda weird. I thought you might have some advice for me on my wedding day.”


Kim: “What can I say? I just came here to troll people, and it’s hard to focus with all this rain.”


Finally time for Sansa to walk down the aisle.


Or… around the aisle.


And getting slightly stuck at the end of the non-aisle.


Okay, finally. Whew, glad Christine and Eddy found seats next to each other.


Christine: “We can find better seats than the front row on the right side.”


Yeah, the second row on the left side next to Phillip, Jian’s younger son, is much better.

Phillip: “Aren’t you…?”


Anyways, vows are happening.


Jon Snow: “I’m glad Sansa found someone to love.”


Christine came to her senses and sat beside Eddy again.

Christine: “Sitting by Phillip was way too awkward.”


Sansa: “That was the best kiss ever.”

Noooo!!! I missed it!


Let’s just pretend that this was their first kiss as a married couple.


Daenerys: “Two first kisses? Awwww.”


Theon stayed in his casual wear for the whole party.


Harrison: “Beautiful ceremony, isn’t it?”


Kim: “And you showed up in a puppy sweater.”

Harrison: “I think we both know that if you don’t have fun in life, it gets boring really quick, and you start feeling the neverending time passing by way too slowly.”

Kim: “I know that far too well.”


Outside, Eddy is attempting to set the mood for the couple’s first dance, but Brienne will not let it go.


Brienne: “You knew we had something, you yeti!”

Alexander: “No, I didn’t! And I’m sorry, but it’s a little late to be arguing with me about this!”


Theon and Danny are trying to ignore the loud argument by drinking.


Sansa: “Brienne, it’s time to stop! I’m not going to let you ruin our wedding day!”


Sansa: “Do you really think that with your unflirty nature Alex had any idea that you had a crush on him?! Your version of flirting is saying hello awkwardly and hoping that the guy has the hots for you before you put your foot in your mouth!”


Brienne: “Too far.”

Note Kim still drinking in the background.


Still ignoring the loud argument, Danny throws a water balloon at her biological mom.

Sansa: “Great.”


Arienne: “You got me with that one!”


Sansa and Alex finally have their first dance.


Brienne still hasn’t left and is watching from a short distance.


Brienne: “I’m going to take advantage of the free food, even if I’m suffering from unrequited love.”

Jian: “Same.”


Jon Snow: “Ha-cha-cha!”


I literally just saw Kim drop this book on the ground for no reason. Now no one else can pick it up because it doesn’t belong on this lot.


Kim did not go into labor during the wedding (although that would have been very fitting at a Sims party), but I got this popup after she left.


Jian started playing the piano, which I thought was really sweet.


Sansa: “I’m really glad that you’re here. I know we’re not that close, but I appreciate it.”


Jian: “I know what you mean, but I’ve tried to be there for the big events in your life, and I wouldn’t miss this one.”


After most of the guests have gone, Sansa and Alex head up to their room.

Sansa: “I’ll be in the bathroom for a few minutes.”


Back at home, Christine is having a talk with Eddy.

Christine: “I know this is unexpected… I am close to my elder birthday…”


Christine: “I know we didn’t plan this, but I believe I’m pregnant.”

Eddy: “You’re being serious?”

Christine: “You look excited.”

Eddy: “Well, you know I don’t have any kids, and at this point I was thinking I never would… So, yeah, I’m excited.”



Back at the bed and breakfast, it’s time for an awkward night of firsts for Sansa and Alex.


But I think they’ll get through it.

Next time: More pets!

13 thoughts on “Sansa: 9.7 “Wedding Day Drama”

  1. What a lovely wedding, despite all the drama, lol! At least most of your guests sat down, that’s never guaranteed at a sims wedding.

    I loved Kim listening to Alexander’s belly – do you think she did that because she was drunk? I’ve never seen that happen before.

    Poor Gloria and poor Brienne! It’s difficult enough for them to find love; I hope they can get over their lost love interests and find new ones! It’s weird how Gloria would make Christine an enemy over a love interest though. I didn’t know she could be so vindictive!

    Now that you said it, I’m shipping Dany and Jon too! More than their namesakes on GoT for sure.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! There really was a lot of goofy stuff going on, but Alex and Sansa are married so I call that a success! I used a wedding arch (invisible one: which usually helps with getting the guests to actually sit.

      I still have no idea why she did that. O_O I know that the social action was prompted by my mod, but it would usually prompt the sim to tell a joke, argue with someone, flirt, etc. Very random that she chose something that technically can’t even be done since Alex isn’t pregnant himself.

