Phil and Keely: 1.8 “React Neutrally”

Last time, Moze aged into a child and it was confirmed that she is a face-one. She’s my face-one though, so I love her.


Moze: “So…this is a bowl, right?”

Yes. You will use it to now cook muffins.

 Moze: “I don’t know, I think they may be burning and I don’t want to start a fire!”

 Nah, they’re fine.

 Delicious, right?

Moze: *noms*

 Cookie: “Hey Mom.”

 Keely: “Hey Cookie–”

 Keely: “–UM. Are you really drinking that?!”

Cookie: “Relax, it’s just an energy drink.”

Keely: “Right, right.”


 Moze: “Isn’t this an awesome castle?!”

 Moze: “I can just imagine a little king and queen sitting on thrones. And that’s where the jester would tell his jokes!”

 Moze: “Aaaand…”

 Moze: “…that’s how the dragon would SMASH the castle!”  😀

 Alexa came home with Cookie.

 But Cookie only had time for a sorrow annihilator before he had to leave for work.

 So Alexa was stuck awkwardly talking to Phil.

Moze: “Bye Daddy!”

 Moze: “Uhh…”

You were going to clean the bug cage.

Moze: “Right!”

 Phil: *wishes to hug Alexa*

Moze: “My dad is a weirdo sometimes.”

 Alexa: “Weeeell…I’m just gonna finish my homework then.”

 *wishes fulfilled*


 Always with the wishes for each other. It’s cute.

Hanging out isn’t going to get your fun up before work!

Cookie: “But I look cool.”

That’s debatable. Swing!

Cookie: “Ha, this is fun!”

This lady right here (my sister) was having a pet adoption. So I thought, what the hey, and sent Phil over.

Hayleigh: “Too many cats, waaaay too many hairballs. Just take it!”

I still think she’s cute.

Hayleigh: “See ya! I’m off to go clubbing!”

I actually like this outfit for formal wear. I didn’t change it, either.

Here is our new cat! He’s a boy and I named him Buster after the character from Arthur, one of my favorite shows as a kid. I’ve decided all my pets will be named after that show.  🙂  Buster came with the destructive and friendly traits.

Phil: “Well, here’s your new home, Buster.”

Since all my Sims are colorful, I also made Buster a little more colorful. I didn’t change any of his features, though.

Buster: “Hmm…”

Keely: “Look at that wittle kitty! Aww…”

Buster: “I am ferocious!”

Keely: “Buster! Stop that!”


Buster: “Meow. Meow. Meow! MEOW!”

Cookie: “Go away, cat! I’m busy.”

You sure do look happy, Buster. *suspicious*

Of course he’s going for the couch! Buster actually was going for the couch so much that I thought he might be glitched! Somebody would always scold him, then not a minute later he was scratching it again!

Then, finally, Phil scolded him enough to train the destructive trait out of him! Yesss.  😀

Phil: “Can I pet now?”

Phil: *gasp* “He bit me!”

As much as the destructive trait has shown, I haven’t seen much of that friendly trait.

Sometimes, between school and work, Cookie sleeps on a park bench.

He’s so worn out, I always have energy and sorrow annihilators waiting for him.

I decided to help him out a little and gave him the Multi-Tasker lifetime reward. It helps boost his school and work performance!





Does. All the time! He just runs around. I don’t really care what he does, though. As long as he doesn’t scratch the couch. Or pee on the floor.

Mother-daughter talk time? Well make it quick, you’re both insanely tired.

Moze: “I have a book report due for school!”

Keely: “Well I can surely help you with that, sweetie. I am pretty high in the writing skill, you know.”

Aaaand done. Why are they standing so far apart? Oh well, wishes granted! *confetti* I feel like a genie.  😀

That’s a good kitty.

Buster: “I was thinking about the couch the whole time.”


Yay it’s the Sim weekend! This is P.U.R.E. made by CK213. The Diffys met there after Cookie got off work.

Cookie also invited Jolene Shmingle. She’s in those clothes because she’s athletic. I think orange looks good on her anyway.  🙂

Phil: “Sooo…he’s not gonna stop me?”

Don’t question it, just keep walking.

Moze: “Cookie and Jolene, sittin’ in a tree. K-I-S-S–”

Cookie: “Moze! Shut up! It’s not like that at all!”

Keely ordered some food. This bartenders has skills. Interesting way to serve food.

Jolene: “I’m so glad you invited me out, Cookie! We should hang out more often, go to the movies or somethin’.”

Cookie: “Yeah, you’re like my best friend!”

How was the photo booth, Moze?

Phil: *freak out scream*

Moze: “UM.”

Phil: “Because plant!”

Not you too.  D:

Moze: “I’m going to hang out with Mom now.”

Keely: “Dance with me, Moze!”

Moze: “Oh yeah!”

Phil was moonlighting even though he won’t get paid. Good experience I guess.

Cookie: “Let’s play shuffleboard, Jolene!”

Jolene: “So my mom is in business. She carries a briefcase, haha!”

Just look at her, Cookie.

She’s so cute!

Phil: “Soooo cuuuuute!”

Seriously cute.

Cookie: “Seriously stop. We’re just friends!”

Bartender: “Yeah dancing!”

Keely: “…”

Moze: “The three of us must be quite a picture!”

Keely: “I think it’s time to leave.”

I left Buster to his own devices while at P.U.R.E.; let’s see what he’s been up to.

Buster: *react neutrally* *react neutrally* *react neutrally*…

Oh yeah, Alexa was over. Buster had “react neutrally to Alexa” filling up his queue, with no apparent end. So I had Phil say goodbye to Alexa in the hopes that Buster would not be glitched.

Buster? Where are you going??

Buster: “Must. React. Neutrally.”

Alexa: “Well I don’t know what you are all doing on the lawn at two am, but I am going to bed.”

Kellie: *is evil*

Daphne:  O_O

Buster: “Must. React. Neutrally.” *pees*

Buster: *reacts from a distance*

I guess he just needed to get it out of his system. Time to go home!


Next time: More fun at the club and Buster’s birthday! I finally got the crashes to be much less frequent after deleting caches, so I should be able to play a lot more. Yay me!

7 thoughts on “Phil and Keely: 1.8 “React Neutrally”

  1. Oh my goodness, Buster is so cute! I haven’t played with pets in 3 yet, or in 4 technically. lol….I need to play more with both of the other versions and see what else there is that I might be missing.

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