Tom 7.7 “Mastermind Plot”

Last time with the Diffys, our final baby, Christine, was born, and Leonard grew into a child. This time…


We are having a little birthday party for Nyota.


Tom: “So I’ve been trying to think of a way to bring Andy down a couple pegs. He’s so annoying and stuck up. You wanna help?”


Ben: “Yes! I’m glad I wasn’t the only one thinking that.”

Ben took Tom’s mastermind plot interaction positively.


Nyota: “Ah-ah-ah-”

No! Don’t sneeze on it!


Nyota: “Choo!”

Well, I’m not eating it.


So cute! She has Gwen’s features, but with Tom’s nose.


Right away, Ny wished to pick up Christine. She’s so sweet.


This is the point where I figured out that studying the writing skill is supposed to help with blogging. Gwen has since gotten 4 writing skill points, but it doesn’t seem to be helping. It is very rare that she gets donations from followers, and her blog posts now more often lose followers than gain.


Yay, Christine’s birthday!


Cross-eyed pic. Christine has her maternal grandmother’s skintone and mystery blonde hair.

Tom also had a birthday.


Nyota: “We still have cake?”

Gwendolyn: “Probably, unless Leonard got to it.”


Tammy 2 is curious about the new human.

Tammy 2: “I’m okay with this.”


Maura (she is Tom’s great-grandmother) was up and about and started making fruit salad.


And she even finished making it before she had to return to her urn. A group serving, yay! (The other ghost here was Emmie)


It’s Leisure Day, so we threw a pool party. I redid the pool because I really hated how I did it before.


Gwendolyn: Always wear sunscreen.


The kids have a water balloon fight with friends.


Kim heads straight to the gravestones, of course. Is this going to be a habit when you come over?


Kim: “Me and Wanda were really becoming friends. I wish I knew her better before she died.”

That’s pretty sad.


Another sad thing: two of the kids we invited got into a brawl.


Brady Meyers won the fight. I felt bad for the little girl. There were several people booing her, too. I think she has the insane trait.


I sent Leo over to talk to her so someone will be nice.

(He and Brady got really tanned during the party lol)


Her name is Miranda Jones and she’s pretty cute after a little makeover (those pigtails annoy me every time I see them).


Christine has been taught how to talk and now Tom is trying to get her walking skill in.


But she was being a bit stubborn about it.


Tom got a call from Ben because he has an idea.


Ben invited Tom to come to the Palmetto Club (my game does not do this club justice).


It is the early afternoon, off-hours for the club, so Roaring Height’s prominent band Camo Key is currently practicing before it is open to the public.


Ben goes to the bar to get prepared for the night.

Tom: “So do you own this place?”


Ben: “No, I am partners with Virginia Supine, who owns it. I became a bartender here, and she had been looking for someone else to manage the place. So after I proved that I could run things, plus I was able to attract bands, she promoted me to manager and partner.”

Tom: “Awesome. This place is really nice.”


Ben: “I know. And I had an idea of how to mess with Andy…”


At Ben’s suggestion, Tom goes to talk to the pianist and band manager of Camo Key, Jace Murray.


Jace: “I usually wouldn’t listen to fan requests, but since you’re Ben’s brother…”

Next time: A Camo Key concert!



  1. loladiamond01 · 10 Days Ago

    Nyota looks so much like her mother! I can’t wait for the concert, this club looks amazing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • heatherfeather19 · 7 Days Ago

      Nyota has such a cute face, and, yeah, almost exactly like her mother! I imagine her being a really wholesome, good-natured person, unlike her father.

      Glad you like the club! It looks amazing with all the store stuff that the original creator used, which unfortunately I do not have. I still had fun with the place, though! Thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Frogsnack · 9 Days Ago

    I really like Tom’s hair, I always think that when I’m reading one of your posts! Haven’t commented really because I’m not caught up yet. But this was a cute update, love the idea of an actual plot being masterminded and executed but not in a horribly damaging way (or is it? lol)

    Liked by 1 person

    • heatherfeather19 · 7 Days Ago

      Thanks! I thought that hairstyle looked perfect on him, and also set him apart from his father, who he looks a lot like.

      Don’t worry too much about catching up. You could just start at the last chapter of the last generation to start Tom’s story. Or, actually, this chapter is the perfect one to jump in on for the rest of the generation to make sense.

      Tom’s intention is mainly to poke fun at his annoying older brother who is too stuck up for the rest of the family. There couldn’t possibly be repurcussions from this silly little plan…

      Thanks for reading. 😀


  3. owlfacesims · 9 Days Ago

    Nyota is gorgeous! And I love that simstagram pic of Gwen. The blogging career sounds frustrating–I’ve started blogs with a few of my sims and it never seems to garner any cash.

    Oh no—how are they going to mess with Andy??

    Liked by 1 person

    • heatherfeather19 · 7 Days Ago

      I really love Nyota’s looks! She got a good blend of Gwen and Tom.

      The blogging career is pretty annoying. I’m not actually worried about it because Tom’s career is going so well (he’s at the top the video game developer career), but I just wanted to update how blogging is going. The problem too is that I just forget to make her blog all the time.

      Their plan comes into action next time. It’s nothing too serious, lol. Thanks for reading!


  4. Nocriel · 6 Days Ago

    Wow, Christine looks nothing like her parents! And her buns are so cute, where is her hair from?

    Liked by 1 person

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