Kim and Jane: 5.18 “Burning Loins”

Last time with the Diffys, Wendy aged into an elder, Aidan did teenager-y things like making friends, and Wendy had a conversation with Dylan Shear. Now strap yourself in because I’m determined that by the end of this chapter, Aidan will have his YA birthday. This time…

Aidan is once again at the park, this time to meet Wanda.

 And there she is.

 Aidan: “Oh wow what a great day to be outside.”

 Aidan: “Said no one ever.”

Wanda: “You just gonna be grumpy or what?”

 Aidan: “…”

Wanda: “Let’s try a game of horseshoes.”

 Wanda: “Um…it’s your turn.”

Aidan: *bladder drops dangerously low* “I’ll be right back.”

Wanda: “Don’t take to long; I have this need for horseshoes now.”

 Look who else is on a little date! Danica Shear and Edgardo Meyers.

 Aidan: “I’m back!” *achoo* “Sorry, allergies.”

 Wanda: “You jerk! Left me here for too long and now I’m stuck!”

 Aidan: “It seems I’m unable to select you now.”

 Aidan: “Ah, this is a weird situation. You gonna play horseshoes by yourself?”

Wanda: “I can’t even do anything now. Just leave me alone.”

Aidan: “You sure?”

Wanda: “Just go.”

 Aidan: “Hey Julianne. What’s up?”

Julianne: “Keeping an eye on Edgardo with my sister.”

 Aidan and Jane: *exchange looks of acknowledgement*

 Julianne: “Saw you talking to Wanda. You here with her?”

Aidan: “Um, yeah. What’s up?”

 Julianne: “Well, some people think that they are shooting stars.”

 Julianne: “And Wanda thinks that she’s the sun around which those stars revolve.”

Aidan: “Really? I’ve known her a little while and that seems harsh.”

Julianne: “Well you can make up your mind on your own then.”

 Audrey Shear: “Aren’t you partners with Wendy Smith? Congratulations!”

 Jane: “What does that mean?”

 Audrey: “Dylan told me that her and Wendy had a conversation about our son Charlie, and how that came about.”

Jane: “So?”

Audrey: “Well, Wendy wanted to know how to make it happen, you know?”

Jane: “I think I must be going now.”

 Back at home, Nora had her birthday into an adult cat.


 Puddy: “Nora’s all grown up! And look how tall you are now.”

Nora: “Ma, you’re just bending down.”

 Sally’s aging got messed up somehow, as she will not age up for another day. I guess she’s the runt.

 Another rainy day at the spring festival.

 Jane: “This is pretty goofy. You want to try it?”

 Wendy: “Hey, it looks like fun.”

 It probably does that every time. Otherwise these festivals would have a lot more arguing couples.

That made for some interesting moodlets.

 Wendy: “Well this is all giving me a burning feeling in my loins.”

That can’t be good.

 Jane: “We should do it, Wendy.”

Wendy: “Here? There’s no privacy–”

Jane: “We should have kids. I was talking to Audrey Shear yesterday, and she ended up telling me about you and Dylan’s conversation.”

 Wendy: “I’m sorry! I should’ve talked to you first, but I just wasn’t sure if you’d be ready for that. I just wanted the information.”

 Jane: “It’s not just information. I’m ready. I want kids with you.”

 Later that night is Jane and Thad’s birthday into elder.

Emmie: “I’m here!”

 Thad is up first.

 There you go.

 Jane: “My back!”

 Jane: “Do I have arms?”

 Jane: “Oh. Oh there they are.”

 Kim: “So if you could just look at some of those pictures that you gave us.”

 Kim: “I was hoping you could explain some more of our family history.”

 Emmie: “It was a city where the sun always shined. A long drought that was finally broken…”

Kim: *gains knowledge of past generations*

Aidan: “Just doing the dishes, don’t pay attention to me here.”

 A little update: cousin Jeramie has three adopted daughters, Tameka, Tania, and Chasity. They are teenagers here, but he’s had them since they were kids, and I really like him for adopting. At this point I realized that Jeramie has never had a girlfriend in all this time.

 And looking at the family tree reveals why. Yay for him!

 Jane makes a phone call because it is time for her and Wendy to move out on their own. Since Aidan is more than halfway through the teen stage, I am taking a cue from the rules that it is ok to break up the full house family structure.


