Cookie and Moze: 2.3 “Snubbed”

Last time, Cookie tried to win Alexa’s heart. Now, did he succeed? Dun dun DUN.


Live Wire: “Sorry, Moze. I’ve got to get to my job. In the mausoleum. Where I wrestle alligators in the swamps. Well bye!”

I just thought it was funny that he had to leave for work and changed into his swimwear. Maybe he really does wrestle alligators.  o_o

 In case anyone is wondering, this is Alexander Yeager, Alexa’s boyfriend. Also Keely’s boss.

 Keely and Moze were at a party. There were a bunch of elders there, so of course they were ready to die.

 One of them was Jared Rees, my sister’s husband.

 Still, Keely and Moze had fun, and managed to escape the party without a mourning moodlet.

 Is it just me, or is that puddle of pee floating? Also, bad cat!

 Moze wanted to play the guitar in the park.

 I noticed Meghann Shmingle and Alaina Laird having a grilling contest.

 And they both lost by burning their food.

Meghann: “Don’t care. Hungry!”

Alexa made a trip to the hospital.

 Bruce: “That baby isn’t the color of your boyfriend.”  >:I

Kellie: “Unrelated, I have access to certain chemicals, if you would wish to use them, Alexa.”

 Kellie: “My silence on the matter of this baby can be bought, of course.”

 Alexa: “I’m tired, Kellie. Just please don’t say anything, at least not until I figure this out.”

Kellie: “That Diffy guy is here…”

 Kellie: “Wait…you and DIFFY?! Hahahahaha…”

Alexa: “Shut up!”

 Cookie: “Alexa, I’m glad to see you and the baby are healthy! Is there anything I can do?”

 Alexa: “Actually, Cookie, I was hoping you could take the baby home with you. At least for now. I seriously don’t want to ruin things with Alexander.”

Cookie: “I…I see. Of course I’ll take him.”

 Alexa: “You’re still standing there? You’d better not say anything.”

Kellie: “My lips are sealed.”  >:)

 Well then. Welcome home the newest Diffy! He is named Finn, after the character from the awesome show Adventure Time. He was born with the friendly and light sleeper traits. His favorite color is grey, like Cookie.

 And now we say goodbye to this house. Cookie’s generation goal is Change of Scenery, so we are moving. See that flag on the mailbox? Haha I didn’t pay the bills!

Here is our plot of land.

 Phil: “Can you hurry up with the building?”

I’m getting to it!

 Here is our new house–so far. It is based on a picture I found somewhere on the internet.

 The insides are pretty bare, since I ran out of money. Once again, not nearly enough lights.

 But the Diffys are together, and that’s all that really matters.

 Our neighbor, Christy Erving, has a bunch of horses.

 Phil was upgrading this stereo for an opportunity, and got burnt. I always find this funny.  XD

 Francine ruined the bar, and it cost more money than we had to replace, so the bar was all scratched up for a while.

 Grandparent love.

 Beautiful sunset.

 Aaaand it’s somebody’s birthday.

 Moze: “Yay! I ruin your challenge now?”

Moze did not get promoted all the way at her job.  😦  But I decided I’ll just have her finish as a young adult and call that complete.

 Well…I forgot to note Moze’s last trait and LTW. So I will just add that later…

Moze is staying because Cookie’s marital structure roll is single parent with help. Moze is the help.

 Keely: “That bar looks absolutely horrible. Hi kids!”

 Live Wire rejected Moze’s invitation to hang out.  >:I

 So she chatted up this guy after work.

 Birthday for Arthur!


 And birthday for Finn!

 Aww. I’m pretty sure all his facial features are from Alexa.

 Speaking of, Cookie did invite her over for Finn’s birthday.

Cookie: “You really should come in and see him.”

Alexa: “Yeah…I’m gonna have to say no. I shouldn’t even be here now.”

 Cookie: “Are you kidding me? Shouldn’t be here?! I don’t know why I even try when you clearly don’t want to see your own son!”

 Alexa: “Really Cookie?!”

 Alexa: “I told you from the start that I can’t handle this baby. We both knew how this was gonna be.”

Cookie: “I guess I didn’t. I guess I thought you would change for your son. All you care about that Yeager.”

 Alexa: “Will you shut up?! I’m now engaged to that Yeager! You could have ruined that for me; it was you who chased after me, remember?!”

 Cookie: “I didn’t know…”

 Cookie: “Just leave, then! I won’t bother you again!”

Oh, Finn. Your parents are a mess.

Next time: Cookie tries to move on. And Moze starts her career!


8 thoughts on “Cookie and Moze: 2.3 “Snubbed”

    1. Lol, yeah. When I first posted this on Blogger, I only had Cookie in the title. But when I switched everything over to WordPress, I thought it wasn’t right because this really is Moze’s generation, too. Glad you like her!

      Thanks for reading. ^^


  1. Yay for Moze being around to help. Cookie can use all the help he can get. She looks great all grown up too. Finn is a cutie, a mix of his parents for sure. Too bad about Finn’s mom, but they will be ok. Hopefully, Finn will make better choices with his love life. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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