Phil and Keely: 1.9 “Double Birthday”

Last time with the Diffys, we adopted a cat and named him Buster. Also visited a sweet dance club. Let’s start this chapter on a good note:

Cookie teen honor roll

Cookie made it on the honor roll on the Friday before their visit to the dance club. I just forgot to mention it last time. Progress!

 Also, Moze completed the block table skill. Progress!

 Also, there was enough money to give Cookie what I think is a pretty nice room.

 And a TV for the living room. Progress!

 Progress over.  -_-

 Since it is still the weekend (Saturday), the Diffys went out again. This is another club made by CK213, Tribal.

 I’m glad there was something for kids to do here. Moze is, too.

 Phil gets to the moonlighting. Why not?

 Cookie tries out the bubble bar. It’s a first for him.

 Cookie: *burp*

 This is the first drink order Phil has ever had. My bars are maddeningly empty. *sigh*

 Phil: “Well, uh, here I go. Making a drink for a customer. Heh.”

C’mon, you’ve done this a million times at home; you got this.

 Phil: “You’re right, I got this!”

Bartender: *ignores*

 Phil: “You don’t know what you’re in for.”

 Phil: *puts heart and soul into this drink*

 Phil: “This is gonna blow your mind.”

 Bartender: “Yeah. This is a nice drink.”

I find her lack of enthusiasm to be disturbing.

 Phil: “Yes! I made a drink for someone other than Cookie!”

Good job Phil!

 With that accomplished, it’s time to dance!

 Moze: “I should really finish my homework…”

Um, no.

 Moze: “Ha, I feel compelled to dance. And it’s making me hungry!”

 Wings for everyone!

 The Diffys are sufficiently scattered to eat. Except Cookie and Keely decided to sit together.

 Keely: “UM. Why am I sitting here with my son?! I meant to sit alone, like Phil and Moze!”

You are speaking crazy talk right now, Keely. I think it’s about time everyone went home.

 Isn’t Cookie cute here? *sidetracked*

 Everyone decided to meet up back home. Cookie was the last because he needed to use the bathroom before leaving.

 Policeman: “Hey! You look a little short to be out this late!”

Cookie: “…crud.”

 Cookie: “You’re not gonna, like, put me in one of those scared straight programs, are you?”

Policeman: “I’m getting too old for this…”

 Phil: “Cookie, this is your first time staying out and I know it was just an accident so don’t worry, you’re not in trouble! Let’s just go to bed!”

 Cookie: “Why are you yelling then?!”

Phil: “What?! Stop yelling!”

 Cookie tries out the pull-up bar I got for him.

 He’s not too successful, but I don’t blame him. Pull-ups are hard!

 Soooo what’s up with you and Jolene?

Cookie: “I keep telling you people, we’re friends and that’s it!”

 C’mon, you are working out to impress somebody.

Cookie: “If you must know–”

Yes, I must!

Cookie: “Well, I wanted to ask Alexa out sometime…she just thinks we’re friends though.”

 With that revelation, here’s Moze with the baking skill completed.

 Moze: “Sooo…I can stop baking now?”

Not while there are brownies in the oven, no.

 Keely: “Did you hear that your brother was caught and brought home by the police last night, Moze?”

 Keely: “Hahaha it was hilarious!”

Moze: “Mom, I’m trying to concentrate here!”

 Cookie: “…and I’m right here, Mom.”

 Moze: “Mom, Cookie, come play dominoes!”

Cookie: “That stupid, old washer.”

Keely: “I was going to sit there, Moze. Your father cheats; I need to sit there.”

 Moze: “I’m not moving. I was here first!”

Keely: “Well I can’t play then.”

Cookie: “I can’t play with that washer back there.”

These people should be able to play dominoes together.  -_-

 TV watching is just fine with them.

Cookie: “The way he chops those vegetables is such an art. It’s almost like a conductor leading a symphony.”

 Moze: “Did his oven just catch on fire?!”

Cookie: “Accidents happen, I guess. He’s showing us how to be prepared.”

 While the kids watch TV, Phil and Keely were enjoying the alone time.

 Until Cookie felt compelled to interrupt them.

 I really, really don’t understand what the problem is. Now he thinks he witnessed betrayal and lost friendship with Phil.  x_x  Moze didn’t feel betrayed, why Cookie? And why did this happen at all?!

 Keely: “Stupid outfit, this is so stupid!”

Keely was promoted to weatherwoman.

Keely: “This job is stupid! I need to report the real news!”

 Phil is so nice, autonomously cleaning the litter box.

