Cookie and Moze: 2.2 “Cat Family”

Last time with the Diffys, Cookie started the 2nd generation off. Also, cat love! This time, Phil is still hopeless.


Phil: “There is no way I can talk to this woman! She’s staring at a wall!”

 Cinna Windsor: “Hey, I didn’t see you there!”

Phil: “Your friend asked me to name a drink after you…”

Cinna: “Fantastic!”

 Phil: “Yeah I invented a drink and named it after your friend…”

Running around for mixologist opportunities…

 You’re probably bored of the Simfest pictures by now…

 But this one’s different because Keely was called up to volunteer!

 Keely: “This box seems solid enough…”

 Keely: “What does this trick involve, anyway? I DON’T EVEN KNOW.”

 Abraham: “And bam! Her clothes have disappeared!”

Keely: “WHAT?! You aren’t getting these clothes off of me!”

 Abraham: “Huzzah! She is alive!”

 Keely: “I am! I am alive!”

 Keely: “It was nothing. No flash photography please!”

 Keely: “Oh, who am I kidding? Take as many pictures as you want!”

Abraham: “…yeah…”

 After the show, Phil and Keely went to eat at the bistro.

 And fulfilled Keely’s karaoke wish.

 Francine: “Did you hear? The strange white bird that wears the postman’s hat will be bringing me a special delivery any day now. I am quite looking forward to it.”

 Cookie, what is that?

Cookie: “It’s my new everyday outfit!”


Yay! Moze made it onto the honor roll!

 Francine: “You’re too late to get a picture of the strange white bird, but at least you can take a gander at the special delivery!”


Francine, stop vanishing. You’ll scare him.

 Our new kitten is a boy named Arthur. He is friendly and clueless.

 Arthur: “Daddy! We should bake mice together!”

 Cookie is at the beach…

 Cookie is meeting someone at the beach…

 Cookie is meeting Alexa at the suddenly not empty beach…

Cookie: “Oh. I was hoping we would be alone…”

 Alexa: “Do we need to be alone, Cookie?”

 Cookie: “Well, I have a confession to make…”

 Alexa: “Cookie, please don’t do this.”

 Alexa: “I have a boyfriend now. Alexander Yeager.”

Alexa and Alexander? BAHAHAHA! If you have kids they should be named Alexandria, after her father, and Alex, after his mother.

 Live Wire: “Woo yeah! You got this, Cookie! Yeah!”

Cookie: “Not helping, Dew!”

 Cookie: “Alexa, please, just hear me out. Ok?”

 Alexa: “Well…you are one of my best friends, so ok. It would be mean not to.”

 Cookie: “Will you meet me tomorrow night? I’ll text you where to go.”

Alexa: “Mysterious, are we? All right then.”

 Back at home, birthdays galore!

 Phil: “This is…”

 Phil: “Actually, I’m happy with this.”

Keely: “Oh no…”

Keely:  D:

Keely: “Look at my hat! It changed color lol.”

Remember I can’t change their outfits or hairstyles. I actually like what they grew up in though.

Look! Buster jumped into the tub all by himself!

Nah, Phil was giving him a bath because he had fleas.

Arthur sleeps like his mom.

Arthur: “No flea baths for meh…zzz…”

Phil’s still got it.

Good for Moze, since she needs this to get through work.

Keely interviewed my sister at a Simfest.

Then I found out that Bethany is a magician!

Bethany: “Little technical difficulty, folks! Heheh…”

Bethany: “Just give it a shove, or two…”

Bethany: “TA-DA!!! Don’t hear any screams, do you?! That’s because…”

Bethany: “Cinna is ALIVE! Totally unscathed!”

Cinna: “It’s true guys! See me up here, breathing in the fresh air? I FEEL SO ALIVE!”

Bethany: “That’s because you are! Heh. Surprisingly…”

Cat family picture!

Francine: “We should totally go hunting. As a FAMILY.”

Arthur: “Lookit me Daddy! ‘m stretchin’.”


Cookie: “Alexa, I am so glad you decided to meet me.”

This is another lot made by CK213. Find it here.

