Phil and Keely: 1.5 “Social Worker”

Last time with the Diffy family, Cookie grew into a child.Screenshot-391

After school he gets right down to business with his homework. We’re on the right track.

 Then on to the business of cooking.

 Cookie: *extreme concentration*

 And it’s good!

 Phil went moonlighting at the Empire Ballroom again for an opportunity.

 While there, I spotted two kids outside. This is Alexa Tang, daughter of Daphne and Bruce Tang.

 This is Jolene Shmingle, daughter of Karen and Bryan Shmingle. Children! The town may survive yet!

 Time for more skilling.

 Cookie: “Do you see this? Pretty epic castle if I do say so myself!”

Yes yes. Keep working on it.

 Cookie: “And now it will fall!” *crash*

 Phil vs. Cookie.

 Cookie: “You’re going down, Dad!”

Phil: “We’ll just see about that!”

 Yeah. Cookie takes after his mom in this area. Either that, or Phil is just terrible.  XD

 Hopefully he’s better at elementary-level homework.

 Phil: “I see. Yeeeeeeesssss.”

Cookie: *sigh*

 Keely: “I like PINK THINGS. Oh and what would you do for a Klondike bar?”

 Keely: *flashes Klondike bar* “How about an interview?”

Spencer: “Uhhh you serious? I am hungry…ok.”

 Keely: “Perfect.” *whips notebook*

 Cookie is too dainty to eat while standing up, but not dainty enough to prevent him from sitting on the toilet.

 Keely: *determined phone call*

 Social worker: “Wonder how much they would pay for a baby…”

 Social worker: “Ahh I’ll come back to that later.”

 Please stop running when you are holding a baby.  o_o

 Uh, ignore the drinks heheh. This family is perfectly functional.

Social worker: “I drop off the babies, I’m not here to judge.”

 Social worker: *drops baby* “Now you better be good. I don’t want to have to come back to get you.” *glares*

Weirdest and freakiest social worker ever.

 Phil: “Keel, did you order a baby?”

Keely: “I did, actually.”

 Phil: “Come here, little girl.” *creepy eyes*

Way to welcome her to the family. She got that enough from the social worker!

 So yes. The random roll was for a mixed couple. And I rolled for two children, so she is the last. Her name is Moze, named after another character from Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide, Jennifer “Moze” Mosely. She has the absent-minded and brave traits and her favorite color is turquoise.

 Phil: “Keely, come see Moze!”

Keely: “Right after this drink.”

 Keely: “Hello there, Moze.”

 Cookie, why are you doing your homework outside in the neighbors yard??

Cookie: “I don’t know…guess I’m a little nervous about seeing the new baby. What if she doesn’t like me?”

Aww…I’m sure she’ll like you.

 Even though she’s a baby, she’s cute.

 She’s actually moving and stuff!

 Aw.  🙂

 Cookie: “Here’s your muffins!”

 Cookie: *yawn* “Can I sleep now?!”

Fine. Go to bed if you don’t want to be PERFECT.

Cookie: “Ok then, I will.”

 So Phil isn’t making any money moonlighting. It says he does, but money isn’t added to our funds (GLITCH?). Mixology opportunities still give us money though, yay!

Phil: “Yeah I moonlighted like you asked me to.”

Damien: “Good for you, have some money!”

 Speaking of mixology, Phil is looking awesome now! Spam:

 Phil: “Yeah!”

 Phil: “I’m just getting started.” *lights match*

 Phil: “Now how about that?!”

I’m actually really impressed. None of my Sims has ever gotten this far in mixology skill.

 Phil: “Eh, eh?”

Yes, very nice.  o_o

 He just made it to level nine, BTW.

 The drinks themselves are getting better, too!

Phil: “Must. Improve. Formula. Hmm…”

 I’ve re-arranged things in the house since the Diffys had some money. First floor.

 Second floor.

 Cookie invited Jolene Shmingle over since he had an opportunity from school to make friends with her. I gave her a makeover; she’s very cute!

 Jolene: “You guys eat muffins for dinner? Nice!”

They eat muffins breakfast, lunch, and dinner since Cookie needs to make them to skill up.

 After dinner they play dominoes.

Cookie: “So whattya think? We just renovated the house.”

Jolene: “No distractions, Cookie.”

 Cookie: “Hmm…”

Jolene: “You think that’s going to work?”

 Cookie: “Uhh…well now I’m not so sure…”

 Then Jolene ran off.  -_-

 Jolene: “Had a great time! See you in school, Cookie!”

Wasn’t even curfew time. Weird Sims.

 Cookie: “Why does the baby have to be in my room?!!”

 Ha, I think the monkey on his shirt is jealous of that extreme gorilla face.

 Cookie has leveled up so he can make cookies!  😀

 Keely: “This smells disgusting.”

Phil: “Just try it.”

 Keely: “Blech! Tastes like it smells!”

 Phil: “Oh, I’m sorry Keel.”


 Keely: “Hymph.”

 Phil: “I think this one is better.”

 Keely: “Uch, it isn’t better!”

 Phil: “WHY CAN’T I GET THIS?!!”

Well that’s enough torturing Keely, I guess.

 Baby birthday time!

 Oh no, I hope she grows up ok.  o_o

 Cookie: “Yay Moze!”

Phil: “Cheer louder!”

Cookie: “YAY MOZE!!!”

Phil: “Much better.”

 Moment of truth. I hope she’s not face-one.


 Guess I can’t really tell yet.

 Keely: “YAY MOZE!!!”

Cookie: “Ok Mom, she grew up already. Cheering over.”

 Face-one or not, she’s cute anyway. And has brown hair like the “real” Moze!

 What are you thinking?

 Of course.

No! Don’t eat it!  D:

Next time: More toddler and child skilling. Also birthdays!



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