 Kim: “We’re gonna miss you guys here!”

Wendy: “We’ll miss you all too.”

 Aidan: “A little more room in the house is nice.”

Kim: “No. There is no silver lining.”

Well then.

 Jane: “Bye, Thad!”

Thad: “Ow! Oh, bye!”

 Jane was smiling the whole time. So happy to be leaving?

Jane: “Finally free!”

Jane and Wendy took Nora with them. Four cats was getting to be too much.

 Aidan: “Well, I’m going to prom now.”

Kim: “Be home before midnight. Your father and I are going out to eat.”

 Prom will be held at the same place as Kim and Thad’s wedding. It’s a nice venue.

 Jack Torrance-McGinnis and Julianne Shear are the first to show up.

 We got this boogie-master horse to DJ.

 Everyone else showed up after a few minutes. I used mastercontroller to invite them all here and get them in formal.

 Wanda: “I hope you’re not mad about the other day.”

 Wanda: “We’re really good friends, but…you meant that as a date, didn’t you?”

 Aidan: “Hey don’t worry about it; we’re still friends of course.”

 Aidan: “I wanted it to be a date, but not because I like you like that. I just thought it’d be nice to have a girlfriend since everyone else is hooking up lately.”

 Wanda: “So you don’t like me? That’s a relief. I kinda think of you as my gay best friend, and that would ruin it.”

Aidan: “Gay best friend?!”

Wanda: “Yeah, all the best girl protagonists have one. And if I don’t have one, it feels like I’m not the main character in my own story.”

 Aidan: “That’s why you want a gay best friend? That’s racist.”

Wanda: “How can that be racist?”

Aidan: “Well, it’s something.”

 Aidan: “Just to be clear, I’m not gay.”

Wanda: “Now you’re ruining it.”

 Chasity, Tania, and Tameka are here.

 Chasity is really pretty. They got their genetics from the bin (I just changed some of their coloring for more variety). I’m pretty sure Emily lent her genetics to Chasity.

 Adrian: “Aidan, watch it!”

 Aidan: “Oops, sorry! I wasn’t looking straight ahead.”

Adrian: “Yeah, I see that.”

 Aidan: “Everyone looks different tonight.”

Adrian: “Yeah, all the girls are really hot. Too bad I can’t look too much.”

 Adrian: “Why don’t you go hit on someone for me. Weren’t you just staring at Margarita West-Harbucks?”

Aidan: “HAhaha! I couldn’t do that; I’d just mess up.”

Adrian: “Well at least talk to someone. Go up to where they’re eating over there.”

 Aidan: “What’s that, rain drops? How beautiful.”

 Aidan: “And people love the outdoors why?”

 Aidan: “So…are you having a good time, Margarita?”

 Margarita: “Oh, hey there, Aidan! Y’know I saw your dad on TV the other night. On one of those crime shows.”

Aidan: “Yeah they had him on CSI: Sunset Valley a while back.”

 Chasity: “OoooohoooOOOoohhh…”

 Margarita: “There’s a karaoke machine on the other side of the dock. I mean, really.”

Wait, I know that profile.

 You’re a girl version of Phil! With Emily’s eye color and lips.

Chasity: “You caught me. Now what?”

Um, continue living your life. Nothing to see here.

 I’ll make this a stopping place so that the chapter doesn’t get too long. So here’s Sally finally aging into an adult cat.

Puddy: “Good thing you weren’t permanently stuck as a taxidermy fail.”

Sally: “Well thanks, Ma.”

Next time: Aidan will definitely have his YA birthday. And it will be the official start of generation six!

3 thoughts on “Kim and Jane: 5.18 “Burning Loins”

  1. “Aidan: “That’s why you want a gay best friend? That’s racist.”” Hahahah Well it IS something I’m sure 😛 Oh Aiden. You and your breaking of the fourth wall.
    There’s so much rain in your game! I don’t think I have that much rain in mine, but then when I actually play it probably never gets round to spring time because I take so long haha.
    For the record I think a horse would be a GREAT DJ!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He was offended but don’t bother him with thinking of the actual word.

      Yeah, it does seem like a lot! Maybe it just falls on those important days, like weddings and proms. I think I have it on the normal setting. I haven’t really messed with the setting except to change the length of seasons.

      Lol! Who’s to tell a horse he/she can’t be a DJ?

      Liked by 1 person

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