      Tbh, I put the blame on myself for that one. I threw Eddy into the waters of story progression and only blocked him from knocking up someone, but if I knew this would result in Christine and Gloria becoming enemies, I would have just turned off romance for him altogether, lol. From Gloria’s perspective, Christine really did “steal” him while her and Eddy were dating, so I can’t blame her.

      xD Yeah, on the show they’re like kissing cousins or something, at least that wouldn’t be the case here. Thanks for reading!


  2. Congratulations, Christine! And wow, kids and Gemma, good luck on convincing her, Christine, lol. I think nooboos for Sansa and Alex will come sooner! And I’ve just done an OC tag for Rosie and she sure would love to be a grandma! 😀 Anyway, that wedding wasn’t even that disastrous. But Kim shouldn’t have drunk while pregnant, lmao.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I could honestly see Christine and Gemma getting into a huge argument over kids. xD Christine would be appalled at Gemma’s parenting.

      You just got me so excited because I realized it will not only be my 10th gen kid but also technically your 4th (did I get that right? xD) gen kid. Anyway, *spoilers* but that is coming up.

      Any sims wedding where both parts of the couple show up and actually get married is a success in my mind. I’ve had sims get stood up plenty of times before, not because their relationship was bad or anything, but game glitchiness. Almost happened to Salem, my gen 4 heir, when his fiance got stuck, lol! But as I was writing this chapter I realized how much goofiness happened and I think by normal standards this would be a disaster wedding. xD

      Thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I could see them like that, too.
        You’re right, Alex’s son belongs to my fourth generation with Rosie as their grandmother and Eddie as a great-grandfather. Lovely!
        Yes, that’s why I don’t like throwing wedding parties.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. xD I love the memes that meme their way into your posts. And Theon!! Hilarious and adorable, you were my OTOC… *snifflling sounds*

    But seriously poor Sansa, with allergies of course the aisle was blurry, of course she’d get lst, her dad was supposed to walk her down the aisle so she could see!

    And all the kids are gorgeous grown up, my goodness.

    The married couple sucking face just puts slurping sounds into my head. And then you top it off with the ‘awkward night of firsts’ LOL

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love the use of meme as a verb. xD Theon really got overlooked among his siblings. I did have to laugh at him sticking in his casual, though.

      Ha, Sansa was at a disadvantage there, no one to keep her on that aisle! But, hey, she eventually made it, after much marco polo calling, I’m sure.

      I really love them all. They all turned out with such different personalities, too.

      xD And this is the most awkward of firsts.
      Thanks for reading!


  4. Drama! Why does Alex have so many love interests, damn!
    “Christine: “I knew it wasn’t just a spicy burrito!”” I loled
    I’m gonna have to start using yeti as an insult now…
    Also I’ve never seen someone listen to someone else’s belly… who wasn’t preggers. Um, Alex, wanna tell us something? XD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol! Lucky for me it was just one, but the sister of his bride is pretty bad!

      Sims talk about yetis a lot for them to not even be in the game…

      Don’t worry, Alex wasn’t secretly abducted in the night. xD Haven’t seen aliens in my game for quite a while, actually.

      Thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Wow, Alex is quite the womanizer. And Brienne to at that. Well, sure that’ll stir more drama then it already did. This chapter had that type of soapopera drama to it. It was really great.

    Can’t believe Christine is pregnant again though. It’s nice that her and Eddy have a kid toghether, but she has so many already. Maybe if Sansa gets pregnant soon, her new sibling and kid will be able to play together.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad you liked the drama in this chapter, lol! It was not planned by me, but at least Sansa and Alex got through it.

      She does have a lot of kids, but since the others are grown it shouldn’t be too bad to handle. I think Eddy would make a great father, too. It won’t be long for Sansa, so you’re right there.
      Thanks for reading!


  6. Finally, I am here to catch up! ^_^ I’m sorry for being so slow!
    Man, I’d nearly forgotten how hilarious your chapters are! 😀 That wedding was something else – especially Brienne cracked me up, lmao! She would not give up, even after the guy got married lol!
    And Kim is the best troll ever – period! XD
    Congratulations to Alex and Sansa! It was a classic sims wedding, but at least nobody peed on themselves, haha! (or did they?)
    This chapter was amazing! 😀 Looking forward to reading more!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Don’t worry about it! Glad to see you here. 😃

      I imagine Brienne is pretty stubborn, and being socially awkward, she read a lot more into their relationship than there was.

      I could not believe it when Kim did that. One of the funniest things I’ve seen in my game. 😂

      Nobody peed themselves, if I remember correctly. A win in the world of Sim weddings.

      Thanks you! 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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