Cookie: “Don’t stop me this time. This is just something I have to do…”

Alexa: “Cookie, I…I’m not sure what this is. Or what you expect.”

Cookie: “I just want you to know that I’ve had a crush on you since we were teenagers. I want you to at least give us a try so that you can see if you feel the same.”

Alexa: “Ok. You have tonight to convince me.”

Cookie: “It’s a little chilly out here. Let’s go inside.”

Inside the cabin, Alexa’s cowardice becomes apparent.

Alexa: “What am I doing here? I have a boyfriend! This is so wrong!”

Alexa: “Calm down! This is totally innocent…”

Crazy lady.

Cookie: “Soo…”

Alexa: “Uh-huh?”

Cookie: “Alexa…I can just see us together. Getting married, having kids–”

Alexa: “WHAT? Cookie, I don’t even know if I like you that way, let alone marrying and having kids with you!”

Cookie: “But–”

Alexa: “Just…I don’t know…”

Cookie: “I’m sorry. I should probably just go…”

Alexa: “Wait! Don’t leave just yet. I told you that you had the night, and I’m not taking that back.”

Cookie: “A-are you sure?”

Alexa: “Completely.”

Alexa: “WE DID IT!” *struts*

Wow. This is the first time I’ve ever seen the strut in my game! I AM EXCITED!

Alexa: “WE DID IT! And now I’m hungry! Buh-bye!”

I know what you’re thinking: how have you not seen the strut before?! I don’t know! I’ve had plenty of couples woohoo in the rabbitholes, like they do, and you know Phil and Keely woohoo-ed in the photobooth. No strut. Maybe because they were married?

Cookie: “I guess that’s that. She didn’t stay.”

Oh, you and your inner monologue.

Moze: “What was I doing? I forget! How about homework?”

No! Get back in school!

Meghann: “Well I guess since Moze had to run off to her job, I’ll just do my homework over here.”

Moze: “So tired!”

That’s enough absent-mindedness for one day. Get back to work!

Buster had the option to “mark” Phil, which I had never seen before. So I had him do it.

Phil: “UGH! Buster, no! Bad cat!”

Buster: “I LOVE YOU. Friends for life!”

I guess Buster peed on him.  XD

Keely: “Come have a drink with us, sweetie. There’s plenty!”

Meghann: “That’s ok, Mrs. Diffy. I’m gonna have a try at your gnubb set.”

Quickly! Separate! You know Cookie hates to see you guys PDA! Even though you’re not in public…

Keely: “I was totally NOT just flirting with your father. Happy?”

Cookie: “You guys are gross…I do NOT want to see that!”

Shut up.  >:I

Cute kitty.

Moze: “Meghann! I love this song!”

Meghann: “If you are trying to distract me, it’s not going to work! You’re going down, Mozely!”

Actually, Moze won. Her mother taught her well.

Family dinner. Never mind that it’s 2am.

Cookie went to see Alexa…

Cookie: “Uh, well…I haven’t seen you since that night, um…”

Alexa: “You can stop with the small talk crap. I’m pregnant, if you didn’t notice.”

Cookie: “Well, uh, congrats! You and Alexander will–”

Alexa: “Cookie, no. Me and Alexander haven’t…I mean, it’s yours.”

Cookie: “Oh.”

Alexa: “He doesn’t know anything about this, and I intend to keep it that way. I don’t think I can keep this baby…”

Cookie: “Please don’t do anything drastic, Alexa. Just get through this pregnancy and I promise I’ll help you.”

Alexa: “All right. I’ll go along with this, for now.”

What a mess you’ve gotten yourself into, Cookie. I had nothing to do with this, of course.

Pictures of cats fix everything.

Next time: The first child of the 3rd generation will be born. Excited?


10 thoughts on “Cookie and Moze: 2.2 “Cat Family”

  1. That was great ni love the kitties stretching, and cookies trying too hard but I think that can happen when you aren’t used to saying what’s on your mind lol. Her attitude was kind of blase, ‘guess I’ll keep it then’ haha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cookie was definitely trying too hard, and Alexa wasn’t all that into him; she just wanted some fun to shake things up. The baby was unexpected, so she only kept it because Cookie wanted it. Thanks for reading!


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