Aidan: 6.1 “That’s a Wrap”

Last time with the Diffys, Wendy, Jane, and Nora moved out. Aidan’s hormones were raging as he attempted a date with Wanda and developed a crush on Margarita at prom. This time…

Mr. Pickles: “Boing!”

 Mr. Pickles: “That lizard really put up a fight.”


Mr. Pickles: “And then I ate him.”

 Margarita is over for a pizza and study date. Just ignore the glowing bucket and circle of newspapers.

 Aidan: “Hey, Margarita! The door’s open!”

I would have opened the door for her, but ok.

 Margarita: “I haven’t been to your house before.”

 Aidan: “I know. There’s always a first, right?”

 Margarita: “A first first with you.”

 They were all about science when Kim came into the room.

Kim: “Pizza’s here! Your dad and I will be playing dominoes downstairs.”

 Margarita: “I like your house. Right by the beach.”

 Aidan: “Yeah and my mom writes, so she says it gives her peacefulness to focus. I think that’s true for me, too.”

Margarita: “So you don’t eat pizza with fork and knife. Good to know.”

Your face suggests something naughty, but I won’t go there at this time.

 A wave goodbye would be nice. Like when Sims leave a party. Instead they have to run away like being here is suddenly giving them hives. /endrant

 Thad: “Kim, I’ve been thinking. Would you like to move, maybe get a really small house? Just us two?”

Kim: “That actually sounds fantastic! Aidan is almost old enough to take care of himself, now.”

 Thad: “And, Kim? I’d like to retire.”

 Kim: “But I thought you loved your job! What would you do at home, just read books? You’ve always been more active than that.”

 Thad: “I can find things to do. I just don’t feel up to it anymore. The directing work has been fun, but a lot of hard work. I’m not getting younger over here.”

Kim: “I…I know.”

 The ghosts are always attracted to Aidan’s rocking chair.

 Aidan doesn’t mind. He thinks ghosts are awesome.

 Aidan: “You guys need to come out more often.”

 Emmie: “I brought food.” *plunk*

 And with that, it is now Aidan’s birthday! Don’t stand too close, Thad. It’s not your turn.

Aidan: *can’t reach the table*

Margarita: “Did you shower today, Adrian?”

Adrian: “Heh. Wouldn’t you like to know.”

Aidan: “All my ancestors left their mark on my family. What am I going to add for future generations?”

First you have to create the next generation, if you find a girl to do so with.

No more brooding right now!

And Aidan becomes a man.

Aidan didn’t turn out bad at all. He adds the brooding trait to bookworm, hates the outdoors, grumpy, and brave. His LTW is now to become an International Super Spy.

Emmie just puts herself in the perfect spot for brooding.

Emmie: “I want a wall of memorabilia.”

Nope, that’s whining.

Guests: “Pretty good party. Birthday kid grew up, and cake.”

Wendy: “I need to go home now.”

Aidan wanted to talk to Margarita, but did not get a chance to do so.

Wanda: “You’re really not a kid anymore.”

Aidan: “Thanks. I do my best.”

I really hope she grows into her boobs because it’s a little awkward.

Wanda: “This was a good party. Thanks for inviting me.”

Aidan: “You never give compliments. This is weird.”

Wanda: “No, I rarely give compliments. It’s not that weird.”

Wendy: “I thought I could wait for her, but just tell Jane that I’m going home now.”

I love you, Wendy.

Aidan makes use of the brooding trait with this contortion.

Aidan: “Why is she being so nice? It’s not like her.”

Jane: “You took away the cake?!”

Oops. Sorry. There’s still food in the kitchen.

Dylan Shear: “Thanks for inviting me.”

Same thing from a different angle:


Jane: “I could make a joke right now, but I’m too hungry.”

Jane ended up being lured by the rocking chair to stay the night.

In the morning, Pickles tried to give her a present.

Mr. Pickles: “This is the best thing I’ve caught, so…what are you waiting for? Dig in!”

Jane: “I think the cat wants me to eat that chipmunk.”

Mr. Pickles: “Yeah, and if you don’t hurry, it’ll crawl under some furniture to get away from you.”

Jane: “I’ll get some of that cake from upstairs.”

Mr. Pickles: “I’ve never been so insulted.”

Later I found out that cats really can eat the food they caught.

And I thought it was still alive?

Jane: “I read your article.”

Kim: “You read my article?!”

Jane: “Yeah, about the test tube babies. You did all that research, and interviews. It was interesting.”

Kim: “Thanks, I’m glad you liked it.”

May I remind you Jane is working autonomously. And she really did compliment Kim’s article!

Jane: “It was especially interesting to me because…me and Wendy submitted our DNA to the science lab. They’re going to combine it and we’ll have a baby.”

Kim: “I’m really glad for you two. This is going to be a really positive thing for you both.”

Aidan got a job with the police department. If it wasn’t already obvious with his LTW, the primary income his generation is Law Enforcement, Super Spy track.

 Thad: “Everyone: I have a little announcement. Today wrapped filming of my last feature, Goombas in Space. I’m now officially retired.”

 Aidan: “Congrats, Dad!”

 Kim: “I’m sorry for how I’ve reacted before, Thad.”

 Kim: “I’m really happy for you.”

 Jane: “I’m happy too, Thad. I can’t wait to see Goombas in Space! It’s the unnecessary sequel that’s sure to be a hit!”

Thad: “That wasn’t really the point, but thanks.”

 Jane, whatever you’re doing now, you’ve overstayed your welcome a little bit.

And I don’t think you’ve taken a shower for three days.

Next time: Aidan has a few struggles with becoming an adult, and more rolls will be revealed.

10 thoughts on “Aidan: 6.1 “That’s a Wrap”

  1. Aidan grew up so cute! I hope Wanda does, too–I didn’t even notice her boobs until you pointed them out but YESH. That’s awkward. :[

    I’m not checking your rolls ’cause I like being surprised, but I’m assuming Margarita is his intended?? If not, she’s cute! 😀

    I didn’t realize sims cats actually ate their prey. D: At least Mr. Pickles is cute!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The boob thing is something I see with some of the teen sims. They haven’t grown into them yet. xD

      I don’t reveal rolls on my main page until I have revealed them in a chapter, so no spoilers, lol. No spoilers here, either.

      I think they only eat them if you direct them to, and I was curious when I saw that. It’s so funny when cats present their “present” like that.

      Thanks for reading. =)


  2. Those bloody university glowing buckets. Them, and that damn llama, are the most ANNOYING things! And the newspapers, ugh. I always end up cancelling them but it’s such a hassle to do haha.
    Aiden grew up great! I love the brooding trait, it’s one of my favourites I think. Maybe because I can be a bit like that myself, all philosophical like 😛
    Mr. Pickles is indeed very cat like. Though most of the things my cats bring in are already dead… :/
    Loved the chapter, as always! It’s so nice to be able to get back to wordpress and see I have a few to binge 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That llama always shows up at the worst times! And now the bucket is just always there. Guess I should delete it.

      Thanks! Brooding trait doesn’t really do anything, but I like it for giving a little bit of personality.

      Lol, part of the cats catching things is that you could keep what they’ve caught as pets for yourself, so technically they aren’t dead yet.

      Thanks for reading! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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