 Now that’s not so nice. Apparently he found a lot of cans and cereal boxes in that litter, too.

 After using the pull-up bar, Cookie also wanted to go jogging. So he did after school.

 There was a Simfest going on after Keely got off work, so here we are.

 Shonna Marion is an old lady now, but that doesn’t stop her from throwing around fire.

 Shonna: “This is a really strong wind, haha!”

 Shonna: “…uh…”


 Keely: “If I may make a suggestion, try not to suck up there!”

Shonna: “Welp, show’s over!”

Audience: *crickets*

Shonna died later that day, and we all felt really terrible. Not really.

 Gotta say, these shows are awesome for getting Sims out on the town. There are a lot of Sims here, even a toddler.

 The singer performance was a lot better, according to the reaction.

 Keely: “If I may make a suggestion, encore!”

Moze made it on the honor roll that day, which means her requirements for a perfect child are complete!

 So now to complete a karaoke wish. With her friend, Live Wire Dew.

Live Wire: “I don’t know; I’m feeling nervous about this!”

 Moze: “C’mon, Lively, no one’s here. It’s just us.”

 Moze: “I’ll even let you pick the song.”

Live Wire: “In that case…”

 Moze and Live Wire: “Somebody once told me the world is gonna roll me, I ain’t the sharpest tool in the she-ed

 Moze, high-pitched: “All that glitters is go-old…”

 Moze, high-pitched: “Doo doo do-do, doo do doo da-do doo!”

 Moze and Live Wire: “Hey now, you’re a rock star, get the show on, get paid!

Daphne Tang and Lex Kix actually came in then.

 Moze and Live Wire: “You’ll never know if you don’t go. You’ll never shine if you don’t glow!

The kids actually sounded pretty terrible, so I was surprised when instead of booing, these two started dancing.

 Cookie finally got to the top of the Bookstore Clerk career. Now his requirements for perfect teen are complete!

 So he immediately turned around to quit the lousy job.

 It’s still hard to keep his mind off of books, though.

 Cookie and Moze got photos together.

 But they didn’t turn out.  😡  Those on the left are the ones Phil and Moze took last chapter, which didn’t turn out either. I’m going to delete caches and hopefully that will fix them.

 Today is kind of a big day. It is both Cookie’s…

 …and Moze’s birthday. Ready?

Moze: “Ya see that z? ‘m still sleepin’.”

 I had Moze bake some deliciousness while she still could.

 Phil made the necessary calls. BTW, Buster is an adult cat now. I don’t know what happened to the pictures of him growing up.  :/

 Here is the set-up, which I am pretty happy with.

 I made this a formal party, just because you never see them in formal wear and I thought it’s a pretty special day, double birthday and all.

 Alexa and Christy are here.

 Alexa: “Happy birthday, Cookie!”

 Christy: “It’s his birthday? Eureka!”

Alexa: “Christy is such a weirdo…”

 Live Wire also showed up, just a little late and now a teen.

 Moze: “Cookie, get out here! I’m ready for cake!”


 Cookie: “Don’t take too long, there.”

 I think Cookie wants to impress Alexa.

 No fire, except what’s on the candles. Yessss.

 Moze is first.

 Moze: “I’m a pretty good looking teen, huh? Yes? Yes.”

Moze gained the artistic trait.

 Moze: “Cookie, we’re both teens!”

 Cookie: “Not for long…”

 Christy: “Haha, there are sparkles coming out of Cookie’s butt!”

 While everyone is watching Cookie, Moze takes her chance with a drink.

 Cookie is all grown up. He gained the daredevil trait.

 Alexa is trying to be unique, I guess. Sitting by herself.

 Heather: “You guys, this is so cool. I love cake, I love parties!”

 Heather: “Wait, no I don’t.”

 Heather: “I don’t like cake or parties, but this was still a good one!”

 Phil: “Moze, I can’t get to the cake! What are you going to do?!”

Moze: “Eat cake.”

 Moze: “It’s my birthday, Live Wire. But I guess you knew that, heheh.”

Keely: “Must. Clean. Litter.”

 Moze: “I just looooove this R&B music.”

 Moze really is cute.

 Moze: “Are you watching me?”

Yes. Can you blame me?

Moze: “No. Carry on.”

 Phil: “My babies are growing up!” *sobs*

Live Wire: “Moze, your dad is crying…”

 Phil: “You better treat her right!”

 Live Wire: “Well, I’ve gotta go. Great party.”

Moze: “Daaaaad…”

Moze: “…you think he likes me?”

Next time: The start of a new generation! Because I think it’s obvious who the heir is, not that I don’t love Moze.

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